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  1. Vikingraider

    Fiesta Wheel Fitment/tyre Sizes Etc.

    New ones will only be the same size as the old ones mate,
  2. Vikingraider

    Scratched Alloys :-(

    Hi sazaboo. I see you're in Yorkshire. I know you're probably not gonna get your wheels refurbed because of a couple of scratches on one wheel, but for future reference you could keep these guys in mind. Cas Coatings. They're in Bradford so probably not too far from you I guess. They don't have a price on their website any more, but they used to be about £35 per wheel, starting price. As for the wheels as they stand, I'd just live with that damage and wait til you're in need of a proper refurb. If you do anything to one wheel, chances are that it won't look right next to the others, so not much point in just doing one. Edit: Just seen they've removed the pricing page and just listed it on the main page. Wheel prices start at £1 per inch for flat colours (15" wheels are £15) and laquer coating is 50% extra, all plus vat. So 15" wheels with colour and laquer are £22.50 plus vat = £27.00.
  3. Vikingraider

    Fiesta Wheel Fitment/tyre Sizes Etc.

    For insurance purposes the wheels will be staying the same diameter at 15", and the tyres at the correct 195/50/15 size. I've had dealings with insurance companies with regard to changing tyre sizes and ratings etc. before, and although it's something I can cope with (I've got plenty of experience of making sure they don't have opportunity to stuff you) I don't want to put the lad in that situation. When I say he's a friend, it's actually the daughters boyfriend so I'm trying to keep him on the right track. As far as Mk6 or Mk7, it's the later style one. I've seen references to Mk7, Mk7.5, and Mk8 all with the same body shape, so I'm sure there's some misinformation about on the web somewhere. It looks like this one, and these are the wheels I was looking at finding. (Pinched a pic off Autotrader.)
  4. Vikingraider

    Oi Oi.

    Cheers mate.
  5. I'm on the hunt for a set of alloys for a firends Fiesta. It's a 58 plate registered in 2009 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI, so does that make it a Mk7? It would appear so. It has steel wheels fitted at present with a mix of three makes of particularly dubious tyres, which I'm less than impressed with given that it's come from a main dealer and two appear to be new. Tyre sizes are 195/50/15 and I'm looking for a set of alloys to replace them with, and hopefully with decent tyres fitted. I've found a set on Ebay which are ideal, except they're fitted with 195/55/15 tyres, which will upset the speedo and gearing somewhat (not to mention giving the insurance company a reason to increase premiums). What model would these have come from? So, if anyone has any knowledge of what alloys would be a direct swap for the steels and what the offset etc. would be, I'd appreciate some advice. I'm not at all interested in aftermarket alloys, so let's get that out of the way for a start, eh. ;) Cheers.
  6. Vikingraider

    Oi Oi.

    It's a long time since I had a Ford I'm afraid, so I'm not particularly going to be an active member on here. Last Ford I had was a Mk 2 Escort Harrier, so that'll tell you something.... However, my daughters boyfriend has just bought a Fiesta and I'll be looking specifically for a set of genuine alloys and some info about offsets and fitments etc. Cheers.