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  1. Headlights Brighten On Acceleration

    Right I have checked the battery charge before starting and it's 12.5 volts; After I have started the car the voltage drops slightly (12.3v) but does not show a charge from the alternator until I rev the engine to 2500/3000 revs (it's then 14+ volts) . I checked the connecters on the alternator for signs of corrosion (ok) and noticed that the alternator was very hot, virtually too hot to touch whilst the rest of the engine wasn't even warm (I had only run the engine for 5 minutes or so). So it looks like the alternator is on it's way out!
  2. Headlights Brighten On Acceleration

    Thanks I will check the battery, did not know it needed a calcium silver battery so will check that as well.
  3. Hi I have a 2009 1.8 tdci C Max which has a problem with the headlights, they brighten on acceleration as if the battery is low on charge, I changed the battery about 6 months ago and . This seems to happen only first thing in the morning for up to 10 minutes of driving. At times it is so noticeable that I get people flashing me as if to tell me I have my full beams on. Any one got any ideas?