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  1. Tips And Tricks Zetec S Ecoboost?

    I've got the 3 door :( maybe I'm just not doing it right :/
  2. Tips And Tricks Zetec S Ecoboost?

    The fob controlled windows don't work on mine :( loved that feature on my a*tra....
  3. Still Have Probs About When To Change Gear.

    Doing 30? I'm usually in 3rd by that time... If your changing gear minus 1500 then the turbo isn't really spooling tbf. I know Ford say it's a constant turbo but I've found it lags until 1500+ (Disclaimer! The above might wreck your mpg.. Think I may have one of the lowest readings on the forum :P )
  4. Whats Anti-Stall

    Maybe it's the weird thing my car does... If my car is stalled, if you press the clutch pedal in straight away it starts back up... This also happens when turning the car off which is quite annoying :/
  5. So I Just Managed This (Mpg)

    Hmm... mine is consistently bouncing between 35 and 37 :/ I can't be driving slow enough :( :P
  6. A Step Too Far Perhaps?

    Nipped out earlier than planned,
  7. Cleaning Flip Keys

    Take them apart and pop out the battery and chip. Then go to town on it. It may be easier just to replace the logo though? They're about £2 from eBay iirc.
  8. A Step Too Far Perhaps?

    Next time I pop out for a cigarette ill grab a few pics of my CF mirrors and wing. On a white car it certainly breaks up the white!
  9. Happy Birthday ifoundmyalloys!

  10. 10K What Would You Buy?

    Mk 9 lancer evolution fq-300 or a S15 Silvia for me :-|
  11. Removing Armrest

    They are apart of the centre console. Unless you can find a lower spec model that didn't come with an armrest to replace it with then your stuck with it I'm afraid.
  12. Fiesta Splitter

    http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/221387053844?nav=SEARCH Here's one that's made for the standard bumper.
  13. St Conversion To Back Bumper

    Fair enough. Good luck with it mate. Quite a few of us on here have already done it.
  14. St Conversion To Back Bumper

    Ah, never knew the zetec came with the corner pieces. I put the link in my last post mate.
  15. St Conversion To Back Bumper

    There's a guide on how to do it mate, only difference from the guide to yours is that you'll need the corner pieces as well as the St diffuser :) http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/233-ford-fiesta-mk75-rear-diffuser-upgrade-st/