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  1. Bump Steer

    Yep, ok just thought it might be a cheaper way to solve the problem
  2. Bump Steer

    Thanks, i'll get it up on stands tomoz, look at the suspension/wishbone bushes(springs did look fine tho), but car is coming to end of it's life 107000miles with only 1month Tax and Test,and also needs a new gearbox speed sensor.Any expensive repairs and it won't be worth it, it does seem a shame but got another car,and i just can't be botherd with this one. Just one question on the track rods, would they want the same number threads exposed at their ends on each side of the car, or could they be diffrent(to have the correct alignment)
  3. Bump Steer

    Anyone got any idea's. Cars going to scrap yard otherwise
  4. Bump Steer

    Hi, my mk1 focus has developed a fault whereby, when i go over a bump or down a pothole the steering wheel is pulled from my hand(not badly just alittle to one side) but also a slow speeds the wheel tends to jerk about a little, with a slight pull to one side. I've checked the wheel nuts and also changed the wheels around with no succsess. When i removed the wheels i noticed one wishbone was a lot newer than the other and the tyres had heavy wear to the inside. Any help please. Thanks