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  1. Just under four years ago, I got a MOT advisory for badly corroded front coil springs on my 2009 Focus TDCi 1.8. I got them both replaced by a Ford garage, using presumably official Ford parts. Yesterday I was driving on a straight smooth road at steady speed, loud bang, found the o/s front coil spring has broken near the bottom, see photo. I have only done around 25k miles since they were replaced, use my car about once per week, mainly shopping or a 70 miles (x2) journey to my parents. I haven't knowingly hit a major pothole. I am not expecting the garage (or anyone else) to deem this worthy of a free replacement of spring etc. However I would like to understand: (a) why it has failed relatively soon (25k miles) (b) should I expect the other side to break quite soon? (c) is the state of the bottom of the spring normal (right of photo) i.e. very corroded. (d) could a 'creaking' sound when turning (very slowly) on full lock that I've had for some time be related? (e) Is there anything else in the suspension/steering system that could cause this spring failure (f) What is reasonable cost (inc VAT) for replacing either 1 or 2 springs (the 2 cost me £250 inc) Any advice appreciated.
  2. So I got it working - after wiggling some cables under the steering column. Presumably it was a bad connection. Now I need to find exactly where it is so the car doesn't break down again. For anyone reading this thread at a later date, it may not be that helpful. I am still unsure whether the Instrument Cluster was actually faulty (as I was told) or not and whether I wasted around £170 getting it repaired. At least it has a lifetime guarantee!
  3. thanks again for the replies. I tested the C90 connector, it's 120 ohms. Also the same pins on the fuse board side of the connector is 120 ohms, not sure if that helps. So any more thoughts? Also I got the scanner, tried to connect with Forscan and it said it "Unable to connect to vehicle. Please make sure ignition key is ON and try again" (ignition was on!) I checked the connector below the rear seat by drivers side passenger door and gave it a wiggle. Couldn't see anything wrong or water etc.
  4. I ordered a Forscan compatible adaptor but annoyingly it hasn't turned up. I've ordered another one for delivery tomorrow. I have tested the resistance between pins 6-14, I get 120 ohms. I understand the ECU/PCM is 120 ohms and the IC is 120 ohms so one is open circuit? Next I disconnected the Instrument Cluster, and then I get open circuit on the pins 6-14, so I guess either faulty ECU/PCM or fault in the connections/wiring? I have checked all the wiring I can get to, such as the panel just in front of the passenger door, I took off wheel arch panel where ECU is and nothing looked amiss but I can't really check it properly. Tested the 3A fuse 30 that is fine. I plugged and unplugged all the connectors on the GEM, which I got repaired a few years ago due to water damage but no sign of water now and it's not been wet for a while anyway.
  5. Update: I have now been able to read error codes, think I didn't have ignition on before, doh... U1900 CAN Communications Bus Fault - Receive Error U2500 (CAN) Lack of Acknowledgement from Engine Management
  6. Model: Focus 1.8 TDCi 2009 Mk2.5 Symptoms: When turning on ignition, warning 'Engine Malfunction', won't start. Error codes from test mode were D900 (common) and E510. I "self-diagnosed" instrument cluster fault after much reading on the web. I sent it off to a reputable company, the said they found it was faulty and could repair and send back to me next day, great I thought. Now I've refitted it, and it I get same error. The only difference I can notice is an additional error DTC 9681, which seems to relate to transponder/key but not sure if it's really this. I tried the spare key and no difference. I attached a code reader (a cheap one I got off ebay) and both before and after the 'repair' it could not connect and pick up the codes. It worked in the past so I think something is broken in the comms? Anyone got any thoughts or things to try? I've checked the fuses, battery seems ok, it is quite new. My plan is to call the company on Monday to ask what fault they found, as they said it was faulty and then was repaired. But I don't know for sure it was faulty when I sent it to them. I guess next step is call breakdown service and get it taken to Ford garage and prepare for the bill...
  7. This seems to have drifted off topic.... I now have a quote of £250 from my local Ford garage, but I am wondering if its worth getting the shock absorbers done at the same time or is there less/different work required to change these? I guess I could ask them to quote for each job separately and the two together but thought it was worth asking on here
  8. My car is a 2009 Focus 1.8 TDCi with 153k miles, I got an MOT advisory for both front coil springs corroded, and the guy at the garage said they were 'pretty bad'. I was quoted £300 inclusive to replace both. Firstly, does this seem a fair price, secondly would anyone recommend anything else to change (on a high mileage car) at the same time to save on overall labour costs? I think the front discs are wearing thin so might be worth doing, what about other suspension or steering related items where the parts are fairly low-cost?
  9. It is the 115ps Focus 1.8 Tdci. Could I respectfully ask for definite answers from those who know for sure - rather than 'should have'.. etc, thanks
  10. Sorry a simple question, can't find the answer on the web: Does the standard 1.8 Lynx TDCi (my car is 2009) have a catalytic converter? (I know it does not have a DPF)
  11. On my 2009 1.8 Tdci I noticed a 'clunk' when pulling away for the first time, I thought it was the clutch or gearbox when going 1st to 2nd, however someone pointed out that it was the ABS/ESP system doing something (not sure what!) once the car gets to 12mph (in whatever gear) - try it yourself. Only does it once until you turn off the engine and start again. I also occasionally get a strange kind of grating sound when turning sharply, but have put it down to some similar kind of ABS/ESP behaviour, maybe due to the differenting turning speeds of the wheels so it, bit like Russ said although I know you're not doing anything 'abnormal' as he implied.
  12. Supermarket fuel seems to be a common factor in these injector failures... not saying its just the fuel but maybe it means the injectors die quicker...
  13. Bad luck Mark. Exactly the same symptoms as mine, hot engine, 1500-2000 rpm. The injector serial numbers should be written (etched?) near the top on the shiny barrel part IIRC. Yours is quite low mileage to go, about half mine at 145k (although for all I know, the previous owner could have replaced them previously, but I think unlikely). I paid £400 for one at Cambs Injector services (including diagnosis) and £700 for two more. If you can get them all done for less than £1000 you should jump at the chance... BTW don't get reconditioned injectors, get new ones. Could I ask, where do you normally buy your fuel? One bit of advice if you need to drive the car, try keeping the revs up, e.g. 4th gear on the motorway and not putting your foot right down. Worked for me most of the way from York to Cambridge... until I hit the roadworks!
  14. (also posted on a different thread on this site) An update from me also (Focus 1.8 TDCi, 2009, 146k miles). Less than 1000 miles after getting injectors 1 & 2 replaced, I got another glitch and limp mode (again after about 40 miles) which was cured by restarting engine. Code reader showed problem with injector no. 4 so I also bit the bullet and got both 3 & 4 replaced. Cost me £680 at Cambs Injector Services (only £60 more than I was quoted for one at Ford!). Only driven the car home so far, seems a bit smoother (less low-speed hesitations) but maybe I'm imagining it. If you don't see any more posts from me, then I'm having no problems :-) Overall my advice is, if your 1.8 TDCi is high mileage, and gets these symptoms, best to get all 4 injectors replaced, if you can afford it. They are a part that wears out and yes Ford can be criticised for using a part with relatively short life (and high replacement cost) but hey, they don't sell cars at cost price so that they can go on for ever and we never need expensive parts...