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  1. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    @Lenny you've done the same thing as me and read it as 'cows' instead of 'crows' . @jace1969 we've got crows and magpies that frequent the garden and regularly make good on the left over dog biscuits that are usually spread about or in the steel dog bowls. The greedy birds will often take several chunks of biscuit roughly the size of a £2 coin (twice the width) and then come back a few minutes later for more. Definitely clever birds as they'll sit and watch the dogs eat and then come in and take their share when the dogs are finished OR even when they are mid flow, they'll swoop in, grab and run .
  2. Got the same email but even with the supposed 25% off, there are no savings as they hike up the cost with postage and taxes afterwards. This is for the dipped beam H7 LEDs (with caps): Total £58.82 Subtotal £59.90 Discount SHOW25 - £14.97 £14.97 off total order price Shipping £4.90 Taxes £8.99
  3. @zain611 open up the picture of your teacher in one app and snip around his face and copy and paste this onto the other image of the album cover. MS Paint should allow you to do this basically. I did a lot of snips of my bosses face ages ago for his 30th birthday wrapping paper and put his face onto cartoons/tv programs from the early 80's. I used GIMP for this at the time (free image editor software - https://www.gimp.org/ ) but barely remember which of the settings I used for some of the more clever stuff that I did .
  4. I had a slightly different experience before Christmas. Everything was fine until the voice button had a single moment of strange crackle/noise and stopped working. All other buttons on the same pad worked perfectly. I tried to spray some WD-40 Specialist contact cleaner into the button area but it didn't make any difference. Tried resetting, fuse and re-pairing all of which made no difference. In the end I left it until I had my car in for MOT and Service at the beginning of March and asked the Ford garage if they could take a look (expecting a possible new switch to be the problem). Not entirely sure what they did but apparently they 'reset the system' (exactly what I don't know) and it has been working perfectly since.
  5. This annoys me as well. It's present on my Nextbase 512g even with the filtered lens.
  6. @iantt are you being attacked by vehicles at work now as well? Best get the other half to bump up your life insurance soon . P.S. your avatar details still have your Focus listed.
  7. Well I think the Dragon T12 is off the list. At around £200 it's going to be overkill for the kind of intended usage for a home user. The problems with the good old generic Chinese Cree LED torch are that there are about a million to choose from and it will likely take a month to arrive before you know if it's any good or not. I can't remember how much I paid for the Lenser L7 (think it was less than £40) but at least I received it inside of a few days and knew I could return it if it was no good.
  8. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    I do like the Final Score commentary on a black cat on the pitch from the February game between Everton and Wolves
  9. Evening all. Looking for some recommendations for a decent LED torch. I've got an LED Lenser L7 at the moment (uses 3x AAA batteries - eneloop's) which is good but looking for something a bit more powerful and something with better battery power (preferably rechargeable). @Stoney871 would be interested to hear what you use on the job. There is a Police equipment site (that is physically local to where I live) which I've been viewing online: https://www.copshopuk.com/
  10. Still to book my track day and rally day that I purchased last year. Must remember before I forget. Used to do scuba diving when I was younger. Started at ~14 in Cyprus while on holiday and would go diving every summer while on holiday. Didn't dive when back in the UK and eventually ended up stopping after I didn't visit Cyprus for a long time after. Should really look about taking it up again as I have very little hobby/exercise activity other than walking our dogs.
  11. Having to get up and pee multiple times during the night is just a sign of getting old and an enlarged prostate. I'm not there yet but things are creeping up fast. With having Crohn's, I'm only able to say that needing to go more during the night is only a thing for me if I'm either having a flare (mild or otherwise) or if I've eating lots of dairy/high fibre foods (salads) that seem to upset me a little. Try keeping a food diary to see what you eat and what it may have as affect on you.
  12. Had last week off and got next week to come. Having to manage 13 dogs with on and off rain isn't great at the best of times. Just put my bedding in for the second time this week to wash as the ***** eldest Cocker Spaniel decided to come in and head straight for it and covered it with her muddy paws
  13. Delays in picking the car up, stuck trying to get out of the back seats, now injured while cleaning it... think it's the last were going to hear of @iantt as the car is going to finish him off
  14. I think the closest somebody here has said is a Volvo related paint (can't find it at the moment).