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  1. Zico

    Things I do like

    @zain611 they look no different from what I recall from the set I fitted into my car a few weeks ago (brand new but about a year old). Maybe a revised internal design maybe but from the outside they look the same.
  2. It's definitely the rain that's the problem, it's happened before last year but for whatever reason it stopped for a while. Then yesterday the minute it started to rain it dropped, and again this morning when it started. Reported the issue last year to the ISP who did there remote checks without finding any issues (a given if the fault is intermittent) and can only advise that if an Openreach engineer attends and finds no fault that you'll get charged the ~£130 fee. Not knocking Openreach engineers but they don't get enough time to search for intermittent faults and obviously with things as they are now, I'm guessing that it will be an even harder task when they won't enter houses due to the virus threat. I'll see how it goes during the next week but hate the ~300m of copper phone cable that is between the home and the FTTC cabinet .
  3. I don't like that my broadband line appears to be dropping again when it starts to rain. Not the best time to be locked in and trying to work from home.
  4. First thing you could do is take out the bulb you swapped with another bulb to see if this resolves the issue with the brake light. I can't think of any reason for a powertrain warning to come on for a brake light fault. It could be that on hitting the pothole there may have been damage done to an electrical cable. @iantt may be able to offer some assistance (found an old thread here about a powertrain warning light but no update as to what was the problem unfortunately).
  5. Right there are a few from the last couple of days but here goes. I'm dog, duck and chicken sitting again while my brother, father and his partner are at Crufts. I don't like: 1) my arm looking like I've been self harming after I had been faffing around un-choking a chicken (yes you read that right ). Damn chicken nursery cage has a warmer for the little ones to go under yet the damn cable had been pulled into the cage and was likely to choke a chicken if they got themselves into a muddle. 2) having to clean up what can only be described as a volcanic curry eruption off of the front door mat. A makeshift method of using two wide butcher knives (not quite meat cleaver but wide enough) enabled me to lift the offending material away from the mat minimising the amount squashed down. Had to use the carpet cleaner to wash the mat down afterwards but it could have been far worse. 3) spending the last half hour taking apart a fence, covered in thorns, in the dark, to get one of our damn dogs out who had wedged himself between two pieces of posts. The little ball of fluff clearly thought he was smaller than he thought. The little git then proceeded to run off into our field for 10 minutes afterwards before wanting to come back in. 4) still not hearing anything back about a job application I made on Thursday last week. The interview dates were supposed to be 10th & 11th March but on emailing a work colleague it now appears that the manager has moved the dates back a week. 5) the email subject from CarWow: Your Fiesta ST has a great alternative - the Vauxhall Astra - the sick people!!
  6. Zico

    Things I do like

    I do like that there are a few new episodes of Better Call Saul and Narcos Mexico on Netflix. Only managed to watch one episode of Better Call Saul though (see my I don't like post for the reasons).
  7. Once you've done it the first time it's easy enough if you ever need to do it again. I found this video the first time I needed to take the head lights out:
  8. Tempted to get a reverse camera for my ST3 if it's not going to cost the earth (2015 built in March).
  9. Sorry Tom, should have mentioned about the cancellation / full package charge. I've not used Experian for ages now but I'm pretty sure that it was very simple to stop it from charging you for any ongoing subscription. I've just checked my Credit Karma file and it's got a soft credit check when I enquired about my car insurance in February. I've seen these multiple times before when shopping around for quotes, they don't do any harm but do show on the report. I'm not sure if Experian's report would show these soft checks but I would have thought so.
  10. @The Finance Guy I would be interested to hear if there are any issues with Credit Karma. I only have an account with them after they took over from Noddle (not that I had any issues with Noddle either).
  11. Have used a couple in the past (Experian and Noddle). Noddle is now https://www.creditkarma.co.uk/ which I check now and again. **Edit** You can get £4 cashback for a free Experian account via TopCashBack - https://www.topcashback.co.uk/experian-account/
  12. The tyre hasn't gone down from the nick but ironically enough the valve was slowly leaking which has now been replaced. I've got two spare Hankook tyres (from new before I swapped to the Michelin PS4) which I can use to replace it if needed.
  13. I don't like being told about a cut within the O/S rear tyre from earlier this morning. Mechanic has confirmed no cords exposed so it's not going to fail the MOT. Looks suspiciously screw shaped which if it is, is another near miss with the damn screws and crap left around by my damn father .