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  1. Idle Speed Jump

    Hi there everyone was wondering if Anyone had this problem Usually early morning car starts fine but when idling the needle slightly jumping normally revs 800rpm but this is jumping around 850-900rpm it's ever so slight and improves as you drive more Any ideas As to which direction I should be looking Ford fusion 2 1.4 petrol 2005
  2. New Shocks

    Wondering where this point was going!! Nice though!!
  3. Constant Rattling Noise 2005 Ford Fusion

    Maybe he didn't like me!!!
  4. Constant Rattling Noise 2005 Ford Fusion

    Even I had noticed the rear shocks!! Maybe mechanic didn't want the work!!
  5. Constant Rattling Noise 2005 Ford Fusion

    Problem solved shocks were badly worn!! The rears were leaking so I had them all changed and it drives and handles like a new car!! Like u pointed out we had done all the tests and my mechanic failed to diagnose the shocks as the problem?
  6. New Shocks

    Previous post regarding poor handling Just spent 140.00 on four new shocks best money I have spent what a difference!!! Drives like a new car like!!!
  7. Constant Rattling Noise 2005 Ford Fusion

    We've eliminated that wen car was on the ramp. I think my explanation of the problem is a bit vague. The car has done 141,000 warranted miles though the engine is fab I think shock absorbers are shot and need replacing. Wat I meant by rattling Noise was poor ride quality so I m considering change all of the shocks this week
  8. My ford fusion 2005 has a constant rattling noise coming from the rear shock area I have read loads of articles But still no conclusion So far we have eliminated axel bushes, shocks and shock mounts it is worse when car is empty but when fully loaded you don't hear anything!!! Any suggestions are welcome Have eliminated heat shield under car and brake cable