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  1. Low Oil Pressure Warning Fiesta 1.0 62 Plate

    My mates fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 2013 plate.came up with oil pressure low on dash and oil light flashing. changed oil and filter but still same and engine rattle. Anyone know what problem could be. nothing on diagnostics machine
  2. Wheel Nuts

    I have put Oz alloys on my fiesta but the orginal wheel nuts are ruining the alloys and a garage said that the tapered ones are wrong for these alloys. But never suggested correct ones. Should I use flat or Radius ones. Which are best? Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  3. New Front Shocks

    They were slightly longer than the originals but still had same amounts of coils and they said they were for my car on the box. Just thought they would be longer with them being new. The shocks are Kyb and the springs are sachs Just don't know why they are sitting low. Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  4. New Front Shocks

    I never lowered it just new shocks and springs. Just fitted ebc red stuff brake pads so nothing rusty. It seems to have started making a noise on start up and switch off so I'm suspecting a gearbox / engine mount. Bottom one already replaced about 3 months ago as was perished. Will look at nearside one as seems like too much play on engine. Thanks anyway Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  5. Shocks

    Fiesta zetec s tdci Put new shocks,springs and top mounts but car sits a lot lower than before not much room from wheel arch to wheel. Has developed a click noise when moving off but not when turning sounds like metal noise. Had new drop links, poly arb bushes. All ball joints seem ok with no play. Frustrating now.
  6. New Front Shocks

    Ford fiesta zetec s tdci mk6 Just changed front shocks, springs and top mounts but it now seems very low on car , can't get hand in between tyre and wheel arch also got a click noise when moving off but not when steering. Car has got new drop links, uprated poly ARB bushes, Everything else looks ok no movement on ball joints. Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  7. Wheel Wobble At High Speed

    Will do . Thanks for advice
  8. Wheel Wobble At High Speed

    Will try that. Thanks
  9. Wheel Wobble At High Speed

    Steering wheel. Not so long passed mot
  10. Wheel Wobble At High Speed

    Did mean to say new wishbones as well but forgot
  11. Fiesta zetec s tdci 2007 I have wheel wobble at 70+ mph . I've changed anti roll bar bushes, had wheels balanced on new alloys. Had tracking done, replaced track rod ends and inner tie rods. Replaced nearside drive shaft but still shaking. Anyone else had similar problems and cure.
  12. Fiesta Alloys Bending

    Got quoted £800.00 for new alloys without tyres. Got a set of oz alloys with tyres for £350.00 .
  13. Fiesta Alloys Bending

    Fiesta zetec s tdci 2007 model. Was getting shaking at high speed. Got checked out and all for bent with front nearside worse than others. Beyond repair .
  14. Fiesta Alloys Bending

    Fiesta alloys are rubbish ended up buying after market ones. Ford need to address this . Anyone else had issues with their alloys not being up to the job. All four of mine out of shape and not even hit kerbs.
  15. Fiesta zetec s 1.6 tdci