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  1. Fiesta Zs Remap

    Just wondered if a remap on my zs is worth it? Will it wear parts quicker etc? All pros and cons would be appreciated! Cheers
  2. 1Lt Ecoboost 125Bhp Or 1.6 125Bhp Engine

    Are you mainly on a roads? I get 39mpg mainly on A roads but got 48mpg on a long motorway run at 70 Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. 1Lt Ecoboost 125Bhp Or 1.6 125Bhp Engine

    Great mpg and slightly faster with the 1ltr. Also free road tax and nicer grill! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    I'd come along!
  5. Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost Project Wrap

    No inside is original colour, was £100 a door extra so didn't bother. Adds a cool effect so not too fussed
  6. Fiesta S 1.0L 3 Cylinder...

    Jordan what is this remap you have. Sounds amazing! Got anymore details?
  7. Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost 125 Mpg?!

    Bought the new fiesta zetec s ecoboost nearly two months ago for just under 11k with only 2500 miles and was wondering what I should look to be achieving on the MPG compared to others. Currently get between 40-42 around town with a bit of motorway (3 mile run) but got 50mpg on a long motorway run doing just 70mph. Wondered what others were getting and if im doing anything wrong as I've seen threads saying 50mpg around town?!?!? All comments welcome
  8. Had my Fiesta a nearly two months now after buying it from evans halshaw 3 months old with 2.5k for just 10998 63 plate. Back to the point of the thread, MPG. I've seen on here claiming to acheive around 50mpg with the brilliant ecoboost engine. I am currently achieve around 40-42mpg mainly around town but got upto 50mpg on a longish motorway run at 70mph. Btw I rarely thrash the engine/make the most out of it so dont go over 2k rpm to save fuel. Just wondering what other people were getting and if Im doing anything wrong? All replies welcome, cheers
  9. Painting Callipers

    I need to do mine also but don't have axle stands so wondered if two jacks would do the trick? Post any pictures and tips if you do it I was going to use some white spirit and metal brush
  10. Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost Project Wrap

    Very good deal. I would of gone for that if I could have found the same price but could only find white ones for 12300. How are/did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking, wondered what there finance deals are like on used cars. No plans apart from painting calipers when the weather perks up. Really want front tints but not sure if it's worth the risk with police and insurance. You got any plans for it? What mpg are you getting btw?
  11. Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost Project Wrap

    Thanks mate. Was going to go white but fell in love with the black on black after seeing a friends. Pain to keep clean though as I'm finding out in current weather
  12. Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost Project Wrap

    Was just advertised on Evans halshaw site at that price mate. I checked almost everyday as I'd been after one for a while for less that 12k. But could never find one for less without 10k miles. Insides were an extra 100 a door so didn't bother
  13. Hi all. Recently bought a 3 month old zetec s ecoboost in hot mustard. Reason for getting it in hot mustard (basically a greeny gold) was that I only paid 10998 with 2.5k miles and current reg (63). Brand new the car was around 16.5 so thought it was a great deal, especially with privacy glass and much nicer 17in alloys. With the car being around 1k less than my budget and that fact I got a good deal on insurance (£904 19yrs old no NCD) I decided to get it wrapped in gloss/metallic black. I also got the alloys painted anthracite/gun metal colour to try and achieve a mean look. After shopping around with wraps finding prices from £750-£1200 I went for one that came recommended and with 3yr guarantee which I thought was important as I want it to last 2-3yrs. I paid £950, it started at 1k but paid cash so both parties happy. Also paid £200 for the alloys, painted inside and out (really top job and cheap too). Also stuck on some black DMB badges. Thought I would share my project and see if others have had good or bad experiences with wraps. All replies and questions welcome :)
  14. Wrapping Or Respray

    Do you have your windows tinted at the front? If so what level and had any trouble with police?
  15. Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost Mod Ideas?

    Paid 10990. 63 reg 2000 miles. Next cheapest one in the UK was 12500 for similar milage and age. Couldn't resist