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  1. Zico

    Things I Don't Like

    In no particular order: I don't like burst radiators and I don't like family.
  2. Zico

    So this happened on the way to work ....

    Yup, and I bet your premiums will be more even for the ST Line when your renewal is next up.
  3. Zico

    So this happened on the way to work ....

    Not tempted to go up to an ST?
  4. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    @TheHusky did you try the update yet?
  5. Zico

    ST180 Green Stuff pads

    Probably need to get pads for mine sometime soon. Have done almost 27,800 on my originals but I'm kind on braking 😁
  6. Zico

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Isn't there a TSB ref for this from Ford Europe? You could take these details in and prove that Ford has acknowledge this is a mechanical fault. I can't recall but isn't there a time within which you could return the vehicle? Might be worth also speaking with your local Trading Standards and see what they can suggest.
  7. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    First off, make sure you have the engine on and running if the update does start. You can do this on your drive to work (radio will play but any Bluetooth connection will drop) as it will take at least 20 minutes, maybe a minute or two more. The usual thing that might occur is that it can't find the install files. As I mention, check the USB stick you're using as that can be part of the problem. Format it to FAT32 and the extracted files should be good. I don't think I've read of any reports of it not working but it's obviously a update at your own risk. I've done two updates from 5.8 to 5.9 and then 5.11 and the only issues I have come across is the odd time the phone sync has had a moment. Simply ended up deleting the phone from the car and re-pairing them both.
  8. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    @TheHusky this is the link to where I uploaded the 5.11 from Ford UK's site. Used the VIN of a 2016 Fiesta Titanium as my own ST VIN reported it didn't need updating. https://files.fm/u/5ktsfgtr If your unit is 1.1 the files should hopefully work ok. Just extract the file to the root of a USB drive. It is compressed with WinRAR so you will need a compatible program that can extract *.RAR files ( 7zip portable will work and you don't need to install the program to use it - https://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/7-zip_portable ). It's also advisable to use a USB 2.0 stick as a few people have had issues with the newer USB 3.0/1 sticks. The upload is set to delete from the 25th September so if anybody needs it after this I will have to re-upload it.
  9. Zico

    Thought I had a broken spring

    Not quite rolling stones 😄
  10. Zico

    So this happened on the way to work ....

    Damn. Glad that nobody was hurt, that's the main thing. Cars can be replaced at least. Did you have GAP insurance?
  11. Zico

    Fiesta door handle fell off.

    Doh! Whoever's in the reflection of the car (top right) seems to having fun. Can't help much personally but there are a few people on the forum that should be able to track if there are any part/s within the handle that might need replacing. Only thing I could suggest is to get down to a breakers yard and see if you can get one off a write off. I presume that you still have the actual handle?
  12. Zico

    AutoBeam LED Upgrade Opinions

    Just recently fitted Autobeam performance LEDs to my ST. Picked up the front & rear indicators (side mirrors were out of stock) and both rear brakes and fog bulb. Didn't get the front fogs but may get them later on when the side mirrors are back in stock. Was going to get the reverse LED bulbs but then found I had a set from CEUK that I had ordered the year before and forgotten about. **Edit** Forgot to say that I also got the number plate LEDs as well. Overall, they are much brighter than standard. I have no previous experience of other LED bulbs on the outside (have OSRAM blue / white LEDs fitted to the interior lights) but a few on the forums have had the previous Autobeam versions. Couple of codes you can use for a discount: Ash12 - 12% iirc Frostyfez - same as Ash12 I think thatfezgal - free shipping but not sure on order value
  13. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    Just fitted the rear fog LED. Light fixture itself was a simply twist and pull but the length of the bulb and holder meant that you need to move the wheel arch liner back. There were two plug/clips in the lower part of the arch that I couldn't get to pull out. A little further up there was a plastic bolt that screwed onto the arch to hold the liner tight (why they couldn't fit this to the lower points I don't know). In the end I simply brute forced the liner back as far as I could so I could get the bulb and holder clear. A lot easier getting the damn LED bulb back in afterwards 😄.
  14. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    @TomsFocus It's just a bulb like the rear brake bulbs. I was also thinking that I might just be able to get underneath the arch and unplug the bulb and swap out. Might try that later.
  15. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    Got the performance bulbs across the board. Definitely brighter compared to the stock (rear brake) / OSRAM diadem (indicator) bulbs I had in beforehand. **Edit** Didn't have stock of the Autobeam reverse LEDs but happened to find that I had a pair of CEUK ones I must have ordered a year ago and not got round to fitting.