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  1. Ford Focus Diesel Turbo

    Could someone post some pictures or a very detailed explanation as to how i can gain access to my turbo outlet without removing hardly anything. Would this be from the top of the engine or the bottom of the car to access it? Thanks.
  2. Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci 59 Plate.

    Thanks. Like i said, i'll let you know how stuff goes and hopefully it might point you in the right direction.
  3. Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci 59 Plate.

    Ok, I'll get it up on a ramp Wednesday since its going in for a fuel filter change tomorrow. I'll let you know if the fuel filter was the cause and if i can make sense of what Innotec tells me to do then ill be trying that at some point so i'll let you know and i'll take some photos too. Thanks for you replys :)
  4. Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci 59 Plate.

    Yeah thats the light thats on mine too. I just found this on a VW forum. They make it sound so easy http://uk-mkivs.net/topic/54713-how-to-fix-turbolimp-mode-problems-with-innotec/ It made more sense to me but i dont know where my "actuator rod" would be? Using innotec says you have to move the actuator rod about to loosen the soot and grim but where would my rod be? and how to **** do i move it? Lol.
  5. Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci 59 Plate.

    Is the "elm" the yellow light on the right hand top side? Like i said mine said it was the MAF but i had that changed for a genuine ford part and it didn't solve my problem. I found a site that says - "you undo the bolts holding the cat converter to the outlet manifold and the holding bolts under the car, drop the converter down a couple of inches. There's a long tube that comes with the kit, you feed that up the manifold into the turbo vanes. Spray the stuff in an hour later spray the second can in and that's it. Worked a treat" But i don't want to start spraying liquids in my car if i don't 100% fully understand what to do. Where would this Innotec tube go in the manifold? Or does the manifold only have 1 opening once i removed the cat? Do i just trace the exhaust from the back of the car to the engine manifold to make sure it is 100% the cat i remove? If i put the tube in the manifold can the liquid drain into my engine or how to i stop it leaking into other parts of my engine? You get a piece of card to stop the liquid spilling out from the turbo but where would this card go? God it seems so easy when reading lol.
  6. Hi Guys and Gals I have a little engine problem that im trying to get sorted out. When my car reaches 3000 revs in 3rd or 4th gear and around 2000 revs in 5th my "engine Malfunction" light pops up. I do have my Engine management light come on too but that's on when i start my car but on occasion it does stay turned off for a short while. I took it for a diagnostics scan and it came back as either the MAF sensor (which i had changed) Or they said the turbo vanes could be sticking/clogged, I've look on the net and some people said their problem was fixed by replacing the "Fuel Filter" which is getting changed tomorrow to see if it could be that. If the problem is still there then people have suggested using "Mr Muscle" to clean out the turbo vanes and stop them sticking which i don't really want to use (plus kinda clueless as to how to use) but i did find a product called "Innotec" This is suppose to be used to clean the vanes in a turbo and a lot of people have had good outcomes with this product, but again i cant find out how to use this on my car. I need help in locating my turbo, whether i need to disconnect the whole turbo and any other help with using this product. I don't mind paying a small fee for a garage to do this but i cant find a garage willing to use it and most places just suggest a new turbo (haven't got the money for that" Now i don't know much about cars but i'm a quick leaner and don't mind looking for other guides to explain things in more detail, but i cant find a guide for my car on the net. Thanks in Advance.
  7. How can i delete this guide? I ment to post in Forums.