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  1. Sorry not been on the forum for a while but files re-uploaded. https://files.fm/u/w7bjx5n9y
  2. A few of my recent dislikes... 1) the scum that stole the catalytic converter from my boss's husband's car at some point last night/early this morning. Parked up in the Crown Plaza Hotel's car park at the NEC and they also hit another car at the same time in the same car park. 2) Lane jumpers. Having just spent ~3 1/2 hours each way to the NEC and back, idiots that jump from one lane to the next, with or without signals, into the smallest of gaps just to 'get ahead' when traffic's stop/start/crawling along. Not sure if it's worse in front of you, or when you catch them within a whisker of taking you from behind!!
  3. I would hazard a guess that free/reduced cost EV charging at any supermarket could end up as a perk for those signing up to the reward scheme, i.e., Clubcard+ in Tesco's example which is already a monthly premium.
  4. Have watched 4 or 5 episodes so far. Might finish the rest off tomorrow. It's been ok, hoping that it's got a bit of a twist in things 🙂
  5. I'll try tomorrow (if it's dry outside) but otherwise I might just wait until I can take it into the garage next week.
  6. To be fair to @Ecosport2019 he did say that he was unsure that the bushes would change the ride height. As I was already under the car, grabbing a photo of them wasn't any issue. I'm going to drop the car round to a local garage next week when I'm in the office. The weather has turned crappy outside now, so I won't be going back under the car again for now.
  7. A second crawl under the car and I've grabbed additional photos of the springs and the rear bushes (as per @Ecosport2019 post). https://photos.app.goo.gl/3qBSDvLYXr2wS5wr5 Both passenger side and driver's side (can't remember exactly which are which) bushes look similar with some fraying in the centre but I've no idea if that is to be expected for a 7 1/2-year-old car (with just under 51,000 miles). **Edit** The video clip of the bush is the passenger side one as I didn't video the driver side.
  8. Hi @TomsFocus thanks for info. I'm going to get back under the car shortly to try and get some different photos to hopefully show into the bottom beam from the springs and also the bushes from the other side of the beam. I had seen the eBay listing (but didn't notice it as collection only, and Dumfries is only a ~7+ hours' drive / ~400miles each way ). I had already ordered the springs from Amazon, but the estimated delivery isn't until the ~24th October so I've likely got time to cancel if I hear back from the eBay seller (and they are genuinely new springs, but I would guess without any warranty).
  9. I think I know what you mean. If it's the front side of the beam, then I will try and grab some more photos tomorrow. If I am looking at the correct part on Powerflex, would this be their replacement part? https://www.powerflex.co.uk/product-details/Rear+Beam+To+Chassis+Bush/1756.html
  10. Evening @Ecosport2019 from my previous photo link, can you see anything from those photos? As I'm not really familiar with the locations of the suspension parts, where will I need to look?
  11. With the driver's side of the car up on the sleeper, shouldn't the right rear spring be more compressed? It looks from the photos that you can see the spring more spaced out on the right side than the left side. I saw your un-edited post earlier @TomsFocus and started half shopping for Ebiach springs and can get the E10-35-020-02-22 performance pro kit for £123.05 at the moment from Amazon.
  12. Managed to find a handy railway sleeper to use to drive up onto. Photos and a few dodgy videos while stuck under the rear of the car: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8KcMdMuwAgbCvouJ9 The photos with the tape measure at the rear wheel arches show at least 1cm difference between the driver's side and passenger side.
  13. Owned from new so it's either been like this since 2015, or something is broken/worn now. The only thing I am now thinking of is when I got the car serviced beginning of March 2020 (before lockdown etc.) and got them to replace the rear spring upper isolators with some PowerFlex bushes. I'll get a photo of the rear as it's definitely not my eyes playing tricks with me. If I can get it up on some wooden beams tomorrow, I will see if I can get a better look at the springs and photos of the underside.
  14. I don't carry that many passengers, so you must be calling me fat
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