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  1. Engine Malfunction & Esp Light

    Thanks for the reply gregers, do you find it happens in similar circumstances? With mine it seems to be when i accelerate on a bend. Any idea what the best solution is to fix this? Thanks
  2. Engine Malfunction & Esp Light

    I have done the onboard diagnostics test and had the following dtc # C14000 which is the traction control valve rf circuit failure, would this cause the car to stop and go into limp mode?
  3. Engine Malfunction & Esp Light

    Hi, no I haven't a neighbour does have 1 but he's in work tonight. He did plug it in a few weeks ago but it said no error???
  4. Engine Malfunction & Esp Light

    Hope someone can shed some light on this problem... My 57 plate Smax has cut out 4 times today with the engine malfunction and esp light coming on. I had read alot about the DPF needing to regenerate itself and bought some Wynns DPF cleaner a few weeks back and had no real problems with it, until today where it cut out four times but luckily I was on a pretty slow road every time. It's pretty obvious that others have had the same problem as i've read alot about it, just need an answer now as to what is the best plan of action do i keep putting cleaner in and flushing the filter or would it need replacing seeing as it's done 78k miles. Any help and advice greatly appreciated, Thanks Richard.
  5. Middle Rear Seat

    Thanks for clarifying that it seems that mine is stuck then, quite annoying as the sales guy said they'd spoken to Ford and was told they don't move.
  6. Middle Rear Seat

    Hi, I have recently had a 57 plate smax zetec and was wondering if the middle rear seat should move backwards and forwards as it has the handle and runners? Mine just seems to be stuck, it has the red pull cord which will fold it flat but wanted to move forwards to give more leg room for the 2 rearmost seats. Hope someone can shed some light on this? Richard.