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Community Answers

  1. Cam position sensor is playing up. All sorted now.
  2. Yep, done that but the needle still over reads until the fuse is removed.
  3. My MK6.5 Fiesta is over reading on the rev counter. It has done for a while now and hopped you guys could help find the cause. I've attached a picture for reference. I can reset the dash by removing the fuse and all work OK for a few days. Any suggestions?
  4. V3.4 Build 21194 Error message is device not supported. ive tried exFat, Fat32, NTFS. Two different caddies. what drives are you using?
  5. Second 1TB hard drive didn't work either. Sync messages says device isn't recognised so looks like 1TB drives won't work with my sync. Crucial BX500 1TB / 540 MB/s SATA, 2.5 Inch and USB C caddy. May have to start converting all my FLAC files to MP3
  6. The one thing I do find annoying is that sync will skip (not play) some tracks on a compilation so have to go back to play the skipped tracks. Playlists behave the same. I've tried to remove some special characters with mp3tag with some success but find the only solution is to convert the files to WAV. Any suggestions?
  7. Just a little update. Pictures say it all. The MK7 ST was still my favourite ford.
  8. I've decided to return the device and try a 2.5 SSD HD in a case. 🤞 that will work.
  9. it's been formatted to exFat and NTFS. its a portable SSD so wouldn't expect it to exceed the 500mA USB limit.
  10. Hi Miles great info buddy and answered some of my questions. my only question to you is this. Did you have issues getting the car to recognise the 1TB drive?
  11. You'll love it when its on. With black grille surround. With chrome grille surround
  12. Anyone know the part number for the actual charging part. I'd like to install this on my Focus.
  13. Had a Performance edition MK8 and didn't really like it. agreed the gadgets and interior looks are great and lots of tuning potential but the build quality, seat comfort and lower MPG wasn't an improvement compared to the MK7. the external looks were not to my taste either and only really brought it for the orange paint 😁 Now in a MK4 Focus STd and love it. do miss the old MK7 ST 5 door. A great car.
  14. The seats never improved after 8k miles plus hated the huge doors and the constant scraping on the drive. Unfortunately it had to go.
  15. Well the Performance Edition is gone, replaced by a MK4 Focus STd. The Fiesta just wasn't for me after only a few months.
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