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  1. Focus Ecu Reset & Learn

    Just disconnecting the battery doesn't reset all the data the ECU holds. To do a full reset, disconnect the battery negative, run a jump lead from disconnected and isolated negative plug (not battery terminal) to positive terninal/wiring). Apparently doing that for a few minutes drains any capacitors in the loop, causing everything to reset, which doesn't necessarily happen just disconnecting the battery. Stuff like pedal position sensors and automatic gearbox shift points all get reset using this method.
  2. Mk2 Ford Focus 1.8 - Pinking

    I had similar symptoms develop recently, I read on a US forum about doing a PCM reset, so tried it a few days ago, so far so good (disconnect battery negative, run a jump lead from disconnected and isolated negative plug (not battery terminal) to positive terninal/wiring). Apparently doing that for a few mins drains any capacitors in the loop, causing everything to reset, which doesn't necessarily happen just disconnecting the battery. Just my 2p, no idea if it will help anyone else, but doesn't cost anything to try!
  3. Mpg

    Wow that's low - I average about 31mpg around town and 40mpg on a motorway run sticking to roughly 70mph. And thats in a 1.8 Petrol! My driving is on occasion "spirited". But good driving practices otherwise (used to practice "hypermilling" in my old Renault Scenic 1.9 dci, 60mpg was easy in that on any journey over 10 miles).
  4. What Do You Reckon?

    I've been wondering the same thing, for fitting a Zetec S insert to my facelift stock bumper. I think I'm gonna carbon wrap the smooth (standard) insert first to get an idea of what it might look like with a carbon Zetec S one. If it looks good then that's the way to go I think. If that would help you, I'll post some pictures once its done next week. Otherwise the silver/black two tone looks very tidy IMO.
  5. Carbon vinyl is very easy to work with, I've done the centre facia and am thinking of doing the "garage door" and more of the centre console. Additional lighting looks really worth doing as well, and very straight forward.
  6. Hi Guys. New Focus Owner Here

    Thanks guys Stuff done in the last 2 weeks, Carbon wrapped center facia Removed Focus badge from the boot (we all know what it is!!) Sony head unit (single din) iPod harness in glovebox 600w amp/subwoofer in back K&N 57s 4000 intake system with modified air ducting Led interior lighting Osama night breaker bulbs Carbon steering wheel trim Full service inc new OEM Ford spark plugs Future mods planned, Carbon wrap bonnet chrome strip Window tint blinds Maybe gloss the front bumper inserts? The grills and fog light surrounds. Interested to see how that changes the front Fit rear parking sensors Add additional interior lighting New wheels with some Toyo T1R's Thinking of a track day or two in a couple of months when it's a bit warmer.. So the mods list could end up quite long!
  7. FOC Age group Poll!

    That poll makes me feel old at 26!
  8. Plasti Dip Or Vinyl Wrap?

    I've been looking at Plasti dip to see what black alloys look like on mine. I figure its a relatively cheap experiment before spending big money on new wheels + tyres to see what it looks like. It looks very straightforward to use, but inherently not very durable. There's some really helpful video's on Youtube regarding its application. Vinyl's easy to work with on small-ish areas (bonnet lip, mirrors etc), very easy to manipulate when its heated. I wouldn't be afraid to try it yourself, the worst you'll do is waste a few quid and a bit of time if it doesn't work out. I dunno about bigger areas like the spoiler and diffuser though.
  9. Jean Genie - Focus "stdci"

    According to Etis my car is fitted with factory privacy glass, but when its bright it doesn't do much for the toddler in the back! I think those blinds look quite tidy as well from pictures. Given the choice of little stick on roller blinds for the rear windows or a full blind kit, I think I know which one looks better :) Off to Ebay bargain hunting now then I think.
  10. Ford Focus Front Control Arms

    For perspective, Euro car parts are showing a pair of front control arm bushes for under £20. A competent garage shouldn't need more than a couple of hours to fit? When I brought my car last week the dealership changed them (not sure if one side or both) as it was an advisory on its new MOT..they only wanted the car for 3 hours. Mine's only done 39k mines and they were worn enough for an advisory..don't know if that's a common occurrence? I would be hesitant to pay more than £100 for the job to be honest.
  11. Timing Belt Interval

    Tell me about it :) I brought the car for a whistle and a song at 100k because it hadn't been done. That was about 6 years ago. Got 5 good years of use out of her before trading in at 152k. A taxi driver friend had a mk1 estate tddi (I think, the early diesel version). When he traded it in, it was over 230k on the clock
  12. Timing Belt Interval

    My MK1 I had the belt/tensioner changed at 101k, and that felt like I was probably pushing my luck. Even if you change every 60k - 80k, that's a maximum of 2-3 changes in the full life of the vehicle. Worth the peace of mind I think.
  13. Just to say Hello :) This is my 2nd Focus, and I'm loving every moment of it. Reading this forum has been a good source of information so the mods are already in planning..
  14. Jean Genie - Focus "stdci"

    Looks really good, when you compare a before & after I think its the best pre-facelift I've seen. Given me some ideas for my car :) Did you ever buy the blinds? I'm on the fence between them and a professional tint..