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  1. A quick google game up with the video below. Alternatively if you try the Focus forum then you'll probably get a better response from owners in that section. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/2-ford-focus-club/
  2. Zico

    Things I do like

    I keep looking at the Halfords Professional sets each time they come up on sale but never get them. I might just grab one the next time they are on sale. I checked the grommet earlier when I went out for a quick drive. From the outside I couldn't see any splits or cracks or any damage.
  3. Zico

    Things I do like

    Thanks for the heads up @TimST2. I've ordered the part even before checking though my problem is I don't have the tools to fit it.
  4. Spot on video. The Bournemouth beach reference is about the crowds that have just ignored what is going on and amassed on the beaches as if nothing is happening. My work colleagues were saying the same about crowded beaches in Kent the other week when the sun was still out. When the virus spikes again because of peoples selfishness then it's going to set us all back again.
  5. Welcome to send me an abusive PM to let off some steam!! I would love it if one day a year, we could tell customers exactly what they can do with there complaint . Not quite Purge day, but full on rant at the customer and they are the ones who have to take it without any coming back . My guess is that when you're on your bike you're tilting more and your phone is picking this up. I guess you could tilt in a car but probably not enough (unless you drive like Ken Block or something ).
  6. Zico

    Things I do like

    I do like getting a promotion at work. Interviewed for my manager's former role on Monday and was offered it as a 6 month secondment with the intention to flexibly deploy me to the role permanently at the end of it. If both myself and my managers are happy I move into the role, if not then I just stay where I am. I've not been in a formal management role before and will be dealing with a team of 12 (many of them I have worked with for the best part of 12 years). The original interview date was supposed to have been the 19th March but obviously got postponed due to the impending lockdown. Shielding at home for the last months hasn't exactly been good for me, but somehow I must have done something right on Monday. I'll be lazy and say my I don't like here. The timing of the role couldn't have come at a worst time. My current duties are to deal with the data side of things in Street Works and the DfT have launched today the biggest change up of systems to affect all Highway Authorities and utilities (originally supposed to have gone live on 1st April). Our system provider's software fell over on Monday during my interview (I was blissfully un-aware that my colleague was cursed yet again with things going wrong while I am off/unavailable ), and then fell over again today!! Don't need this right now when I'm supposed to be starting my new role
  7. @Sasqwatch not entirely sure to be honest. I think it was just some bug fixes and compatibility updates. Nothing more exciting that that. There is no readme in the Ford download.
  8. I meant I had to delete the phone from the bluetooth devices and re-add it.
  9. The two previous times I updated Sync I did need to re-pair my phone so you may be fortunate. I'm not sure why but guess the updates may have caused me a glitch.
  10. If it's started to install it will take a minimum of 25 minutes before it finishes. Keep the engine running and the system will say when it's restarting and finished.
  11. **Ignore** Just re-read your post and see that it started installing.
  12. Re-uploading the file as we speak. Will edit post when done. The likelihood is that the Ford's download has the typo's on the filenames which is partly why it doesn't work. The uploaded file has simply had the filenames corrected. **Edit** Link is good for 2 months: https://files.fm/u/f9w36mpq
  13. Zico

    Things I do like

    Yes, without the codes £13 isn't much. As for the rear pads, I contacted Rates to confirm all parts with my VIN and was told that they were all correct. The pads have been on the car since March, and in the little time I have driven, I haven't noticed any problems.
  14. @TomsFocus would still recommend getting the cheap own brand A to Z as if you are under the calories needed to maintain weight, you are likely missing out on some nutrients. I was going to grab some in Tesco when I went late the other night but the shelves were empty other than the more expensive branded ones at ~£5 or more.
  15. Zico

    Things I do like

    Ooofff that's a bit more than I paid last year at the end of October at just under £198 (admittedly with the eBay code). Part numbers are the same except I found out elsewhere that the rear pads have a better version part 1810990. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272379145798