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  1. Not sure who it was but it was on a comedy show (thinking QI maybe) where one of the panellists said that they put out an inflatable crocodile to stop the herons around their pond. Might be a bit too late for your fish now though.
  2. Not dropped the spare key somewhere in the car and that's actually being picked up instead of the key in the faraday pouch?
  3. If your router is that old then that could well be limiting your speed now if you've got a better connection with FTTC/VDSL. This is from Wikipedia but it gives you a run down of the Wi-Fi standards and speeds over the years. If your router is at least 10 years old then you are possible running on Wi-Fi 4 (or N as it used to be called). The improvements in the standards over the years have helped with multiple connections etc. not just speeds so you might be better off seeing if your ISP can replace (for free if you've just extended your contract - don't pay if they say you need to) your
  4. It could be a number of things causing a slower speed test on your phone than laptop: 1) Wi-Fi hardware - if your phone is using older Wi-Fi hardware then it might not be able to operate at the same speed as the router can put out. 2) The CPU of the phone - slower, less equipped phones may struggle to keep up Wi-Fi speeds. Closing app's down etc. might help if you've got lots of things open and running in the background. Speedtest.net is a good site to try and they also have an app that can be used on mobiles.
  5. No I had just an interim service this year instead of a 6 year / 75,000 major. I actually had more work done last year (brake discs, pads, hoses, fluid and some other bits) on top of the usual. With the low mileage over the last 12 months, I thought it would be best to skip a major service until next year at least and now that it's out of warranty I'll most likely go to non dealer garages unless the independent Ford dealer I last used is competitively priced and/or it's more convenient.
  6. He was on his way to New Jersey and got lost on the highway as he was using old paper maps, not like everyone who uses satnavs these days. He kept the faith and finally got to where he was going in 2020 but he had to bounce. Have a nice day 😉😄.
  7. Looks like it: https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/service-and-maintenance/essential-service
  8. Was some minor damage to the outside of the box but the foam cover was on the alloy and the internal packaging had these cardboard/plastic 'chocks' holding the alloy in place. It must have been damaged before being packed but at what point I wouldn't know. All four alloys are now sat in my room awaiting some C5 to cover them with and then for me to arrange a date for them to be fitted.
  9. Snap. If the MPS4 aren't in the right size then I would go with the Goodyear's. I think it was the previous version of the Goodyear EfficientGrip on the 2014 Zetec that I had before my ST.
  10. @BigLen I'm sure that if you're skills aren't appreciated at your current employer, others would be more appreciative, especially as it's a skilled job in demand right now. Hopefully you'll get some better work life balance and you'll soon find things to do with wife, kids and doggy by the summer time.
  11. @TomsFocus time for your Ford Model to be updated then 😉 . I do like getting the Ford Performance Alloys after much dithering over the last couple of years. Whenever the stock alerts came up they often didn't have 4 available but this time when I checked they had 7. Placed the order and they turned up after a couple of days. Unfortunately of the first one I opened, there was a massive gouge/scratch on the top edge of the alloy extending for about 5 cm into the inner rim along with another 2cm one next to it. Thankfully Ford store support have been really great and got me a rep
  12. Sorry just seen this. Ironically enough I just had a service and MOT on the 16th. Ford were wanting £169 for an Essential Service* and £55 for the MOT (The 6 year / 75000 miles service** is listed as £305). Considering I had only driven 3389 miles in the last 12 months (and that the car is now 6 years old with 44,226 miles on the clock) I took it to a local garage just around the corner from my office and was charged £143 for both the interim service and MOT. Taken from the Ford website: *Ford Essential Service provides high-quality essential checks and maintenance from our Ford
  13. @BigLen if the Switch is less than a year old why not go back to the retailer and get it replaced? I wouldn't try and get it repaired when it's inside of warranty. Of course pending the retailer, you might have to push to get them to replace it (or repair it themselves) but I would try them if you haven't already.
  14. Our oldest cocker spaniel is around 14 years old (I think) now and sleeps in my father's bedroom at the other house. When she's ready to go to bed she usually pesters my father or his partner to go upstairs as well
  15. Sounds like the scams where certain types of Europeans would block card machines with inserts or fake facia's (containing cameras and scanning equipment) so when the user put in their card and details, it's all recorded for the scum to retrieve later. The distraction of telling somebody that they have to go into the bank then gives them time to collect the card, take the cash and be gone in seconds.
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