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  1. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    Must be like stepping back in time from the Mk8 to Mk7 😄 I do like that my MPG has gradually climbed to the dizzy heights of 47 mpg. In reality my tracked mpg and mileage is 41.5mpg - http://www.fuelly.com/car/ford/fiesta/2015/zico/355158
  2. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    Do you have the item number if there are more for sale? Sorry, can't help on the updates question, never changed my Sat Nav card since owning the car from April 2015.
  3. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    Where did you buy from? Ian's link above?
  4. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    It's a shame that the cost of keeping in-car systems updated is so extortionate 😮.
  5. Zico

    Travel Updates (TMS) 66 Plate Ford Fiesta

    Do you mean the radio updates when it changes channel when they are doing traffic and travel? If so, as far as I understand things, it's linked to the radio stations tuned into the car. Might be completely wrong but I'm sure somebody with a bit more knowledge might be able to update you. **edit** Ok, so the RDS is the old method for traffic updates but now it's TMC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_announcement_(radio_data_systems) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_message_channel
  6. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    Isn't that just for the new touch screen sync systems?
  7. Zico

    67 Plate Sync Apps

    Thanks for the response Lat. I did have a look on the Ford Sync page and that's about as much as I could see myself. The list of actual apps that Ford list for Sync 3 were a load of rubbish. I didn't get any time to go through things with my colleague (both busy at work) but he's definitely interested in the Android Auto and Google Maps/navigation function being available.
  8. Evening. One of my work colleague's spoke with me this morning asking about the apps for his 67 plate Mondeo. As the conversation was brief, I didn't remember to ask the full plate so I could check the Sync version but I am guessing it's Sync 3. Having not used Sync 3, what apps could he get/use along with his Samsung Android?
  9. Zico

    MPG read out

    Similar to @isetta , I've kept track of my MPG for my ST since picking it up to just over 25025 miles. I use Fuelly.com for keeping track of everything. Unlike isetta, Stoney871 and Bobr, I only reset the trip computer reading.
  10. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    Is there still a live link for the 5.11 download? Or can somebody upload the edited 5.11?
  11. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    Ecobytes - does your TitX have the Sony stereo? I've entered the VIN for my ST3 and it says I'm up to date but I know I only have 5.9 installed.
  12. Zico

    Things I Don't Like

    Had almost the same scenario with our male Rottweiler. Came back in the evening and walked through our front gate and, in the split second before the floodlights came on, I was knocked onto my backside and promptly slobbered on by him 😲. Loving room eh 😉.
  13. Zico

    MK8 Remaps

    Mountune had a remap for the Mk7.5 140 to 165 but it wasn't warranty friendly (Ford's own warranty that is): https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-1-0t/products/fiesta-b299fox-mr165-power-upgrade-kit
  14. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    If you don't complete the order, they will have a showroom car for the dealership. I've suggested my possible order to my local dealer as a showroom car as well .
  15. Zico

    1.0 ecoboost 180bhp

    Mountune obviously have the MR165 map for the Mk7.5 Ecoboost which isn't warranty friendly and requires the larger intercooler and several hoses to be changed: https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-1-0t/products/fiesta-b299fox-mr165-power-upgrade-kit I believe @Willy had the MR165 map on his Mk7.5 before he got his 5 door Mk7 ST. **Edit** I notice that he's just posted in the Mountune 165R thread here with an update for the Cat Back exhaust as well: