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  1. Judging by the video I'd say you've got the same issue as me... Only ever happens when idling - the tappet noise comes and goes as if the pressure increases and decreases slightly, never really been sure if there's a fix for it but going in to the dealer later to book it in. They'll be able to advise. Just out of interest when was purchase/build date of your vehicle?
  2. got some the other week, took around 4days to come excluding bank holiday and weekend. Top quality IMO. Front, rear and steering wheel will cost £20 + £2.50 postage. Think the centre caps were £16 extra iirc :)
  3. Never had any paint flaking on mine.. Kia have similar issues with batches of their wheels, fair amount suffer surface corrosion which are covered under warranty. Well I picked mine up on Saturday already broken.. 4 bits of trim loose and had a clutch cable which wasn't secure causing a rattle - my car was clearly PDI'd in the dark :D
  4. Mmm yeah.. Thing is, this is the replacement for the car I've just handed back because of the faulty boost pressure regulator, takes the biscuit! If its non mechanical and is just a loom/bracket I'm clearly happy to keep it. If it's something more sinister I'll think about my options!
  5. Hey, thanks for the response.. I was at work so didn't really have time to type everything up.. lol I've clarified things below and had a further look this evening, I'm still stumped though :') Only happens when engine is on and revs are >1000rpm. This will happen regardless of whether engine has been on for 5 minutes or 2 hours. As this happens when under 1000 rpm it doesn't happen when engine is cold due to the car idling slightly higher. The sound itself reverberates around the cabin area but is more prominent near the pedal assembly.. It is barely audible from outside the cabin, I got under the car. Whilst there is a slight noise it's nowhere near the level of the cabin noise. That said, the sound bounces around the cabin so I literally have no idea what's causing it! I had the AA come to the vehicle as the garage won't be open til Tuesday, they couldn't identify the cause of rattle. However he did seem to think it was coming through the clutch system, odd because of hydraulics (should you expect a vibration that resonates under 1000rpm?) Could be: Read of head unit Pedal assembly Rubbing material/bracket Exhause system Engine mount Those are my possible causes but feel free to add a few more!!
  6. Hey All Picked my ST180 up yesterday after my last one was replaced (faulty vehicle) I thought all was well until I got it home and noticed quite a severe rattle from the cabin. I believe its coming from the pedal assembly could be a vibration? The car only does this when it's in idle but no other time? I for the life of me cant figure out what it is. I'm uploading a video to youtube so I'll post the link as soon as it's completed - any help would be appreciated if you've experienced similar noise! *Edit* Here it is...
  7. I've had a quick scout through Euro car parts and whilst I was looking for Osram I've found some bulbs... Would the following be a good fit for interior of the vehicle? They've got a sale on at the minute so I think I may get these and a set of nightbreakers for £30 or so? Seems like a steal!
  8. Honestly that's ridiculously comprehensive! haha It's much appreciated - you've saved me a load of time in searching sites for links.. RE Wing inserts it is something I wasn't sure on so I've been toying with the idea, you'd linked me to the same one's as I'd found! The lights part of it really helped for the interior, like you I'm a big Osram fan, I too have never had a bulb go - It's ridiculous how much light they give off :') Thanks a lot though, I'll trawl through the links tonight and get stuff ordered (hopefully) they'll arrive before bank holiday so I can get modding. I've gone and purchased all new washing stuff including a fresh clay bar so needless to say my car will get some good treatment over the weekend! Cheers again :)
  9. +1 I'm picking mine up this week... 2 year deal works out better due to GMFV and interest rates. At the minute Ford are offering circa £700 on deposit cont. for ST models As mentioned above if you go on CarWow or drive the deal to configure your own Fiesta, you'll get pretty discounted prices, best bet after is to take all that info in to your nearest/preferred dealer to see what they can do :)
  10. I'm getting Frozen White. The colour of my first one, 2nd was Black but couldn't deal with having another black car again :D Should have the handover on Thursday. So far I'm planning to: De-Tango bulbs and upgrade dipped and HL bulbs Interior Bulb change Handbrake gap mod (Can I have a link to the part?!) TRC Modified front splitter ST inlays (white and black) DMB Wing Panel gel badge with 'ST' on Full set of gel badges (unsure where to get from now DMB are no longer stocking Ford - how long did yours take to arrive?) Lowering Springs (Eibach Redline/Mountune) Perhaps some engine modifications too.. maybe! If you're got any insight on where to go for the items it'd be much appreciated!
  11. Glad to hear that the problem seems to be 'resolved' :) Fingers crossed the error doesn't crop up again! Enjoy the full tank of fuel!!
  12. Glad to hear! That should keep the system sweet but if anything else happens I'd go straight for that again pal. Yes you did, much appreciated! Just happy we could help!
  13. +100 for the Osram Nightbreakers! People love them, they sure light up the tarmac in front of you, twice as good as the standard bulbs IMO. You can get them for around £17 from Eurocarparts if there's one in your local area?
  14. I had an alloy go on mine!! Think there was a crack in the seal/valve which kept letting pressure out... Like you said - all covered under warranty! Your beaST looks cracking at the minute though, anything else planned for it? BTW - where'd you get the ST Keyring from? I'm assuming the fob cover is from DMB?
  15. If I'm honest, at this point if I were in your shoes I'd be telling the Motor Trader I don't want the vehicle back. Each time you drive it you're likely to put more pressure on a slowly failing Turbo which will only affect the longevity of the engine. Whip out section 20-26 of the CRA 2015 and get your money back. Plenty of other Fiesta's around. :)