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  1. Lsd Or Not Lsd ?

    my mk6 fiesta had them , they open half way of a normal car door and then go up the way , the wing needed trimming back and added onto the door , i got all the work done for £1200 looked good but felt like a **** some times
  2. 150Bhp! Fiesta Zs Van 1.6 Tdci

    iv spoke to the mappers who can map me upto 130bhp , so im looking for another 20bhp from de cat full stainless , panel filter and a fmic
  3. looking to do a bit under the bonnet to my fiesta mk6 van current spec , 2007 fiesta sport van 1.6 tdci around 88bhp i think, 92k on the clock what would adding the following gain me a full stainless steel exhaust from turbo back ( de cat ) straight threw with just a rolled tip a front mount intercooler ( i have got one already ) stainless boost pipes and a good remap ? what bhp do you think i could gain from the above , looking to sped around £1000 so far can get the exhaust and boost pipe all done for £420 and a remap from a friends friend £220 would a k&n pannel filter do anything ? any info would be great thanks
  4. Fiesta Zetec S Tdci Running Problem

    Have you checked the EGR valve ? any lights on the dash?
  5. Pictures Inside - Looking For Ideas

    transit forum is more responsive , yeah i will log on tomorrow and see if anything gets mentioned take car bud , thanks again
  6. Pictures Inside - Looking For Ideas

    starting to rust a little around the arch at the bottom , about 1" up side skirts would probs be a good idea to cover up the rust yeah no a good end! was my first car plans were to keep it but it was just taking up space in the drive so it got sold , its not a write off its in a garage being broke for parts near Edinburgh , i offered to buy it back but he not heard anything back from the new owner i thought i would have had more response on the post , most people come for a look and thats about all haha
  7. Pictures Inside - Looking For Ideas

    yeah white calipers sounds good , just a pain to keep clean! should i go for st skirts or keep it like a zs ?
  8. Pictures Inside - Looking For Ideas

    This was my old fiesta mk6 1.4 petrol had it in the family for 3 year between me and my brother , then sold the car on and recieved a picture a year later and then:
  9. Pictures Inside - Looking For Ideas

    let the feeling commonsense! ;) do you have leathers or material seats ? anyone else have any suggestions of what to add on ? thanks
  10. Pictures Inside - Looking For Ideas

    once there cranked upto max heat it will feel like yous peed your self! haha my brother astra nurb vxr had them fitted good idea in the cold morning , stops you taking a fit in the seat when your back cramps up are they expensive to buy ? the money you spend on the box making your car quicker just make you heavy footed , add up the fuel and the price of the box seems a bit of a waste ...
  11. Pictures Inside - Looking For Ideas

    you changing them over ? the fogs have been done just the pictures dont have them in it heard much on the tuning box for the derv ?
  12. Pictures Inside - Looking For Ideas

    not a great fan on the rear lights smoked looks to tacky :P , yeah the splitters look good i will probs order one threw time , im not sure how the mud flaps would look , i will have a look on the net and see if i can find a white zs/st with them fitted - think i am going to split my lights tomorrow and paint the insides gloss white , de wiper the rear window & replace with a grommet , paint pen my "toyo" on the tyres all round , give it a oil change , and have a snoop around trying to get the stupid eml light off the dash! needs a good wash the council must be running out of grit half of its stuck to the van! was it your thread i was reading about removing the rear seats ? thanks bud
  13. Looking for some good ideas to change the current look of my van, it is on zetec s alloys atm, the cosworth alloys have been sold any ideas would be great let me here them :) thanks
  14. - i would go with some dot 4, i am sure dot 5.1 is the same but is a higher spec fluid for racing etc ... shouble be able to find out on google easy enough , they fluid may evaporate if the car is needing the brakes done , dose the pedal fell like there is pressure ? - unsure as to the problem with the staring , have you gave the car a service ? a good oil chance makes the engine turn over easier ( dose the car idle ok after it has been started ? ) - you may need a new wiper motor as it may be on its way out , easiest way to solve the problem is to remove the wiper motor completely , and pup a grommet over the hole that is left behind , grommets can be purchased from halfords for a couple of pound - if the driver side controls the passenger window then the circuit is still linked to the passenger side button ( if the passenger side was not connect the driver switch would not operate the window motor) , i would take the button out give it a good clean with electrical contact cleaner and see how you get on , could be something simple like damp in the connectors as the car is older hope some of this information helps you out , i am sure others will help out and correct me if im wrong :)
  15. Help! Need More Advice

    Thanks , for the advice - if i was to get a straight threw from cat back would this still pass the new mot rules , what is the best way to get a diesel sounding good my old fiesta sport van 1.6 had a cat back 2 1/2 " cat back with a tip it was ok but truthfully not what i expected ... thanks bud