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  1. sorry to hear the leak is back PAPUMA. I've been waiting for a dry day (ha ha) to get the bumper off and have a look at those vents. I've managed to acquire one new one already - the part number (in case anyone needs it) is: 2U5AB280B63AA. I think the vent is used in the Fiesta as well and amusingly, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage....don't think I'll be going to the Aston dealership for a replacement though! I'll try and take some pics when i do replace the vent and post those too.
  2. @minimadgriff - Cheers - will try removing them internally first and report back. Have emailed a couple of spare parts suppliers to see if I can locate the part number and the parts. @PAPUMA - did you use normal silicon sealant or the non-silicon gunk that windscreen fitters use? I did read that silicon can cause rust problems - although that's the least of my worries with 2" water in the boot!
  3. Aha - cheers for that. It has led me to this thread: Would appear the bumper needs to be removed to take these vents out. First I'll try and source some replacement vents and then I'll feedback when fitted. I may also take artscot79's advice and fashion a few drain holes too while the bumper is off......... Right - off to find some parts......
  4. That is a really helpful thread - many thanks. I did have the tail lights off and there was a lot of wet leaf debris above the screw hole that I cleared out but didn't seal the hole so will try that. In fact - I'll try sealing all the areas and see how I go. I'll report back if successful or otherwise.....I fear it may be otherwise. I'm still confused by this 'vent flap sticking open' issue mentioned in some forums - as you can see in my pics earlier I have no flap over that 10cm square hole - should there be? Or is that not the vent / flap people talk about? Any pics on this would be really helpful. Sorry to bang on about this. It's a real shame about this problem as I have a real fondness for my old Focus - I've been maintaining it to pass onto my son for his first / learner car so it would be a pity if I was defeated by this problem. Will keep the thread updated if I find a magic bullet.
  5. Thanks for the reply and great to hear as I've already sourced some seats and door cards on a well known auction site. Hadn't thought about the aerial end - doh! Will check that. Cheers Now if I could only fix the leaky boot (me and many others)
  6. Hi - thanks for the fast reply reply....and apologies for appearing thick but.....are you saying the 10cm square hole is the vent? If yes, it doesn't appear to have any flap on it - that black plastic piece by the wire is the wrong shape to fit over the gap? Or is it the smaller hole in the previous posters pics? I'm starting to get the strong feeling that dealing with the Ford boot leak problem is more of a fix the symptoms rather than the cause scenario!!
  7. I have a different but related problem: Behind each carpet trim on the right and left hand side of the boot - there is a square gap in the body work about 10cm square as shown in the pic. If I put my hand inside there is a pool of water in there and I assume when I go round a corner, or it reaches above the bottom lip of the hole, the water spills into the boot area. At the weekend I found 2" of water in the spare wheel well. So two questions: 1. Any ideas where this water is getting into the gap between the inner shell of the boot and the outer skin of the car? 2. Lots of websites talk about a 'vent' sticking open allowing water ingress - I assume this isn't the vent? if not, does anyone have any pics of what this vent looks like? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi - I've got a few questions and didn't know whether to start separate threads or one - so went for one to reduce the annoyance factor! 1. Seats: I want to replace the existing seats with leather. Can I drop in seats from a 2001 pre-facelift 5 door hatch? 2. Doorcards? Are they easy to replace? 3. Radio - I replaced the Ford radio with a Sony Xplod setup but the quality of the radio signal was very poor? Any ideas why? I used the correct cable convertors and the aerial lead was plugged directly into the back of the xplod unit? Any advice on any of the above greatly received. Thanks