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  1. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    Reading around (probably the same sites) it looks like the requirement is for when you are going to be driving on snow or ice.
  2. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    I do like that I accidently came across a Mishmoto Fiesta ST Induction hose brand new for £43.75 on Amazon (I had been sniffing around looking at induction hoses a month or two ago but not on Amazon). I don't like my impulse purchase of said induction hose 🤑. I do like that I saved £31.85 over the usually brand new price. I don't like that when I came back here to post the link for others to see, Amazon had put the price back up to £75.60 ☹️.
  3. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    If you're on Xbox you're welcome to add me as a friend (Zico UK). I don't have COD WW2 or BLOP4 (or even GTA5) but am waiting on the release of BFV. **Edit** Oh and happy birthday after seeing your post in the Things I Hate. Hope you've calmed down after that sight of finger blood (almost like the scene from The Big Bang Theory with Sheldon and his thumb 😁).
  4. Zico

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like having to drink MoviPrep for an appointment on Sunday 🤮. Foul stuff and the after affects aren't fun either
  5. Zico

    Things I Don't Like

    I hate blocked drains!!! Pipe from our kitchen to the outside manhole is blocked meaning we can't use the washing machine, sinks or dish washer in the kitchen. Chucked two whole bottles of One Shot into the down pipe and waiting to see if it's going to do the trick. Also found out that Amazon no longer have any product links for One Shot. Paid just under £17 in March for 3 bottles and now the only other place I can find it online is £28 for 3 on eBay.
  6. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    @iantt if you are thinking of travelling through Kent, there are plenty of ongoing works on the M20 with 50mph average speed cameras and lane closures on both coastbound and London bound lanes. Also the M26 is going to be closing overnight for similar works. All to do with the wonderful EU leaving faff.
  7. Zico

    Things I Don't Like

    I reckon he just recreates the McDonalds advert with two full grown kids sat in them to get his moneys worth 😀. **Edit** I hate that I have recalled such trivial tripe from TV 😞
  8. Zico

    Windscreen washers

    Yes, I have the Focus mist jets on my ST but the only thing I have read about adjusting where the spray goes is by using a bit of glue/blutack in the slot. Can't remember where I have read this but haven't done so myself as I don't find the spray to be an issue. **Edit** Found this thread if it's any help:
  9. Zico

    Windscreen washers

    No problem. Hope this fixes the issue.
  10. Zico

    Windscreen washers

    I could probably just give you my original washer jets seeing as I have two sets of mist washers. I haven't a clue where they are at the moment but they will be in a box/tub somewhere here 😀
  11. Zico

    Windscreen washers

    Sounds like a faff. You've lost me where you say you got them spraying perfectly but when refitted only one jet worked. Did you re-connect them before fitting them back in the bonnet to test? Have you checked that the tubing isn't blocked or kinked?
  12. Hi Laura and welcome to the forum. If your turbo is leaking then it may be linked to the pipes as per this thread (linked to the last post which includes the Ford technical service bulletin - TSB) which may be the same issue with your car.
  13. Zico

    AutoBeam LED Upgrade Opinions

    I really do like this and have experienced the same reaction from drivers as I get near to my home. The lane to our home is on a bend along a main road so I normally indicate at a point ~115m from the entrance. Usually the good drivers (that aren't tailgating me) are already at a safe distance behind me but drop back a bit further. Those that have been closer also drop back. Only once have I had an idiot try and go round me on the blind bend crossing the double white lines. With the standard indicators the reaction of those behind me was much less.
  14. Zico

    Things I Don't Like

    @Lenny you're not old, you're just working long hours (and this is coming from somebody who's only working ~7:45 to 18:00 Monday to Friday). The thing that gets to me in the end is the gradual wear and tear of time between days I take off (and I am not good with my leave as I would rather not be at home and am trying to save money so don't really go anywhere either).