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  1. @RAIDER32 you on Diesel or Petrol? My last V-Power Petrol fill up for the Fiesta was at £1.419 per litre which has pretty much been the same price on/off for the last few months. I did pay £1.459 at Folkestone last month as I had to pick up something from a mate's house and was almost empty. In hindsight I should have just stuck in £5 to get back home and then used the station near me to fill the tank. I had to drive my father's BMW 5 series estate up to Peterborough and back a few months ago. Normally they don't do many long trips in the BMW so thought I would treat it to some V-Power Diesel. From just under a quarter of a tank to full it cost me ~£70 from what I remember (I think the price per litre was something like £1.479).
  2. A little late but I don't like the two cars I followed (on different days) that had there rear windows obscured. The first had a load of pillows and other decorative crap across the parcel shelf that left hardly any room for the driver to see behind them. The second car had an A4 poster advertising a charity located right in the middle of the rear window. Either way, it's completely stupid to obscure the rear window. I've even seen cars with 30mph means 30mph (or similar speed related warnings) stuck on the back window/bumper, yet the driver carries on doing 50mph through a 30/40mph limit .
  3. @Lenny are you sure you didn't go too far an try for a sniff which he didn't like . I'm often sat on, tripped up, knocked down or robbed by our dogs when I come in through the gates (robbed when carrying any shopping bags). Only really got a scratch or two from them by accident where they have clocked me with there paws in a playful manner.
  4. Just re-read one of the earlier Auto Express previews and they were supposed to be shipping sometime in September according to that. I'm putting down a whopping 1p that @Willy will be coming out in Orange soon . **Edit** https://www.marshall.co.uk/ford/new-car-offers/fiesta-st/
  5. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    There is somebody on another forum I frequent that took Ford to the Ombudsman, and won, over his Ranger having a lot of rust on it after less than a year of ownership. Apparently they are built in South Africa and exported to Europe and North America.
  6. @TimST2 £155 for a PS4 fitted is a bit much! I paid ~£430 for 4 PS4 and fitting last December via Black Circles which was a little on the high side. There were some better offers earlier this year for the 17" PS4s on Black Circles from what I recall. Worth keeping an eye on HotUKDeals as there are the occasional tyre offers that come up.
  7. Is the special only in 3 door or do they do it in 5 as well?
  8. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    Knew that a third film was coming. Mr Lawrence does look like his been stung by a bee and is suffering some kind of allergic reaction though .
  9. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    @zain611 I highly recommend watching the series on catch-up on Dave online. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching it and have laughed my end off at some of the things that they do in the tasks. I don't think I've seen repo man but have definitely watched something similar a few times in the past (truck repo etc.) where it's almost definitely staged in places, if not all of the programme. Then again, it's US programming and they aren't the best for making documentaries for main stream tv.
  10. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    I do like that the new series of Taskmaster starts on Dave tonight. Gregg Davies and Alex Horne are made for the show, the majority of the contestants have excelled as well.
  11. I have just remembered that my Nextbase dashcam has had the same thing happen to it. The plastic around the lens is exactly the same colour as your aerial and probably took a similar amount of time to change.
  12. I'm not found of my own birthdays, in fact I lost interest in celebrating them a long time ago. That being said, all the best to you @TimST2
  13. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    While 'Better Call Saul' could be watched before Breaking Bad, I'm with @Turvey on this, sorry @Lenny. Both programmes are great though I'm hoping the film isn't going to be a let down as it will have to been condensed enough for those who haven't seen either programmes to watch (one thing which tends to spoil films made after a tv programme).
  14. I don't like the poor Freeview reception due to the weather over the last few days.
  15. I've got my driver side mirror up and passenger side lower so that I can see the kerbs (though high enough to see bikes/motorbikes that try and squeeze down beside me in traffic). I drove my father's Audi S9 (leased at the time) once and was pleasantly surprised to see that it had the auto tilt function that adjusted the mirrors when reversing. Would love something like that in the Fiesta.