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  1. Help needed, I had a blocked DPF this was this was confirmed by ford dealer TC Harrison who went on to say it would need replacing at a cost of £1700. What they didn't tell me was what caused the original fault that went on to cause the blockage (other than me foolishly ignoring the engine malfunction warning) I got the DPF cleaned, a new pressure sensor was also fitted, it was then diagnosed that the fuel vaporizer had failed exactly as shown below in the service bulletin A new fuel vaporizer and dosing pump was fitted and all learned values cleared from the ecu and the system purged via the ford ids system, the procedure warns that you should expect to capture up to 500ml of fuel during the purge, but less than 100ml was captured. The car was then driven but as soon as the engine temp rose to normal running temperature fault code p244c was displayed ( Exhaust Temperature Too Low for Particulate Filter Regeneration Bank 1) all temperature sensors have been tested and are OK. So I now don't know what to try next. Giving the amount of fuel collected during the purge compared to what ford suggest you should expect i am thinking that this was the original fault that killed the first fuel vaporizer and that the fuel vaporizer is still being starved of fuel preventing the DPF from getting hot enough to carry out a regent. If this is correct what could be the cause of the starvation, or could the P244c be the result of another problem? Any suggestions will be appreciated 11/9/10 Engine malfunction warning lamp illuminated on the instrument cluster; Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P269F present 63/2010 Should a customer express concern about the engine malfunction warning lamp illuminated on the instrument cluster, the probable cause is a blown fuse due to fuel vaporizer component internal short circuit caused by a fuel vaporizer overheating. The overheating is a result of a lack of fuel in the fuel vaporizer fuel line ahead of first Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration. Furthermore Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P269F - Exhaust Aftertreatment Glow Plug Circuit/Open - is stored in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). To rectify this concern, a new fuel vaporizer system should be installed in reference to the instructions detailed in this bulletin. For markets where FordEtis IDS is used, connect FordEtis IDS and select the appropriate symptoms from the concern descriptions above. Follow the FordEtis IDS instructions to rectify this concern and send any related diagnostic feedback session files. Failure to follow these instructions will affect any associated warranty claim submission. For markets where FordEtis IDS is not available, rectify this concern by following the attached service repair instruction.