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  1. @zain611 remember my don't like from the other day, the roundabout faff, take a guess at what type of car it was!
  2. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    I use the software from https://www.4kdownload.com/ Don't have to install anything and you can grab video as well as just the audio from anything you choose.
  3. @zain611 the last matter wasn't something that I believe was intentional but more likely a stupid error. The traffic was a bit grid locked so I had approached the roundabout to take the third exit off and then had to wait a minute on the inside of the roundabout before I could come off. The one time I recently came close to passing on dashcam footage to the Police was when I witnessed the Domino's driver in front of me watching a film on his phone (cradle in the front window) but the footage on the dashcam didn't show anything other than a dark smudge which you couldn't make out as even a phone let alone something being played back on it.
  4. I don't like the young lady who cut across me on a roundabout this evening. They either came out of the junction onto the roundabout without looking right OR took the wrong lane from another junction (to go straight ahead) and ending up round the wrong lane to end up cutting across the front of me. Either way they ended up a few inches away from being hit square on as I cleared traffic that had been in front of me. Thankfully everything was at slow speed so nothing came of it.
  5. @Bobr it would be pretty silly of me to keep hold of a Race Red kit for a Spirit Blue car (more so that I got rid of the Race Red car more than 4 1/2 years ago ). Glad to have passed it on, hopefully you won't need to use it anytime soon!!
  6. Go Tom, you'll regret it if you don't!!
  7. Linked to my I do like post, I don't like coming last in timed laps in my rally experience (Toyota GT86's) today at Brands Hatch. Two 20 minute sessions on different circuits with a timed lap on each. Of course, I made an error on both timed laps and finished a combined 46 seconds slower than my mate who came with me. Apparently the instructor said I had been doing ok in the build up laps but of course I save the errors until last lap
  8. Worth remembering you had a short stint driving with under inflated tyres which wouldn't have helped the MPG. Might be worth chucking a tank of V-Power or similar premium fuel into it to clear out anything that built up under the previous owner's use.
  9. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    I do like having driven a Toyota GT86 rally car at Brands Hatch this morning. Two 20 minute sessions across two short circuits. The rain from the day before meant conditions were very slippery and I did make several errors resulting in me facing the wrong direction. A bit like Top Gear, after a number of earlier laps to get used to the track and car, our last lap was timed. Unfortunately for me, both last laps had me making one big spin each time meaning I came last in the combined times . Still, the sessions were excellent and would highly recommend the experience to anyone who is into driving experiences!! One for the I don't like thread (but I'll sneak it here) was that my mate who went with me came top of the timed laps beating me by a whopping 46 seconds .
  10. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    @Eric Bloodaxe my first thought when you mentioned Tour de Yorkshire was a pub crawl around Yorkshire pubs eating roast dinners and Yorkshire puddings .
  11. @Bobr forgot to add previously, I've got a Race Red Ford touch up kit somewhere at home. If you want it, I am happy to post it to you for nothing. I think they have a 'use by' date but not sure what it is until I find it. No use to me with a Spirit Blue car now
  12. Just browsing through the thread @Bobr and thought the tyres were low in your photo posted earlier. As for the parking sensors, if you didn't have the zone popup before then perhaps the reverse sensors were dealer fitted to the previous car. I have this on my current ST, the sensors were dealer fitted and thus you loose the dash popup for the reversing zones. Not the end of the world but preferred it in the Zetec I had before.
  13. It's not that I seek them out, they just appear around me. The normal Fiat 500 isn't a bad little car, but the 500L is just ugly.
  14. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    Ah ok. Can see the tank looks a little colourful but the small photo didn't make it stand out that much. Let us know how much the tank costs if you do change it. Our ST's are both outside of the recall range for the replacement coolant hose and tank work.