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  1. Happy Birthday Hinkko360!

  2. Hid Kit Done...

    Have you got an image of where you've mounted your ballasts? seen so many images of different places where people have mounted theres on there Fiestas but just curious to see where you've put yours :)
  3. New St Clothing Range - What Do You Think?

    That was quick! going to have to buy one on my lunch break :P :D
  4. Free Car Mats

    Yeah you will the only Fiesta models that come with car mats are Titanium, Titanium X and the ST
  5. Clean For A Day :(

    Mines also in need of a serious clean Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. New St Clothing Range - What Do You Think?

    I like the MK7.5 Fiesta ST T Shirts if you add Spirit Blue in the future i will buy one :D
  7. Illuminated Door Scuff Plates

    I had the same problem on mine it went after like 2 or 3 months of owning the car but luckily my local dealer had the part in stock (obviously a common problem) and replaced it while i waiting only took them about 20mins haven't had a problem since :)
  8. St Scuff Plates Half Illumination

    I had this problem with mine on the passenger side went to my local ford dealer who luckily had the replacement part in stock and the fixed it straight a way didn't take them long like 20mins havnt had a problem since
  9. Regenerative Braking

    That's good point would make sense specially for stop start if it isn't on there they should add it to the line up of cars with stop start feature Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Regenerative Braking

    No it doesn't have regenerative braking, its only found in electric of hybrid vehicles it uses the energy created from breaking (which is usually wasted) to help charge the battery in the car :)
  11. My Son's Ordered A Fiesta St3

    ah sweet i didnt no that they came with metal ones now i want to change mine now mine came with the normal black non metal ones
  12. My Son's Ordered A Fiesta St3

    The orange seats with the black looks so nice, i just noticed that your wheels have metal dust caps did they come with the car or did you put them on? :)
  13. Xbox One

    I got an Xbox One looking forward to Forza Horizon 2 this week safe to say social life will be going out the window come Friday :D
  14. yeah same as me, i got a good deal from there for mine aswell there a good dealer much better then a few I've been to before bought my past 2 cars from Dinnages :)
  15. seen few other people on here from Sussex but your the first with an ST, im in Brighton did you get your ST from Dinnages?