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  1. So the day came last Saturday to say goodbye to the MK7 Fiesta. I will miss the 5 door convenience but not the other little issues that the MK7 suffered from.
  2. Local dealer has 2 at there showroom. I wonder which one's mine 🤔
  3. Performance Edition ordered so stripping the MR230 bits off the MK7 and posting them on FB (Will Mason) Its been a brilliant car and will miss it for sure but onto other things.
  4. Mountune cooler off and up for sale on FB Airtec cooler and zunsport grill installed
  5. No idea buddy. Just going on the theory of less volume will fill quicker.
  6. Hopefully an improvement. Less lag 🤞
  7. Mountune Large intercooler coming off and smaller Airtec cooler going on.
  8. M14 x 1.5 is the thread pattern.