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  1. Need Code For Cd Player.

    Max has tried the wire coat hanger, and cant get the radio to budge at all. And he is afraid he is going to break it. looks like ill have to pay a garage to do it. How frustrating, when its probly so easy with the code. Grrr
  2. Need Code For Cd Player.

    I dont know . Only had the car a few days x
  3. Need Code For Cd Player.

    Ok thank you ill try that . Thankd
  4. Need Code For Cd Player.

    Pics of my radio. It has 2 holes at either side of radio What tools can I use to go in these holes to remove cd radio from fasia. Ie anything around the house I can improvise with. Thanks
  5. Need Code For Cd Player.

    Hi gang Tried variouse codes, have to keep waiting half an hour to try another code. Im on attemp 7 So probs would be easier to take the cd radio out of its socket and get the m or v serial number and get the code that way But what kind of tool do you use to get the cd player away fom the dash. Ive tried hair clips not working. Its an 6000 rds cd radio Any help appreciated Thanks
  6. HI GUYS were new to this site. Im sarah (saz) and the man who gets his hands dirty fixing the car is max. we live on the wirral in merseyside. i was wondering what meets you have coming up. and are their any members in ch46 or ch44 area. thanks sassy :D
  7. Greetings

    HI im sarah (saz) the driver and max is the fixer IM THE PROUD OWNER OF AN OLD BANGER LOL. A MK 4 FIESTA. hence joining this site, as ther, are bits and bobs we need to do, and need some help and advise. it goes and has 6 months tax and test. problems with door locking, a head light, and a bald tyre, also the spare tyre is the wrong size on the wrong rim. but will get me to the shops and back thanks for having us xxx :)
  8. Head Light Not Working

    Hi guys, new to this forum, ive just brought myself an old run about, few things need attention, but the head light seems to have outwitted max. Headlight on drivers side doesnt work. i took it to halfords got a new bulb and the guy put it in, but still wont work. max has had a look at the wiring and can,t see any breaks in it. replaced fuse as old one had fused, and the new one fused as well that was for the side lights. Its a fiesta t reg mk 4. Any ideas guys as to how to fault find why the head light isnt working. I did buy a haynes manuel, but hasnt helped with this. thanks for any advise xx