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  1. Happy Birthday Mad-Dog!

  2. hello kuga owners

    Hi Rob,Good to see you on here, welcome to FOC did you go for the 2FD or the AWD Version ? They are great cars, I love mine still, mines a Titanium X 163 Bhp AWD with appearance pack and the convenience pack, and the keyless entry and the automatic boot and modded to hell lol, I went with Panther Black still shines like the day I picked it up. It's a friendly forum on here, Regards Steve
  3. Got An Error On Your Car?

    Yes it is a great bit of kit, i didnt pay that I only paid £25 for it as Amazon had a offer on it, I think its £30 something now :)
  4. Got An Error On Your Car?

    Hello, generic means it will work on most cars. I can recommend the V Gate VS550 it reads and clears codes, reads live engine data, no laptop need as it has a LCD screen built in, I have tried it on a Ford Kuga, Bmw 1 Services, Audi A4 and a Jag S Type, works great on all and probably more cars. It only has 4 buttons Up, Down, Yes, No so you can't go wrong. Regards Steve
  5. Focus Mk2 Bluetooth Issues

    The code D900 is The instrument cluster fault code D900 means...." non specific can communications interruption " This does NOT mean you have a fault on the car. It's merely reporting that the networking around the car had an unidentified interuption in power supply.....so.....had a flat battery or jump start recently ?, maybe battery been disconnected for some reason ? If the answer is no to the above, then have your battery tested. If battery is ok, have a battery reset done and code should disappear. ( remove negative lead from battery and hold to +ve lead for 2 minutres). Its really nothing to worry about...the 01 is the code count...i.e. If you had 3 faults it would read 03 D900, D184, D251 etc,
  6. Hello, If anyone is interested in a modified Elm 327 cable and don't fancy doing one yourself, I do sell them ready to use with all the software, normally £18 but for FOC members I will let you have one for £16 that includes free 1st class P&P. If anyone is interested in one just send me a personal message. If any member(s) living aboard wants one just ask me for shipping costs in your private message. Cheers Mad Dog.
  7. Thank you, I got mine in 2 days really quick, can you use if Halfords have a sale on ? Just they got one this week 10% off most things.
  8. Probably Crazy But...

    Go for it you won't look back
  9. My Kuga

    My Kuga
  10. How long dos it take to get you card ?
  11. Has anyone done any mods to their MK2 Kuga's. My Kuga is Panther Black, I like the look of black and chrome lol Here are a few I done to my Kuga. Black and Chrome Gels front and back, wheels, steering wheel. Large Spoiler fitted Chrome Lower Boot Spoiler Chrome Rear Foglights Surrounds Chrome Boot Handle Chrome Door Handles Chrome Washer Jets Covers Chrome Hood Trim Chrome Lower Foglight Surrounds Changed the puddle lights, indicators on door mirrors, boot light, glove box, vanity lights, footwell lights with LED bulbs. Done to much to list in the inside of it. 2 dash cams front and back on 24 hours recording fitted 2 of those power savers pro from Blackvue which turns them off if the voltage drops below 11.9v
  12. Hello, I've not checked in of a while, is there any Kuga owners on this forum with the new facelift MK2. Regards Mad Dog
  13. What The Hell's Happened To The Window

    You got it working yet ? If not try this unlock your car using the key fob, then lock it using the key fob, then keep your finger press down for a few seconds you should see you windows will close via the key fob. When I got my new Kuga with global opening I made the same mistake to lower the windows you got to use the unlock button then press it for a few seconds you should see the windows going down. You think Ford would use one button to open and close the windows instead of using the unlock button then use the lock button to close them. Hope this works for you. Regards Mad- Dog
  14. hello kuga owners

    Pleased you sorted it now. M-D