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  1. Just wondered if anyone can help or know any other sites that deal with this, thinking about maybe getting a lawyer? Last November, at night I was driving on an A road normally 60 but because of roadworks, it was now 40, I was caught doing 66mph, 1mph less it would have just been 3 points, its now going to be 5 or 6. March driving in London, I get a speeding fine for doing 24mph in a 20 it is quite main road and as you probably know, all of London is becoming like this.A few days close to this I think I stopped at a red light but was over the line so got another 3 points, so possibly looking at a ban. I did do a speed awareness course last year for doing 44/5 in a 40 (I cant remember what year with lockdown etc it happened so waiting for drivetech to get back to me) it could be less than 3 years ago though. These are all on going, I havent accepted the conditional offer for the recent ones yet (both 3 points), just wondered if its worth challenging any of them? If anyone has any advice would really appreciate it I used pepipoo website for advice so far. 40 in a 60 http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=142295&hl= red light http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=144397&hl= 24 in a 20 http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=144398&st=0&p=1708619&#entry1708619
  2. Has anyone had problems with the cigerette lighter by the gear stick, Ive got an 08 MK2.5 Focus, a few times now its blown the fuse, but this time it stopped working but the other one still is? Im thinking I might need to replace the connectors or something else? Ive previously notcied cleaning inside has helped for a bit. Im not sure if maybe I overload it as I do charge my laptop with it sometimes as well?
  3. Hi thanks for the quick responses didnt expect that my model is 2008-11, Ive asked previous sellers and theyve said yes and it still is too small when arrived, the one Focue put looks good, but the seller isnt taking msgs as mailbox is full, it is notoriously difficult to find from the research ive done. I guess I will keep looking, if anyone sees any other sellers please let me know. Many thanks
  4. Hi I seem to be having difficulty finding the correct gear knob and gaiter for my particular car, I have the ford focus mk2.5 facelift, its £100 with ford, you can find 1000s on ebay for £8-£20 but I cannot find the right one ive ordered a couple and they alwats come back too small, as I can only assume are for the MK2, has anyone else ran into this problem and/or have found a solution, id probably pay a bit more than £20 jut to get it sorted but £100 seems a bit steep. Ive found some old forum threads talking about it but because they are old te links to the gear knob dont work. If anyone can help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, I recenlty repleced the bonnet lock on my mk2.5 focus, whilst doing this the blue ford badge and chrome surrounding fell off with the rest of the cover staying on the car, would this have been previusly glued to it or fitted some how as I cant get it back on the black bit which flips up and down? Also where do people usually get there parts, ebay, local dealer etc was looking for new screws for the grill? Thanks in advance
  6. RIght I managed to get some of the solder off as some of the connections ended up being together with the solder. Now its working perfectly the only problem I have now is the diognostic connector is still not working, does anyone noe how to fix this or where on the board it is?
  7. Ok thanks for update , I actually solded the board today where the plug goes to attach to the car. I then re atached to the car. The car started but after few mins I get the same issue with engine malfunction. The difference this time I can turn it off and re start it again. Whereas previously it wouldnt start. But my obd2 will not connect to the car at all now its a bluetooth one and no lights light up at all on it to indicate its on. I will try my basic ob2 tomorrow. When I soldered the parts there may be some excess solder on the connectors could this cause a problem? Do I have to reset anything maybe thats why im getting engine malfunction still but obvs I cureently cant connec tto the car. I also havent fully put ita back together just enough to read lcd screen etc would this affect it? Thanks everyone.
  8. Hi everyone, thanks for the input finally got it out going to have a look tonight, if for some reason it doesent work out ive seen the whole unit going on ebay for £50, can you do a straight swap if get similar year or do you have to use forscan to help with the changeover, which ive seen with some where people want to get a facelift? Kind regards
  9. Thanks Im currently using Torque app is there a way to fix or does it all have to be replaced.
  10. Hi I keep getting problems with the car not starting. Two main ones are Engine Malfunction and Reduced aceleration. The AA checked it and had minor fault codes but they were sure it's not mechanical. I also had problems with the bonnet lock managed to get that sorted just about. I then got the car serviced to make sure the car was OK. I changed the battery in the key fob had the garage check car thoroughly. The only fault coded ive ever got is (U0001) and (P1260) I'm not getting these now though when I clear the fault codes it's OK again but sometimes I cant clear them I have a basic OBD 2 reader and a bluetooth one (bluetooth is better doesent always work though, prob need seperate thread for this). After all these checks this is I guess the next steps please see below I found these are these the best solutions does anyone else know a good way? https://www.avforums.com/threads/ford-focus-anti-theft-battery-issue.2083061/ https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/270823/Why+does+it+say+engine+system+fault+acceleration+reduced https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/77300-engine-malfunction-message/ Thanks in advance
  11. Sorry for late reply, do you think its a big job or a few hours I may try and do at weekend. If not think I will just do at garage Ive took off on old focus didnt take too long.
  12. Not sure if this is a known fault, but I have a focus mk2.5 and my washers for front and back dont work properly. Basically if I press the button in or pull it back it does the front....then after a while it goes back to the rear and im stuck on that, then it will go back to the front randomly. Question im asking is would this be electrical and/or the pump? Or the switch? Thanks in advance
  13. Do you know where to get an adaptor or know any how to links or anything? Thanks for input
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