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  1. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    Unless you're submitting to the pay wall that is Sky, it's only the British GP that's live this year and highlights for the rest on Channel 4. I will not pay a penny to Sky for F1 any more. Compared to the BCC and Channel 4 coverage, Sky's was very poor (had a Sky sub for the first few seasons after they got the F1 contract).
  2. @TomsFocus have you tried MySupermarket? Covers most of the supermarkets and now places like Amazon, Aldi and Lidl etc. which weren't on there a few years ago.
  3. Evening Ian, have sent a PM with my reg.
  4. I made sure to ask that it was done when I booked the service, mentioned when dropping off the car and mentioned it again when I collected the car in the afternoon. Un-like last year, I was asked to sign a warranty form at the end when I signed and paid for the service and MOT. This was all on the 4th hence the post.
  5. Evening all. If ETIS lists an Outstanding Field Service Action, when should it come off of the car details IF it had been carried out? My ST went in for it's 4th year service on 4th March and had Outstanding Field Service Actions 17P06 - FIESTA ST PCM UPDATE showing. The same OSA was listed before my 3rd year service and I'm just wondering why it would still be listed even now after 2 services. My ST is stock (no Mountune map etc.) so I wasn't sure if this had any relevance or not (after reading other peoples posts asking if there Map would be wiped).
  6. I've known my cars have had alarms but never known what they sounded like until I accidently locked the car (still inside) by accidently sitting on the key 😁. True, very true.
  7. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    1) Yes, oh yes. 2) PC>Xbox>Nintendo>PS 3) Never ridden one, would like to but would probably end up mangled after my first attempt 4) Can't bake very well but enjoy cakes etc. 5) See 4 6) Never played but oh my it's a painful thing to watch on tv. When The Open is in Sandwich (Kent) it's about as close as I get to being involved in golf as I ever do (due to having to try and coordinate roadworks etc. around the event).
  8. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    We've got a similar setup at work as well. Our building probably had more than 20 AP's a few years ago but this was greatly reduced last year when our IT dept. updated the network equipment (probably around half without counting). Business spec devices a number of years back weren't mesh as such but had additional functions/capabilities that would act in a basic fashion to hand off a device to another AP that would give a better connection and so on. Newer devices are better and prices have dropped that you're now able to get similar functionality in home user products. Downside to Wi-Fi extenders is that you obviously need to place them in a spot where they can get a good, strong signal from the original router and then still provide a similar good signal at the furthest point that your are trying to reach. If this isn't possible, an additional extender would be needed and you're then only going to end up decreasing the Wi-Fi speed the more extenders you use. I'm assuming your second router is connected by network cable to the first?
  9. I wonder how many people would have thought about the back office systems of an alarm company when choosing to fit some of the all singing and dancing third party car alarms available? This BCC article adds some food for thought: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47485731
  10. I'm not really able to help answer your question, in fact I was trying to find out if somebody had posted the news piece on the BBC about security issues with some alarm systems: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47485731
  11. I could add Fords (to be fair), the worst offender to me being the old style KA's which are seemly driving without any care in the world for themselves let alone others around them.
  12. Unfortunately, as per my other post, it's my recent experience that this behaviour is no longer exclusive to the boring expensive 'I'm considerably richer than you' type 😁. The amount of Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, <insert mundane car maker here>, drivers that will stop 2ft past the give way/stop markings OR wonder between lanes is ever increasing. This morning on my way to work a Honda Civic estate decided to pull out on me on a roundabout without looking. Stupidity isn't always in correlation to the cost of the car .
  13. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    I can back this statement up 😁. Had my MOT and 4th service on Monday and after 31580 miles on the original pads and discs, the service report (green/amber/red ratings) has my front pads at 10mm, discs 22mm and rear pads 7mm, discs 9.6mm (not that I know what the new, un-used figures are). **Edit** Had the brake fluid changed as well (didn't recall it being done at any previous service) and this has made a noticeable difference from beforehand.
  14. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    I'm guessing you're talking about when you're moving around the house? Using existing/older Access Points or Routers configured as such aren't clever enough to provide the best connection to your devices as you move around. If you were to connect to one router on one side of your house, then move across to the other and your signal were to drop, your device wouldn't then seamlessly switch to the closest router to get a better signal. Newer, purpose built Mesh Wi-Fi devices do help switch your devices around to whichever is capable of providing a better connection. Not read though this page completely but it covers the general point: https://www.trustedreviews.com/opinion/mesh-routers-whole-home-wi-fi-explained-2953740
  15. I don't like the bell ends that can't find the indicator on there cars!! More recently it's bell ends in your average joe's car rather than BMW, Merc's or Audi's that seem incompetent at signalling there intention to move right out in front of you on a dual c/way. I might even go as far as to say that those in BMW's, Merc's and Audi's that I have come across recently have actually indicated!