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  1. Happy Birthday Flashy2t9!

  2. Toyota Supra wide as my mamma

    That looks like a Vielside body kit, am I right? I believe I am! Lol! Not too sure about the alloys though :S Lol!
  3. Ka Performance!

    I know what you mean mate, but there is a place where we are allowed to do stuff like that, to keep us off the roads doing it, the 0-60 bit, I was just curious. I'm not stupid like, I wont be out on the roads raking about in it!
  4. Car Names :P

    My Ka's name is Fabio! Lol! What a name i reckon . . . Lol!
  5. FOC Age group Poll!

    Only 16 : ( but 17 soon can't wait let me tell you!
  6. 1.3 Owners Club!

    Alright people, so I set up a website on the 23/3/09. It's for people who own a 1.3 litre car, if you own a 1.25 you can also join lol! You can register with the site, no spam or unwanted mail is sent to you! All you need is a username, password, email address, date of birth (you can hide your age lol), country and gender! You have a profile which you can edit, you can upload pics of your car, comment on other members profiles, comment on forums and make your own (little like this site) and chat about your cars or about other things! The web address is www.1300ownersclub.webs.com Visit the site, register and sign the guestbook! Thanks to vinnyvangough for giving me the go ahead! Thanks to you aswell!
  7. Ka Performance!

    Just wanting to know a few things about my 2003 Ka . . . Anyone know the expected 0-60? Would she spin the wheels handy enough? Lol! Handbreake any good? The price range for a decent set of alloys? Any good rear lights that don't look tacky? thanks : )
  8. The third question sounds like it is a worn suspension bush, not a big job really, I think my Ka needs new rear bushes as well lol!
  9. Engine warning light on all the time?

    There is a good chance that it is just your Lambda sensor, aka oxygen sensor, that would cause your engine managment light to come on, it's not overly serious, but better to get it fixed, either way you should take it to a garage to get it checked out!
  10. Hey

    Hey, How's everyone! Just joined today actually! I will be driving a 2003 1.3 Ka. I'm only 16 lol, 17 soon though! So yeh, feel free to add me or whatever lol and add me on msn if you want! I'll get some pics of the Ka up soon, haven't got any yet! Lol!
  11. AAAAA yo wdc man

  12. Hello boyo. S'craic!