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  1. WARNING PIC HEAVY!! So on the 28th September STitch was unfortunately written off by an idiotic BMW driver that pulled out on me on a crossroad, I swerved to avoid but was too late and ended up colliding with his front end, bounced off and ended up in a brick wall . At the scene the other driver was hell bent that it was my fault when I was completely in the right, as eyewitnesses overheard the argument and said if you are going to dispute blame there is CCTV footage surrounding the junction and the evidence will be there clear as day. As soon as this was said he went very quiet and changed his story that apparently there was a bus letting passengers off on the corner of the junction when there was no bus in sight and didn't see me. The first week of the claim my car was categorised as a CAT B write off and the insurance paid out, The second week the insurance rang me up saying he has admitted full liability and that my no claims bonus would be unaffected and the claim was now on a non fault basis on my behalf. The third week my GAP insurance paid out and I was able to place my deposit on STitch mk2! And finally the fourth week I collected STitch mk2 and I was back in the ST lifestyle as I collected STitch on the 29th October. Here are some photos of STitch mk1 And the BMW that hit me a 420d MSPORT with all the optional MSPORT kit And finally STitch mk2!! the modding has already started again! I had taken her back to standard a week before so I was able to retain all my parts I had. Parts I saved and fitted: Milltek Non Resonated Race Cat Back R-SPORT Decat R-SPORT Stage 2 Intercooler BR Motorsports CAIS (SOLD) Tripple R Splitter LED Reverse lights 4500k High Beam 6000k HID Dipped Beam 6000k Fogs LED Number plate ballasts LED Footwell lights LED Boot Light Chrome front indicator bulbs TEAM HEKO Wind Deflectors Focus Zetec S Short Ariel Parts I lost: Carbon Interior Trim (Steering Wheel Surround and Door Handles) Spare Wheel Mountune Spoiler Extensions Blue Induction Hose All my upgraded bulbs Inc HID's Focus Zetec S Short Ariel New Parts on Order/ Have: Mountune Quick Shift Mountune Rear Engine Mount Mountune Induction Hose (GREY) Mounune Charge Pipe Kit (GREY) ITG Induction Kit Mountune Spoiler Extensions (Hydrodipped in Carbon) Turbosmart Plump Back BOV H&R 35mm Lowering Springs I was given a 2.0L Diesel Audi A3 as a courtesy car from the insurance, Yes by all means it was nice and kicked you up the bum when you put your foot down but as it was only a Sport and was a derv it was no fun at all but it got me around. Then I was given a 1.0L 100hp Titanium X Fiesta from work and by got I was over the moon to be back in a ford, I was pleasantly surprised how nippy them 100hp 1.0L are! I had that for 2 weeks while I was away on training then back home to my new ST waiting for me to pick up! Well a new chapter has started and I am a hell of a lot more financially better off so at least some good has come out of it and thats before all my personal injury comes through. As I bought my car on privilege for £17328 the balance on my finance at the time of the crash was £13360 and the car was only 10mths old at this point. The insurance paid out £13700 which they had to temporarily subtract my excess which is claimed back from the legal side of things which brought me down to £13000. So even if i had no GAP insurance i wasn't going o be crying I had thousands to pay off, but with my GAP insurance I had vehicle replacement on there as well and i would recommend anyone to have that on theirs too!. The GAP paid out £6415 which returned it to list price minus the Ford £1000 deposit contributions. So at the end of the day I have come out with £6055 in my back pocket all from a £100 GAP policy so think twice before you decide to not take out GAP. For anyone wondering I had a Total Loss GAP Policy and the price on my new car was even cheaper than last time for the same cover, WINNER!! Well I will try and keep updating my progress on here more often I am more active on the Fiesta Mk7 and Fiesta Mk7 and MK7.5 Parts pages, You will probably know of me on there but I thought I would update you all on here now everything is completed.
  2. The back of my key I got wrapped but just bought some DMB carbon overlays to replace them. I got my ST keyring of ebay bud think it was only a fiver. I dont know whats wrong with the ST wheels but there as common as s*** in work for leaking valves, paint flaking a guess its just a massive bad batch of wheels.
  3. After a little visit to a friend in wakefield i am now running Pumaspeed's Stage 2R with Crackle Map and what a diffrence it has made the car just pulls and pulls and pulls, never have i enjoyed my car so much since first driving it and now pumaspeed have relit my love for my car And also i had two leaking valves on my front alloys to find that the valve holes in the wheels had corroded on a 5 month old car! So thank god for warranty and i claimed two new wheels and sensors so havnt had to pay a dime and two new shiny alloys for Stitch! Next i think will be a front end respray finally get rid of all these stone chips then my car will be perfect again 💪🏼
  4. Davyhulme ,Urmston ? 

    Black mondeo st here i was tailing you last week and then ... 😃

  5. So i havnt posted any updates on my car recently so il pick up where i left off. Since the last time i have installed quite a few new mods as listed:- - Milltek Exhaust Best modification to the var by far i would recommend this exhaust to anybody as the exhaust is not as loud granted as others but sounds the best, there is no drone and has that orgasmic rasp that this little hot hatch deserves and the odd pop to if you hoon around for long enough hehe. - BR Motorsports CAIS Induction Kit Another great mod and cheap to at £150 it is the best value for money induction kit there is out there if your on a budget and it includes the primary induction hose in that price too. - Front and Rear lights Tinted inc Fogs and Vinyl eyebrows fitted I chose to have the eyebrows fitted so no paint will be rubbed off my bumper and for the flush look and also the cost of the TRC ones. This mod just makes the car extremely evil - TRC Splitter This just adds to the cars more mean stance now it looks ace when your stood in front of it and when you see it behind you it would make you pee a little then pull on to the hard shoulder to let me past. - Carbon Wrapped Mirrors and interior trim Everyone loves CARBON!! - Mountune Spoiler extensions And on to making the back of the car look alot meaner so i got my spoiler extensions and of course to be different i got them wrapped in carbon fibre and kept the matte black for the fins - R-Sport Decat I needed more pops and bangs in my life so i was weighing up the differences between a milltek decat and an r-sport one and the only difference i found was the price so i saves myself £80 and got an r-sport one and for the mil cheat a £10 off ebay and its the exact same one that pumaspeed buy in to sell on for near enough 4x the amount. this is still yet to be fitted as work had been packed so not been able to get it in so i will have to book time off to go in and do it this week. - 6000k HID bulbs and 6000k Cree LED Projector Fog Light Blubs - LED Reverse Lights - Swapped all 4 sh*tty Bridgestones for Continental SportContact5s Only cost me £40 and already had 2 sat at work so i banged all 4 on as my two fronts were quite low and yes i know they are the incorrect speed rating but i don't think il be going 150mph+ in the uk anyway. I will let these run down and then 4 Michelin Pilot Sport 3's or PS4's if there do them in our size at the time. - Focus ST Clear High Level Brake Light and Short Ariel i have no photos of the ariel but im sure you all know what a shortened ariel looks like - Mountune Rear Engine Mount On order at the moment should be fitted within the next few weeks Thats all i have done for now but the plans for the very near future are:- - Collins Performance Stage 2 230hp+ - Mountune Quick Shift - H&R 30mm Lowering Springs - Painted Engine Cover - Gloss Black Plastics - Front Bumper and bonnet respray and stone guard fitted (F***ing stone chips) And after all my hard work i went out one dinner time to go and get my lunch from tesco and some stupid cow was too impatient when i was waiting to reverse into a spot and she clipped my rear bumper, smashed my reflector and popped the bumper out and to top it of a few massive dirty great big scratches which on some are down to the plastic. Luckily i had a spare reflector at work and the bumper just popped back in and most of the scratches polished out but will need a proper machine polish and touch in/possible respray depending on price, at least the back end is now back to normal Thats all for now il try not leave is as long in putting up progress reports but Stitch is coming along nicely
  6. possible dpf issues when you floor it the car sees that the dpf maybe blocked and puts the car into a sort of limp mode to prevent any possible back pressure in the engine and destroying your engine.
  7. Ive already started pal to date I have done :- - De-Tango - Blue Led footwell and boot lights and changed map lights to xenon white - LED Number plate lights - Private Plate with 3D Gel lettering - Wrapped lower middle part of front bumper between both fog lights - K&N Air Filter - Protected Recaro Fabric - Team Heko Deflectors (Surprise present of mummy) Future Plans:- - Milltek Exhaust - TRC Splitter - Tinted Lights - Mountune Spoiler Extensions - 6000k HID's - Mountune Short Shift - MP215 - Symposer Delete - Plastics Painted Gloss Black - LED Reverse Lights thats all i can think of for the minute.
  8. Well on friday i picked my new baby up from work and brought her home after the longest wait of my life. First lot of modifications on it was starting with my keys Carbon fiber wrapped key blade cover and the mandatory ST keyring. Wind deflectors on order and bulbs are next on my list. Spend the whole of yeaterday detialing it and now she is a stunner all waxed clayed and polished all ready for winter. Watch this space for more..... Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Just an update for everyone ford are currently investigating this issue as shown in this broadcast message from etis they should release more info soon Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Hard to explain for me bud but its at the front of the engine its 4/6 13mm nuts attaching the earths to the starter and 4x 13mm bolts attaching it to the gearbox plus disconnect the electrical connectors colour code these to make it easier when your putting it back together then it will pull straight out but its best doing it on a ramp i wouldn't try it on your drive lad hope this helps Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. +1 but if it is the starter there not that bad to do if you have a ramp and its at the front on the engine on your shape
  12. im dreading doing a cam belt on these at 100k as the only easy way is really to drop the engine
  13. god i forgot there was that much loom even my ar5e just fell out thinking of fitting all that even as techie