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  1. Thanks for the postings. I have been playing with the diagnostics tool. It was able to read the speed sensor speeds coming from each wheel. They were identical which I thought was encouraging. And it seems to have cleared the error. The abs light has gone and speedo works fine. I am thinking maybe something was jammed in the teeth of speed sensor and has now cleared? Anyway thanks for the help
  2. Hi Sorry for delay in posting back but have been waiting until now to get the use of a more advanced scanner. I had loads of codes, so deleted them all, drove a hundred yards, and did a fresh scan. I got the following reading: C1236 - Speed Wheel LR Input signal missing C1155 - Speed Wheel sensor LF Input circuit failure It seems a coincidence that both front and rear left side have both failed, or am I misunderstanding this reading? Is it possible there is a failure, bad connection where the left hand leads connect to the main unit? I am not sure where to find the main abs unit nor what it looks like! Many thanks for help, Graham
  3. Thanks very much. That is very helpful. I really hope its not the ABS module as the car is only worth a few hundred pounds and it may mean I have to lose her. She runs really nicely otherwise and has "only" done 45k miles. on the other hand if it is the fuse, that would be a great result! Any idea which fuse it is, or is there somewhere where I can find a list of the fuses? The price of speed sensors on the wheels looks reasonable. Is there also one on gearbox/transmission? I assume there is no way of telling which is faulty - I guess its just trial and error. I have read to test they should show about 1,000 ohm resistance Many thanks for the post - Graham
  4. Hi, The ABS warning light has come on and the speedo has stopped working ( plus management light) I have read the diagnostic codes and get P0500 and P0121. From what I have googled, I am guessing it is likely to be a speed sensor but would this be on one of the wheels, or on the gearbox? Would I have both? Also I have looked up the P0121 code and it refers to "Throttle Position Sensor Switch". I have absolutely no idea what this might be. Can anyone shed any light? Many thanks, Graham