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  1. The NB single strut was shocking Mark. The new mounts are defiantly better made. Will fit tomorrow and post my thoughts / Pictures.
  2. Some Dark Ice bonnet struts to install tomorrow. Be interesting to see if it puts the bonnet out of alignment but fingers crossed it won't. New version looks much better made than version 1. https://darkicedesigns.com/ford-fiesta-mk7-bonnet-gas-strut-lifter-kit.html
  3. There purpose is to improve gear changes during hard driving as well as reduce wheel hopping when accelerating hard from a standstill. I don't do either of those things so probably a wasted mod 😂 I'm hoping it will just last longer than the stock rubber mount.
  4. Sod it. I went the whole hog this time 🙂
  5. PW Performance HIDs are just a bit better than the Autobeam Hids I had installed previously. The quick start is slightly faster and there a bit brighter but HIDs take time to bed in so expect them to start even quicker. I'd advise that both are worth considering and now come with quick start as standard. Both are excellent products. I've picked the best option for an oem look and best light output. 35w 4300k bulbs. 5000k bulbs are also worth considering.
  6. Bit of a bugger to fit but first impressions are really good. No additional cabin vibration with the AC on and feels no different for normal driving. Will give it a blast later but confident it will do "what it says on the box"
  7. Next project is a modded stock tourqe mount. Had a Mountune mount in the past and couldn't get on with the vibration so hope my project will be a good compromise. Just using 1 Powerflex (large 30mm) bushing and keeping the smaller stock mount. Let's hope it works 🤞 https://powerflexstore.co.uk/ford/fiesta-mk7-st-2013/powerflex-lower-engine-mount-large-bush-30mm-oval-bracket-fiesta-mk7-st-2013-pff19-2001/
  8. I've just replaced some Autobeam units for a set of PWs and will post later when I get the chance to test them in the dark. There exact the same spec at 35w 4300k but have quick start ballast units now. Only installed the dipped H7s as HIDs aren't practical for Main / high beam. The ballast units do get hot but have had no issue in the past using bathroom sealant to stick them down and have lasted nearly 2 years without issue. The android unit just wouldn't fit properly and didn't want to start cutting things to make it fit. I also had an issue with it killing my battery so decided enough was enough. I spent all day trying to get it to fit and the battery was the icing on the cake.
  9. Sadly the Android headunit was a bust so abandoned that idea for now. The unit is now off to a better home and I'm still stuck with sync for a little bit longer 😂
  10. Mishimoto Oil Catch Can installed 👍 PW Performance HIDs Install 👍 Just the graphics to do tomorrow now.
  11. No buddy, mine didn't work at all on any setting. If yours works on the highest setting (4) only then it's definitely the resistor that's faulty. My issue wasn't that sadly.