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  1. My Focus Mk2 1.8Tdci Titanium

    I have been considering buying the Mk2.5 rear lights, also thinking about changing the front headlights with the Black inner ones. @ Jamie I wouldn't say the Mk2.5 bumper was a straight swap the reverse and fog lights have different connectors to the MK2 so you have to buy the mk2.5 reverse and fog light connectors which are rare. However I did it different, the bumper that I have still had the reverse and fog lights left in them with the connectors because the wire had just been cut upon removal. So I cut the wire that was attached to the mk2 connectors, crimped the wire coming out of the mk2.5 reverse and fog lights and then did the same to the wire coming from my car - added connectors to the ends of the wires.... then connected the to wires together and wrapped them with insulated tape. I wouldn't worry about what colour you buy as your most likely going to have to get it re-sprayed anyway as car breakers tend to store them badly... so it will most likely have scratches and scuffs on. @ Nittin Check the attached picture I quickly found on the internet for plastic seals... Finus Numbers: 1539801 & 1539802 took a while to find these Finus numbers and luckily I still have them stored on my phone! These parts will help with the water running down the sides as it seals the gap you have without them. It also prevents the bonding on the rear window from weathering so much... however I was to late for that but to prevent mine from getting any worse I installed them anyway. Also FYI... you don't have to take the spoiler off to install them they literarily just sit at the edge/under it.
  2. My Focus Mk2 1.8Tdci Titanium

    I've seen the multi spoke one's on a few MK2.5 Titanium's...
  3. My Focus Mk2 1.8Tdci Titanium

    maybe... but they come with the car... whether they were standard with the titanium model from ford I'm not sure... I think they were for the MK2?
  4. My Focus Mk2 1.8Tdci Titanium

    more pics....
  5. Hi All, I thought I'd share my MK2 Focus with you all to see what you think and maybe inspire those of you that own a MK2 focus for modification ideas. Here is a list of Modifications I have made and stuff that has been done: - Tinted rear windows - Brake Callipers painted Red - MK 2.5 Rear Spoiler fitted - Mk 2.5 Rear Bumper with Parking Sensors fitted - Front Splitter Colour Coded - Chrome grill trim replaced for Matt black one - Colour coded fog trims fitted - Wheels refurbished - Lowered 30mm on Eibach springs - Car has been detailed/polished - Added the rear window plastic seals that go down the sides which the MK2.5's seem to have Regards Jake
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me whether i would need to replace the drop links on my focus if i lowered it by 40mm? Many Thanks Jake
  7. Focus 2008+ Rear Bumper Fit A 2006 Model?

    So i managed to get a genuine mk 2.5 rear bumper complete with the reverse and fog lights attached with the parking sensors for £50!! Although i didnt really want the parking sensors i thought this was to much of a bargain to miss... the bumper is Panther black the same colour as my car and is in mint condition with 2 deep scratches that can easily be touched up. My question is... if i left the sensors on the bumper and un hooked the connectors on them and installed the bumper without wiring up the sensors can i wire up the sensors at a later time without having to take the bumper off again?
  8. Focus 2008+ Rear Bumper Fit A 2006 Model?

    hmm this isnt going to be easy is it.
  9. Focus 2008+ Rear Bumper Fit A 2006 Model?

    Great thanks for the info. My next question is the connectors on the reverse and fog lights... Alot of the bumpers dont come with the lights, so if i was to purchase them seperately would i get the connectors with them? Im sorry - i have no idea... but i am certainly going to give this a go as my current rear bumper has been damaged.
  10. Focus 2008+ Rear Bumper Fit A 2006 Model?

    Thank you, I am confused though because my focus is a mk2, but when I search for the 2009 bumpers they say they are mk4, is that right?
  11. Hi, Was wondering if the 2008 - 2010 Ford Focus rear bumpers have the same fittings at the 2004-2008 models? Does anyone know if I can fit, say a 2009 rear bumper to my 2006 Titanium? Many Thanks Jake