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  1. New Corsa

    I disagree. To say "a fiesta RS doesn't exist but since the 'ST' is Ford's 2nd best, we'll compare it to vauxhall's 2nd best" is utter rubbish. Corsa VXR and Fiesta ST is a fair comparison (given the clear similarities in power, engine cc + turbo and price) The SRi comes in a 1.4n/a or a 1.4T producing no way near the same power as the ST nor costing as much. Fair? No. (previously came in a detuned VXR engine pre-facelift, but let's keep comparisons in the same generation, ie Corsa facelift and Fiesta facelift) The Astra vs. Focus is a bit more difficult. Considering the power and price differences. Astra H VXR 236bhp vs mk2 Focus RS 300bhp... how is that fair? Then the prices... Ford have the upper-hand with the 'RS' line, they have another level, whereas Vauxhall don't.
  2. New Corsa

    Because maybe they just prefer the corsa I'd take that over any small hatchback except the fiesta, in all honesty (in a 3 door anyway). Plus with the list of fancy new gadgets it may be a tempting package if the price can compete with others in its class.
  3. New Corsa

    Matter of opinion on looks, but I really don't think they stole or copied the fiesta. Just my honest opinion!
  4. New Corsa

    I'm that obvious huh? :P
  5. New Corsa

    I think the new corsa is more reminiscent of the astra gtc except with the chrome trim (long thingy with the badge on it) placed within the black grille (like the adam) Although companies 'stealing' or changing each others designs/concepts isn't something new. Happens all the time. It has a good habit of driving innovation and change. You can't blame a company for wanting their car to have the same appeal as the best selling one anyway, the look obviously sells so why not iterate? (even though I don't think this is the case here)
  6. New Corsa

    You get cases like those with any brand/model. It's the tit behind the wheel that you can never seem to understand... just... why?
  7. New Corsa

    Caught me out there buddy. Best I better hand in my membership after all :P
  8. New Corsa

  9. New Corsa

    I just don't think they are 10000% rubbish cars. My parents had one before and it served them well. I had one as my first car and it did me alright. Nothing 'amazing' about them but they drive well enough, you get an alright car for your money. I just think it's hilarious all the banter you throw towards cars with the griffin badge :P plus looks are a very subjective thing, you can't factually say a car looks bad because it is your own taste after all! In all honesty it is weird coming from the CorsaD-UK forums, on that forum when you mention Ford, it's just another car to discuss or enthuse over, but on here when you mention Vauxhall the 'banter' comes right out!! Don't mean to start an argument, a war or place a target on my head (yeah... too late), just don't think they deserve all the hate they get! (maybe the typical drivers do but that is not the poor cars fault :( )
  10. New Corsa

    Opinions n all lads. I've never thought the corsa was ugly as such. Just never preferred it to a fiesta. There are other hatchbacks I would put below the corsa. They must be something right with them since they sell so damned many! :P
  11. New Corsa

    I actually... like... it. (Hides from the incoming barrage of hate)
  12. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    I currently own a Yamaha XJ6N :P Soon as I pass my bike test I'll be on two wheels! Borrowing the parents CR-V till then haha.
  13. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    Dat front grille doe, well sick. Never understood why those grilles were so popular on the Corsa forums.
  14. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    Ford > Anything with wheels... even anything without wheels > Vauxhall! I have seen the light guys! Miss the fiesta so much haha, kinda wish I hadn't sold it now! :P
  15. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    You're right... admin please feel free to ban me asap!!!