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  1. @Matthew McGuinness if this makes you feel any better, I'm nearing the completion on buying a 2 bed top/second floor flat in Ashford, Kent via Shared Ownership and the full market value is £220,000. I'm buying 60% share (so £132,000) and have a large deposit but still found some mortgage lenders not wanting to loan to me (am getting a 75% LTV). If you're going through Help To Buy or Shared Ownership then you're probably already aware of this site: https://www.helptobuy.gov.uk/equity-loan/find-helptobuy-agent/
  2. Zico

    Things I do like

    I do like getting a pre-order for the Xbox Series X yesterday morning. £449.99 total but cashed in £235 of MS reward points (built up free credit for just over 2 years) so will only pay £215. I do like having had a few hours off work in the last 2 days (not technically stopped but at least haven't needed to do anything). I do like the random video that Youtube had on the front page when I opened up Firefox. Don't recall seeing it before but it's from 2010:
  3. @zain611 wasn't me... I happened to be up in London this morning but I have an alibi! I don't particularly like driving in London. Had to take my dad to Kings Hospital and hit the morning rush along Shooters Hill Road. Coming back earlier this afternoon wasn't as bad but even at 1:30pm the traffic was busy. Cyclists and bikes/moped's do like to squeeze through the smallest of gaps and the majority of cyclists seem to ignore traffic signals.
  4. I posted this in the I do like thread but always worth another shot... you can always come over to the dark side 😄
  5. Zico

    Things I do like

    @Nick Y come over to the dark side
  6. Zico

    Things I do like

    In all seriousness, if in the future you are setup, I would be interested. I'm not in any rush and to be quite honest I'm in the process of buying a flat so biggest expense of my life is ensuing 🤑. On the other hand, I've not had a break for ages so even a 530 mile drive up to Scotland would be a way to kill two birds with one stone ☺️.
  7. Zico

    Things I do like

    @The Finance Guy I could do with a tidy up of my alloys but at over 530 miles to get to Perthshire I think It might be a little too far
  8. @TimST2 I haven't washed mine since lockdown as it just got dirty faster the next day with the baked on sand pollen in the first few weeks. In the last few weeks it's lashed it down with so much rain that it's pretty much washed itself. The only thing I have cleaned have been the windows as they haven't quite cleared enough.
  9. Hi Neil, yes you can drive to work while the system updates and use the radio as well. The system will restart sync a few times and tell you when it's done which is normally around 25 minutes.
  10. He's not really drank alcohol at all so shouldn't be drink related. They are going to do a camera check soon (opening him up from the side and exploring the organs etc. within. He's got other issues but the doctors are still not sure what is the cause at the moment. He's tired and itching a lot and the hot weather isn't helping either.
  11. No idea yet. He's not in pain which you probably would expect but some of the scans he's had might indicate that something is blocked in the liver. He's itching and tired etc. but not in pain.
  12. I don't like that my father has been in hospital since Sunday last week with Jaundice undergoing tests and awaiting others.
  13. Zico


    Always worth posting what/how you resolved your problem for the next person who searches . Bit of a bug bear for me when people ask for help, find a way to do something but then keep it to themselves.
  14. @Lenny you'll want to find them or check he hasn't eaten them. Chocolate is toxic to dogs.