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  1. You'll love it when its on. With black grille surround. With chrome grille surround
  2. Anyone know the part number for the actual charging part. I'd like to install this on my Focus.
  3. Had a Performance edition MK8 and didn't really like it. agreed the gadgets and interior looks are great and lots of tuning potential but the build quality, seat comfort and lower MPG wasn't an improvement compared to the MK7. the external looks were not to my taste either and only really brought it for the orange paint 😁 Now in a MK4 Focus STd and love it. do miss the old MK7 ST 5 door. A great car.
  4. The seats never improved after 8k miles plus hated the huge doors and the constant scraping on the drive. Unfortunately it had to go.
  5. Well the Performance Edition is gone, replaced by a MK4 Focus STd. The Fiesta just wasn't for me after only a few months.
  6. The Performance Edition only came in a 3 door 😁
  7. Up until a few months ago a had a 5 door.
  8. Would love to know if Forscan can turn off TPMS and Auto stop start?
  9. My MK7 ST hand the later ST200 suspension setup because it was a later build but found it still very firm. The Coilovers on the Performance Edition are alot nicer.
  10. Really good. The ride is still firm but much more comfortable. Cornering is effortless. I had a diff in the MK7 and loved it. In the MK8 is does exactly the same job and wouldn't have a car without one now. The seats are my only issue at the moment. I find there narrow and squeeze you legs all the time. Have had to sit on a blanket to cure that.
  11. Found it. https://www.facebook.com/mark.steele.7798
  12. It was a guy on FB but unfortunately I can't remember who.
  13. So the day came last Saturday to say goodbye to the MK7 Fiesta. I will miss the 5 door convenience but not the other little issues that the MK7 suffered from.
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