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  1. I don't like that my monitor has become a flipping graveyard for thunder bugs. In about 3 years I have had none, in the last week I have 4 dead in various places across the screen. I've tried tapping, suction cup and turning the damn screen upside down (two are nearer the top of the screen) and nothing will budge them. A search online and a video on Youtube came up where someone used an electric toothbrush to shift one. Ordered the cheapest one on Amazon (£7.50) to hopefully try the same.
  2. @zain611 shout in my direction if you need any help. Not been a great year for me either. Spent a couple of hours, on Friday just gone, at a friend's house to say 'goodbye' as he's about to undertake the last line of chemotherapy for what started off as prostate cancer and spread to his spine.
  3. From my QI knowledge 😄 , it's the females that bite you and they are silent attackers
  4. SSD's don't need to be defragged. Windows 10 does what it needs to keep SSD's 'tidy' as it were.
  5. You'll also want to set aside some of the space on the SSD for Over Provisioning.
  6. Go into Display Settings and check the Scale and Layout options, sometimes Windows might have chosen a different scaling setting than is either preferred or optimal. Also check the resolution. If it's a Full HD 1080p screen then check that it's set correctly. Also worth checking the refresh rate is at its highest level (under the Advanced settings on the Display settings page - set resolution first which will dictate the maximum refresh rate available for that resolution).
  7. As @erictcleric says, if you have a Microsoft account and log into Edge on any device, it will copy everything across* (though I don't believe it copies extensions across onto the mobile Android version of Edge). No fuss whatsoever except for individual websites that might need to verify that it's you logging in via a new devices and any two factor authentication. Got hold of my new Lenovo Legion 5 Pro laptop on Friday and it was a couple of minutes to do both Edge and Firefox by simply signing into the accounts and syncing the profiles (Firefox was slightly less exact but otherwise just as easy).
  8. @Marky146I also found that the car was fussy over which USB stick I used. USB 3.0 should in theory be fine but USB 2.0 worked for me as well.
  9. Hi @Kimbey sorry haven't been on the forum for a few days. The file is currently uploaded here until the 3rd August. https://files.fm/u/777mpudfz
  10. @Wino if the Openreach engineer had to update the main socket then this should make things easier for eliminating any source of noise (the newer sockets have filters) and include a test socket which simply needs the front face to be unclipped (think they were screwed in on older versions) and will remove any internal extensions that sometimes can impact FTTC connections.
  11. I do also like that I have now had both of my Covid jabs. Second was given last Friday which would be about 3 weeks earlier than I had expected the second jab was to be given 12 weeks apart. Had the AstraZenica jab and no issues with the first one except for a slight tender arm where the injection was (about the same for all flu jabs I have had). Second one though seemed to give me a bit of a headache later in the day, something I never really have at all. Felt absolutely fine the next day though.
  12. I have noticed a little less feedback in my PS4's but they have far more than 200 miles on them (must be just over 2 years since I had them fitted but not sure on the mileage done). I had been trying to stick to 36 front and 28 rear (mainly as I have had a slow leak on the valve/alloy somewhere). One time I used my Ryobi tyre inflator to inflate (from cold) my tyres before heading out. I did notice at that point that control did seem lacking and re-checked the levels at the local Sainsburys and found that the readings were almost 3 PSI higher (39 front instead of 36). Not sure if the Ryobi dial is positioned incorrectly as it was reading 36 when I used it that morning. After letting out some of the air at the petrol station the car felt much more in control.
  13. The three wise men travel in something a little more modern nowadays 😄
  14. @StephenFord for the life of me I couldn't think of that when I made my last post. A tin can would be an ideal way to make a replacement strip.
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