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  1. Happy Birthday pte-ernie!

  2. P2566 Error Code

    Any help on this greatly appreciated
  3. P2566 Error Code

    Hi mate same day you posted this I was suggested the same went to unipart and got the same item. Fitted yesterday (literally the only time I've had) and cleared the error codes only for it to come up with the same p2566 again. Noticed some turbo lag too (although that maybe normal and I've not noticed it before) Thank you Rob
  4. P2566 Error Code

    Good morning, I have the eml light on in my 2005 mk2 focus titanium. It comes up with the error code p2566 which according to http://www.fordobdcode.com/p2566-ford is: P2566 Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor Circuit Intermittent. Can anybody advise if it's the boost control solenoid as the main stealer have said? Really lost and worried it's going to be an expensive fix. Many thanks
  5. do i definatly have to re-wire the elm to turn cruise control on?
  6. Focus Mk2? Obd Problems

    I am satday but Sunday got plans which is why I'm trying to connect to get cruise control sorted for sunday
  7. Focus Mk2? Obd Problems

    I'm actually in Measham near burton on Trent. (Was told its Derbyshire but I'm not sure). Not from around here
  8. Focus Mk2? Obd Problems

    Good evening, I am trying to connect to my car with the obd plug and elm 327 but it keeps saying no connection. I have a red light on the elm plug but nothing else. I have tried key in ignition off key in ignition on and key in engine running but nothing. Is there something I should be doing?
  9. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Just managed it mate. Forgive the idiot. Don't think I was holding long enough. Many thanks Stoney
  10. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Yes that's exactly what I did. But it just beeped and reset my trip counter and started as normal. Is there a length of time I'm sposed to hold the reset button for? Thank you for this mate
  11. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Hi Clive tried it this morning an it just reset my trip meter. I used the same trick on my mk3 mondeo but can't seem to do it. Don't seem to have the same dash as the other pics seen on this forum. Please forgive the idiot Thanks Rob
  12. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Good evening all, I have a 2005 focus 2.0 tdci titanium. i dont have the trip reset button on my dash. is there anyway i can access this please? looking to do the cruise control modification and wondering if i have the light on my dash? Many thanks is advance Rob