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  1. I´m retrofitting a microphone to my MK7 Fiesta, but I´ve managed to loose the screws for the trim panel around the interior light. Does anyone know the size and type of screws for the trim panel?
  2. Mk7 Heater Controls

    Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow.
  3. Mk7 Heater Controls

    Did you figure it out? Was stupid enough to do same thing while looking for something else.
  4. Newbie! Fitting The Bluetooth Head Unit?

    So, I now have all the parts. I was wondering if there is some drawings, diagrams and/or pictures on how the wiring loom is supposed to be connected, I'm having trouble figuring out where the extension loom from the mic is supposed to be connected. And also, how much of the interior panels do I have to remove to get the new wiring in, and do the need to remove some of the old?
  5. Bluetooth Bits

    Do you mind posting a pic of the loom extension for the mic? I have bought all the parts, but I believe I'm missing that one. I might buy that one if you are able to ship it to Norway (and it's the right part)?
  6. Newbie! Fitting The Bluetooth Head Unit?

    Ok, so I have managed to get all the parts, except the wiring. Will get that from Ford next week. The problem I have is with the new display, it won't turn on. It might be faulty, but scrapyard I bought it from said it was working, so I choose to trust them on that for now. The connection is the same as on the old one, so I'm wondering if I need to update the software first to get it to work? I don't know if it might be some issues with compability (the old and the new headunit are early 2010 while the display is late 2010)?
  7. Newbie! Fitting The Bluetooth Head Unit?

    I'm still waiting on the parts, will give an update when I have everything. I have some problem finding the the right BT-module here in Norway. All the parts I've ordered are from early 2010 (same with the car), but modules I have found so far are from newer cars.
  8. Connects2 Autodab

    Have anyone here tried to install one of these? I ordered one through my Ford dealer, and was trying to get it installed yesterday. The problem is the space behind the radio itself, or the lack of it... I´m wondering if it´s possible to install without removing anything or cutting holes to make it fit? I suppose I need to install the dab-box itself in the hidden compartment below the radio, but I need to make some bigger holes to get all the wires through. My biggest problem is the cable that I need to connect to the screen. With it in place, I´m unable to install the screen again without putting the cable behind the screen on top of the dashboard, and doing so would make impossible to get the trim panel back in place. I guess it´s possible to cut away some of the panel behind the screen, but if it´s not necessary, I like to avoid that. Unfortunately, the user guide and the instruction video seems to be for the Focus, so that one did not give me much help. The good ting is that everything is working, so I just need to figure out how to make room for everything back there.
  9. Newbie! Fitting The Bluetooth Head Unit?

    I was looking some used car parts here in Norway and I think I can get the screen, head unit and the module for about £150. So now I only need the part numbers for all the required wiring plus the mic if you could help me with that. Thanks for your reply btw
  10. Newbie! Fitting The Bluetooth Head Unit?

    I talked to a friend of mine who is able to order the parts from Ford (in Norway), but we need the part numbers for the parts required so I would be thankful if anyone could provide them to me. At least I can get an idea of the total cost, and if it´s worth it or not. I have considered the Parrot device mentioned earlier in this thread, but it would be nice to have it original...
  11. Newbie! Fitting The Bluetooth Head Unit?

    Well, basically everything. I only have the basic stereo with AUX. So I believe I need all the parts you listed earlier in this thread.
  12. Newbie! Fitting The Bluetooth Head Unit?

    I´m considering doing the same with 2010 Fiesta. The problem I have is finding the parts required. I have located some of the parts on ebay, but not all of them yet. Is there any sites worth looking at for finding these parts? Thanks