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  1. Willy

    GPS for Android Head Unit

    Any further update on this?
  2. In 6 months I've tried a few stripe combination so it must be time to try something different 😏
  3. So, the wheels are back. The company repaired / repainted them FOC and promised a good colour match so was really excited to get them fitted. What do you think? Oh how wrong I was. Taken a diffent direction now.
  4. Willy

    Honeycomb Grille on normal Zetec?

    Zetec S (ST Line) grills with Chrome surround on a Titanium X.
  5. Getting painted "again" after a tyre fitting incident but will back in the car soon.
  6. Stripes sorted thanks to @DMB GRAPHICS LTD
  7. Some Focus RS inspired graphics with a Fiesta S1600 twist. Watch this space. Thanks to "DAZ" over at FocusRSoc
  8. Airbag light covered is fine but not had an MOT yet. Disconnecting it will put up the airbag light on the dash. Washers are PaintModz but have done some in the past. I used drink straws in the holes to prevent paint from blocking them. DMB for the ST Gel inlays here https://www.dmb.uk.com/prod/5515/custom-order-fiestastinlays there my own design 😉