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  1. Cree H7 Led Headlights Conversion

    Thank you both for your awnsers, I think that I will go with HID's then. I had HID's for 2 years now, but last week they died, because the ballast corroded. So I thought I would go with LED's instead this time because of the non existent start up and since I wanted to try something new..
  2. Cree H7 Led Headlights Conversion

    Has anyone done this by now and could tell me if those kits fit in there? I'm a bit worried because of the fan that the Led's got on there back. -Sven
  3. Maybe it's because you tinted your headlights? But honestly sometimes I also have this feeling that I just can not really see the beam. And I have HID's. But I haven't really had trouble to see something.
  4. Automatic Boot Opening Kit Anyone?

    @paramanic what do you mean with "rubber bit"?
  5. Automatic Boot Opening Kit Anyone?

    Hi Paramanic, do you think you could tell me the inner and outer diameter of your washers, cause I am not at home the whole week and when I get home it is weekend and no shop is open I hope my german english is funny for everyone :D
  6. Do U Find It Hard To Wheel Spin A Ecoboost?

    Are you sure, you turned it off? There are two modes, 1st you press and release the button. That's Sport mode. 2nd you press and hold the button until the loading screen on your radio is fully "charged". At least that's the case with my ST, but I think it is the same with yours. I hope I could help you..
  7. Show Me Pics Of Your St Lowered?

    Hi, I have complete ST-Suspension coilovers. It cost me around 700€ with installation. I couldn't get it really low because of our TÜV and I didn't want to get in trouble. So the first two pictures have been shot the same day I got it installed....the third one after 3 weeks and with 16" winter wheels, you have to know that the car gets lower during the first month or so Now one with winter wheels in the snow And the last one has been shot 2 weeks ago after I put my 17"s back on again. It's the only one I really have from the side so that you can get an idea of how low it really is.. I hope I can help you ...by the way, good color decision :D Greetings from Germany
  8. Meet My Grey Edition!!

    That's absolutely beautiful my friend. I want this on mine too..
  9. New Car!!

    I'm not sure about it, but you can try to use a claybar and clay your car. Normally this will do the job and remove the paint. What paint is it? Is it for walls or is it spray paint?
  10. What Do You Like Better Mk7 Or Mk7.5?

    My first car was a mk7 and what I really miss about it, is it's round design. If it is just a little dropped it looks absolutely beautiful and when I see the old pictures of it I also think it looks kind of cute My mk7.5 ST looks just totally aggressive. But I also really like the design of the normal mk7.5 it's a fresh design especially with the candy blue or this green-yellow paintjob
  11. Winter Tyres For St / Zetec S

    Thank you :D As I said I don't really know why, but in my car papers it says I'm not allowed to put them on
  12. Winter Tyres For St / Zetec S

    In Germany I'm not allowed to install steel rims on to the fiesta ST, you are only allowed to do this to the normal Fiesta :D Maybe because of the brakes but I'm not sure. I'm also not allowed to put 15" on. Over there I was talking about the alloys, which I spend 350€ on. The tyres were 390€ I think. Does rims and alloys mean the same? (my english isn't good enough sorry...)
  13. Winter Tyres For St / Zetec S

    Yes they are, I bought them from ebay for 350 € :D
  14. Winter Tyres For St / Zetec S

    The Nokians are awesome and trust me your car is still looking cool with 16" or 15" This is my ST with winter tyres