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  1. i just got a Y Reg focus 1.4 CL and why is it all the reviews of it are bad saying its slow its weedy etc i have driven a 1.6 zetec version and it felt no quicker iv had 2 fiesta 1.25s too and it feels just as quick even though the fiesta is lighter and has the same power.
  2. i hate average looking cars with lexus lights crappy wheel trims etc no modifications at all i saw dodge viper stripes on a daewoo matiz once they must of watched too many american films lol but the best is a 1.2 8v punto with sxi and a v6 badge on the back yeh i did have LED washers at one time too but my ultimate sin was putting a shopping list of pirelli,sparco etc down the side of a PEUGEOT 106 1.4 DIESEL(50HP) when i was 17
  3. i no people say automatics are slower than manuals too 60 but parkers say some are 4 or 5 seconds slower than the manuals if its the same car which cant be right surely or are autos good up too certain speeds then they struggle as they cant do full revs? For example mk4 fiesta 1.25 auto 14.9 mk4 fiesta 1.25 manual 11.8
  4. which is faster a fiesta 1.25 82hp mk7 or the mk4/5 1.25 as my friend had a mk7 1.25 82 as a courtesy car and he said it went like a 1.4 but the stats say they are slower than the old type 1.25 im confused about this. Millsy
  5. my friend had one of these 1.25 82hp fiestas as a courtesy car it was very nippy and mid range really good but the stats say it does 0-60 in 13 secs which is very wrong
  6. i put an aftermarket Airfilter on my fiesta mk4 1.25 and it seems too be picking up revs better its without the airflow meter too i dont seem too need too rev as hard too get the power.does anyone else have a 1.25 mk4,mk5 or mk6 with an induction kit. Cheers
  7. dont like the bonnet but the rest is alright not a really a big fan of bodykits but not bad :) whatever tickles your pickle fiesta owners
  8. does your fiesta run better on shell i have had diesel and petrol cars and all of them run better and get better mpg on shell petrol not the optimax just the normal stuff does anyone else find this? Millsy
  9. sweet man well done the driving test is one of the hardest thing too do in your life :D enjoy your time out on the road and in the traffic lol
  10. is there any difference between the mk4/5 and mk5 1.25 the newer fiesta is 100kg heavier but does the gearing make any difference mine seems too struggles too keep up with a mk5 1.25.
  11. i recently bought a modified fiesta mk4 1.25 si and its got 2 problems first off all the clutch goes down too the floor when you press it and you have too hook it with your foot to get it back this means it stalls a lot ..the second problem is the car seems too struggle really badly in 1st and 2nd and 3rd around 4000 rpm it wont rev much more than that if this is due too an induction kit im not sure its like its finding it hard too breath...can anyone help me out with both problems what they could be. Millsy B)
  12. MK4 1.25 LX will take on most things in 1st gear :P great engine too beats my mates golf GT TDI 130 too 40 then he speeds off
  13. I recently bought a 3dr 96 1.25 mk4 si fiesta and also have a 3dr 96 1.25 mk4 LX which im selling soon... apart from power steering and fog lamps on the SI what else is different is the Si lighter ?
  14. i drive a fiesta myself but i wonderd if theres much difference between the the new ka 1.3 engine and the old OHV engine i got behind a few of these cant beleive how quick they are for a 1.3 8v.
  15. Im a bit baffled now iv had sum niggling issues with my fiesta if i accelerate briskly around 40-50 mph and sometimes 60-70 i feel the engine holding back its got a brand new set of spark plugs by the looks of things i new coilpack the air filters clean brand new fuel filter too i cleaned the inlet too seems to run a bit better on shell fuel iv noticed its a 96 fiesta 1.25 lx Can anyone help