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  1. My Car

    Pics of my fiesta
  2. What do you listen to and how loud?

    CD stuck in at the mo is a homemade mix of rock and occasional metal. Three days grace, slipknot, bon jovi, metallica, bullet for my valentine that kind of thing. Nothing less than vol 7 of course.
  3. Squeaky clutch pedal on new fiesta.

    That happens with mine every now and again, just thought it was because it was fairly new...
  4. Black Racing Stripes

    I think black stripes would look pretty good and considering i not managed to find any pics, quite unique too.
  5. 1.25 initial throttle responsw

    Okay, I hope you do! Would be good to find out the reason behind the problem.
  6. 1.25 initial throttle responsw

    Yeh i have an 07 fiesta 1.25 and have had that exact same problem. Good to know that I am not the only one having it though :)