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  1. Ford 6000 Rds Problem

    Yes managed to wire up the remote on the steering column plus the bluetooth mic. All working well. Great radio. Thanks again.
  2. Ford 6000 Rds Problem

    Have decided to cut my loses so to speak and have bought and fitted a pioneer fh-x700bt. So far no probs. A fantastic radio with great sound quality. Thanks to all those who took the trouble to try and help me out. A great community.
  3. Ford 6000 Rds Problem

    Things have progressed further over the last day or two. Now the unit will not accept CDs. I might add that these are CDs that up to a couple of days ago played without a problem. Now whenever I insert a CD all I get is a CD error and then it is ejected. On the face of it it looks like the unit is kaput. Have decided to invest in a third party unit and in particular the pioneer FH-X700BT which hopefully will not be so frustrating. Thanks for your help and support.
  4. Ford 6000 Rds Problem

    Hi jeebowhite. Further to your request I attach 2 photo's. One is I hope the stalk you were refering to and the other the actual radio. Hope this is of help. Have to say that at the moment the radio is working flawlessly, but feel that having happened once it will happen again.
  5. Ford 6000 Rds Problem

    Hi. Sorry, not too sure what you mean by radio stalk. as mentioned have only had the car a couple of weeks. Have done nothing apart from switch the radio on an off. Derick
  6. Ford 6000 Rds Problem

    Hi to fellow members. I bought a second hand 2008 Focus a couple of weeks ago. There is 41000 on the clock. Fitted is a 6000cd radio.All has been fine with the cd radio during that time until that is this morning, when for a reason known only to the radio for no reason switched to phone mode when I was listening to a radio station. It righted itself after a few seconds but then a couple of minutes later the same thing happened, this time I had to switch it off and on again in order to right the situation. The problem also happens if I play CDs. Have any members come across this problem and if so is there a solution? Regards. Derick
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    Hi James. Many thanks for the welcome. Derick
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    Hi James. Many thanks for the welcome. Derick.
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    Hi James. Many thanks for the welcome. Derick
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    Hi management. Many thanks for the welcome. Derick
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    Ford Fanatic. Many thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to what the club has to offer. cloudchaser.
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    Hi. My name is Derick and I have joined today. I have recently taken delivery of a 2008 Focus 1.6 estate. I live in Wiltshire.