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  1. Coughing!

    Thanks everyone its going the for a coil pack leads and plugs hopefully this resolves it!! Sent from my GT-I8190N using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Coughing!

    So not an easy fix then?. If it does grt repaired are they usually a reliable car? Sent from my GT-I8190N using Ford OC mobile app
  3. Coughing!

    Sorry yeah forgot to say. Petrol 1.6 Sent from my GT-I8190N using Ford OC mobile app
  4. Coughing!

    Hello everyone. Noob here!! First time ive owned a ford, and ive got an 06 focus lx. I bought the car on sat from a garage, but want some advice before taking it back. It only does it when engine is warm, when im changing gear, as soon as I put my foot on the accelerator the engine 'coughs' or 'shudders'. It also happens when I put my foot down to give it some welly! ! It feels like the car pulls back for a split second. If anyone could help it would be most grateful.