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  1. Non-Starting After Dmf Change

    Have you reconnected everything and make sure that all connections are tightened correctly earths and so on and so on?
  2. Wow well done you! I love using the haynes manuals but to also read some hints & tips from someone who has just done the job is priceless. Hope its all sorted now!
  3. The Vibration Is Here.....

    I have noticed that the tensioner causes vibration but thats the other side of the engine lol. The Turbo pipe normally rattles and bangs just below the radiator at the front of the car I packed underneath my previous cars pipe with some flame retardant material to stop the noise
  4. Temperature Gauge Help!

    Well thats the Oil Cooler Thermostat changed and I even got the Time served Technician saying " Nope wont be that it will be your Temperature switch 100% " So being my usual stubborn self i bought the part fitted it and Ta Da i have a healthy temperature gauge again :D Score 1 to me 0 to the chaps in the "know". As a added bonus I even cleaned the inlet manifold up a bit with some rags n carb cleaner as I had removed it to improve the access to the thermostat Good day all round me thinks
  5. Fitting New Maf & Bonnet Rod

    There will be a spark etc it the lead touches the terminal but no i wouldnt worry about a shock you should be ok just make sure that you put the leads away from the battery me personnally i remove the battery for a belt n braces approach if im honest
  6. Leather Interior

    There was a few on there but that seemed to be the best one that was not going to cost the national debt!
  7. A Bit More Go On The Mondeo

    AAAHHHH I get you know reduce the length of the pipes under the car!!!!! silly me i was thinking that will be seriously noisy if you just go chopping bits off hahaha
  8. A Bit More Go On The Mondeo

    EH thats a bit extreme for me TBH I was expecting you to say " oh yeah theres a flap of metal or something! " LOL
  9. Fitting New Maf & Bonnet Rod

    2 Easy Jobs TBH as long as you can hold a spanner / screwdriver etc. MAF Disconnect the Battery with anything electrical stops you causing a short electrocuting yourself or causing a spike in the electronics of the car etc I would remove the entire thing, housing & Sensor etc normally held in with 2 Jubilee clips or something unplug the wiring connector and fit the new one!!! If your missing the bonnet stay clip etc just go to a local scrap yard locate a car the same as yours and remove // purchase the parts your missing and the bonus is you get to see exactly how its fitted!
  10. A Bit More Go On The Mondeo

    Ok My Ears are Pricked up Whats this about the rear box being Restrictive??? and how do you sort it have you put an aftermarket one on ?
  11. Leather Interior

    I have the Half n Half in my Titanuium x Heated n Ventilated as well. Id go for that over full leather every time http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Mondeo-St-Tdci-Estate-Half-Leather-Interior-Door-Cards-Seats-Heated-/261430218974?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3cde7490de
  12. Temperature Gauge Help!

    Well Looks like Im going to have to change my Oil Thermostat :-( did the coolant one today after the temp gauge just stopped reading now it goes up to 60 when driving at 60 - 80 mph then drops back down to 0 when I slow down or stop :-( Ah well back to the drawing board
  13. Knocking Noise

    Why not? i have taken my motors to both Kwikfit & National tyres in my local area and always had a decent service from them and a thorough examination. Are the ones near you no good?
  14. Mk3 Bonnet Locks Need Advice

    HI James firstly why are you putting a prefacelift grille onto a facelift car? Any way yes it will fit the barrel is just longer, but i wouldnt bother im sure you can just enlarge the key hole on the grille to allow the lock to protrude through if done neatly it should look ok as the badge will hide it most of the time anyway. But double check the measurements that the lock will still cover the hole once all reassembled
  15. I have to agree 100 % with FOCA MPG is more to do with how you drive as opposed to what you drive and if you are doing 1000 miles twice a year i would deffo stick with the Mondy especially as in real world driving you would only gain approx 5pmg in a smaller diesel. Also am i correct in saying the 1.6tdci is the same engine as the Pug 1.6hdi? or am i wrong? If im correct i would seriously reccomend scrutinising the service history re oil changes etc as they suffer from turbo failures if the oil aint changed regular enough. If im mistaken ignore that last statement lol