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  1. Galaxy Mk3 Fog Light Unit Change

    Hi, Mine blew again on the driver's side the other day and then the headlamp bulb on the same side went too! When removing the headlamp to replace that bulb (2 screws) it revealed the top view of the fog lamp unit allowing me to see the clips to release, in order to allow the fog lamp unit to be removed. Hope that helps. John
  2. Fiesta Brake Problem Spongy And Low Pedal

    It was the Brake Master Cylinder - now replaced and all working as it should do :-) Thanks for all your comments and suggestions John Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Fiesta 2008> Intermittent Brake Pedal Feel Issues

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts and ideas so far. A proper inspection was done on Monday, road roller brake test, water content in brake fluid checked, on ramp inspection etc To clarify, no work has been done on the brakes previously. Thanks again John Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Fiesta 2008> Intermittent Brake Pedal Feel Issues

    Thanks, I saw the abs thing elsewhere too, but not had any work done on brakes. Already been inspected and no visible signs of leaks, they also put it on their MOT brake tester and all individual wheels braking fine. I will mention the abs thing to them as an idea.
  5. Hi, My wife has a 2011 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. On the same journey the brake pedals "feel" changes - sometimes it's normal and then on the next application, it sinks towards the floor and you get very little braking effect - a bit disconcerting! It was serviced in February, the brake fluid level is fine, brakes are fine. it has pads front, drums rear. Independant garage inspected it today, no leaks, brake fluid condition fine, brake efficiency is fine (brake tester/rolling road) - he suspects the brake master cylinder. Anyone experienced similar? Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. John
  6. Fiesta Brake Problem Spongy And Low Pedal

    Hi, Was your car's brake pedal always spongy and low or just sometimes? My wife's got a 2011 Fiesta 1.25. On a journey, sometimes the brakes are fine, other times the pedal sinks with very little braking effect. Brake fluid level is fine, recently serviced, no leaks - independant garage suspects an issue with the brake master cylinder. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance John
  7. Focus 2.0 Tdci Intermittent Starting Issue

    Thought I'd post an update, since cleaning the valve body as described above, touch wood, I've not had any issues since. One, very happy man :-) Thanks to all that helped John
  8. Hello All, Quick Question.

    Hi Paul, What have you got then? An air compressor and a tin of glue/gunk? If so, that's the same as I have on my Galaxy - no spare wheel available as there's no where to fit it, even if i wanted to! As I understand it you connect the glue/gunk to the compressor then re-inflate the tyre. The glue/gunk spreads around the tyre and apparently melts/bonds/glues the tyre and repairs the puncture. Realistically it's only any good for a puncture, but if you have a blow out/tear it may not work very well/at all. I believe you then subsequently need to buy a new tyre as the glue/gunk slowly eats into the tyre. My wife's Fiesta, an 11 plate, has the factory cost option of a full size spare wheel - might be a good idea for you given your daily commute. Can't help with a cost as we bought the car used - speak to a Ford Dealer for the wheel - could just buy a steel as it's a spare and then get a tyre elsewhere. Hope this is of some help. John
  9. 2010 Galaxy - Intermittent Starting Issues

    Hi James, Thanks for the response. It was serviced 2 weeks ago, but it was happening before and happening since. I had another look around the forum after posting this and found a chap in the focus section who had exactly the same issues as me on his 2.0 TDCI focus. As you will/can read there, I've followed his suggestion on what worked for him and cleaned the anti stutter valve assembly and I'm now just waiting to see if it makes any difference or if I need to sand the valve or replace the assembly....... John
  10. Focus 2.0 Tdci Intermittent Starting Issue

    Phew! Just the original issue to worry about then ;-) John
  11. Focus 2.0 Tdci Intermittent Starting Issue

    Latest update, many thanks to Rob for the photos that helped me to locate the turbo pipe and anti shudder valve to inspect. Removed said pipe, found traces of oil at the top of the pipe and bottom of the valve assembly - is that normal? Cleaned it all up, fiddled with the butterfly valve, it felt a bit stiff, but not stuck, it seems like a strong spring, but not sure how easy it should be to move. I gave it a quick squirt of brake cleaner on the pivot point, re-cleaned and re-assembled. Now I just have to wait and see if it's made any difference......either way i'll be checking it again soon to see if the oil has returned. Appreciate any thoughts on the oil front. Thanks John
  12. Focus 2.0 Tdci Intermittent Starting Issue

    Hi Rob, That's brilliant - thank you so much, really appreciate it - I'll try and take a look tomorrow - weather permitting, but in the meantime I now know which one to squeeze if it occurs before i've had a chance to take it apart. Thanks again John
  13. Focus 2.0 Tdci Intermittent Starting Issue

    Hi guys, thank you all for the info and pointers so far - will let you know how I progress. John
  14. Focus 2.0 Tdci Intermittent Starting Issue

    Thanks very much Rob - top chap. Not only would it be too dark, but if it's anything like here, very wet too!
  15. Focus 2.0 Tdci Intermittent Starting Issue

    Thanks Cobalt, I'll have to find out where that is too - another late night of surfing ahead of me!