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  1. Hi I hope I am posting this in the correct area of the forum, I need to know if anyone has come across the problem I am currently having with my car as 2 mechanics are struggling to find what is wrong and I do not want to go to Ford direct unless I have no choice as not able to afford 1k+ to fix the car. I was driving up a slight gradient when the suddenly lost all power, the ! light came on so I pulled over as soon as I could, stopped the car checked everything, nothing was leaking or obviously broken or wrong, started the car again, no lights cam on this time. I got to work all be it slowly as the turbo just seemed to not kick in and then took it to the garage that day. The garage hooked the car up to a sensor machine and no faults were found, he checked the dpf additive and topped it up as thought it might be a blocked filter. This made no difference. He did find some small amount of play in the turbo but that was all. The following day I bought some dfp fuel cleaner and started to drive to get the cleaner to work, the car was driving no different still loss of power and then the oil light came on, I pulled over in to the garage which was 1 minute away, turned the engine off, then the car wouldn't start. Rac came and told me the battery needed replacing so towed me home. We have fitted a new battery and no oil light comes on but still have the same problem with loss of power. It has now gone into a second garage and the mechanic can not find what is causing the issue, he has driven it and checked it over, he is taking to get checked again on a sensor machine to see if anything now comes up but is confused as no lights are showing on the car. If this brings up nothing they think I need to go to fords and said for all he knows it could cost upwards of 1k to fix as he cant see what is wrong. It wont go above 30 mph and wont go above 2/3000 revs, it is light someone has turned a switch of and we dont know where it is to turn it back on. Sorry for the long post, I dont think I have missed any steps has anyone else had this problem with this model of car. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Pat
  2. Hi I have just purchased a new ford focus 2005 year and the plastic on the bottom of the gear gaiter is broken, I dont know where i can get a replacement from, i have tried ebay and can get the leather but not the plastic? Thanks Pat