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  1. Where did you get those for the vents?
  2. I can't find the tuning box on their site, do you have a direct link?
  3. Maybe that is why you didn't have time to answer my messages and finish the deal we made, Jordan ;)
  4. I thought I had a deal with Jordanch - if he sticks with the deal I'm very excited to see the performance after the Bluefin remap :)
  5. What I just did was to remove the thing the keep the "lid" closed - it's easy to get out without breaking it and can easily be put back. I then superglued a 12mm diameter 2mm thick magnet to the lid opposite a screw and it will not prevent the lid being closed if I ever put the thing back that I removed. I then just put another magnet of the same size on top of the other (magnetism is keeping them together) and that is actually enough to keep the lid closed.
  6. I got one of those small ODB2 bluetooth "things" that plug in to your ODB2 connector and can communicate with your phone by Bluetooth. My problem is that with the plug plugged in I can't close the lid on the place the ODB2 is hiding. Anybody found a solution for that?
  7. I've been away from this great forum for a while (been sick) and have missed it. I might also have missed the answer to this question (and I've searched for it): Is it still not possible to update the Sync software ourselves by USB (like Ford has promised for a long time)?
  8. I totally get you there - I really like the looks of the Kia Rio and considered buying one but had the same experience as you.. and the instrument panel looks really strange to me. I'm so happy that I went with the Fiesta instead, I love that little fun car! :)
  9. I'm a bit behind on the postings here.. In total I've put gel overlays (carbon/chrome) on the Ford logos front and back, put stainless steel door sills on all 4 doors (they look SO good) and lowered my Fiesta 30mm with Eibach Pro springs. I'm not sure what to do next, at the moment I'm waiting for the weather to get warmer so I can get my alu rims on the car. The first season will be on the standard Ford Fiesta Titanium alu rims - why not use them when you got them :) I saw some REALLY nice alu rims at the place that put in the Eibach springs, I think I have to look into the price of those... I tried the Climair wind deflectors on my car and they looked great on the front but not that great on the passenger doors - and the ones on the passenger doors are really crappy to be honest, the plastic is so thin that it broke when fitting them. So the Climairs went in the garbage, a lesson learned.
  10. Is it normal that you're kinda beta user on the Bluefin? It sounds like there is a lot of trial and error in the mapping of the Fiesta
  11. Correct - it's the Eibach 30mm lowering springs like Ford uses :)
  12. Just a quick snapshot of my Fiesta lowered with Eibach springs :) Don't mind the rims - it's 14" with winter tires