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  1. Titanium X & Dress Up Kit

    Got the car friday. Went to wax it on saturday and found it covered in overspray. Looks like a factory issue as the number plates are clear of it but its literally everywhere else. Hard to see but annoying. When you run you hand over the paint work it feels rough. PDI should have picked it up and may have as the windows have had it removed partly. So someone somewhere new there was contamination on the car. I recon it got contaminated where the body kits are fitted and i dont think they are done on line. Probably park the cars near the paint shop that paints the kits to order and fits them in the same area. The dress up kit had it on as well so it happened after fitting. Dealer is taking a look on Tuesday. Anyone else heard of this issue.?
  2. Titanium X & Dress Up Kit

    Well this guys done it already. Maybe you have seen it.
  3. Titanium X & Dress Up Kit

    Ordered my Titanium Race Red in end of Jan and finally its arrived at the dealer. Picking it up Friday morning 9am. At the time of ordering the Dress up kit was only available for the Titanium and not the X. Around late Feb time the dealer rang and told me ford had changed spec options and it was now available. Dealer was still able to change.. So i jumped at the chance as i really wanted the half leather option you had with Titanium X but was desperate for the body kit (at the time the Half leather was not an option on the standard Titanium) im repeating myself i know.. Very chuffed i got both in the end. Did people on here realise this? The ford configure on the website only recently changed to allow this as ive been keeping my eye on it. Thought this info might be useful if anyone else is close to ordering and didn't know. Will post pics here when she arrives. Will have been 3 long months from order to delivery. Im told the dress up kit can add 2-4 weeks on the delivery time. Also went for the City stop. Cardboard box time to test it works you think :)