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  1. Fiesta Powershift 1.0 Or 1.6

    What a shame, Traded mine in yesterday for a toyota hybrid estate as i needed a bigger car. It was immaculate 64 plate 1.0L Titanium x with body kit a Zetec s grills. Advertised it on here but no response. I didn't have any of the issues others had, it wasn't perfect but still pleasant enough to drive. Saying that the Hybrid Toyota Auris i have bought is a revelation. Fully auto petrol hybrid size of a mondeo but returning over 60mpg and zero tax and got every extra i could think of as standard..
  2. arrived at dealer

  3. Pcp

    sorry 11,000 need something bigger now to carry some work related gear in...would have gone for a bigger ford but not over keen on the powershift and i want to stick with an auto. The Renault EDC box seems much better.
  4. Pcp

    I purchased my fiesta in sept 2014 brand new and took out a 2 year pcp plan. When discussing it with the salesman he said that generally at the end of the term there is normally around £1000 equity in the car over the final guaranteed value and probably would be slightly more for mine as i had extras on it. Well including interest etc i will pay £16,695 for the car, a powershift 1L ecoboost titanium x with full body kit and zetec s front grills and spoiler all fitted by ford. I know it was around £3000 under list cash price and remember someone on here paying that much more for the same spec just after i bought mine. I am thinking about part exchanging it now and although the dealership i enquired at commented that it was in showroom condition and under 11.000 on the clock (there is not a mark on it and still has the original plastic coverings over sill plates) i was shocked that it is apparently only worth £8500 against a £17,500 car. Less than a month ago i was told it was worth £9500 and i owed £8690. Now my concern is that it has plummeted so quick in value what is it going to be worth by Sept 2016 when the final Guaranteed value is £7674. The dealer today has said that they may consider raising the offer slightly to cover what i owe now which for some reason has gone up to £8735 this month. Would i be wise to get rid now. I know the final value is guaranteed even if the car is worth less but i believe that only works if i'm trading in for another Ford and i'm going over to a Renault.The annoying thing is that i saw an older zetec in the dealer selling at £10.000. Surely my car must be worth more than that..
  5. Battery Drain

    Thanks for the info Chaps, Yes there is a software update for this problem, it takes 15 mins to complete and i'm booked in to my dealer next Monday. This must be a very new as the service dept were unaware of it but after checking their system they confirmed one had been issued and in time all customers affected will be notified.
  6. Battery Drain

    i come out the other morning to find my car absolutely dead. I had to use the emergency key to get in and couldn't find anything obvious to solve the mystery of why the battery had flattened. Called out the AA and he also couldn't find the problem but did say that this was happening to alot of new fiestas with one owner local to me having 4 call outs for the same reason in a very short time. My question is, has anyone else had this problem at all? since recharging i haven't had the problem again, YET!! i must admit that it wasn't something i had recently thought about but what a pain when this happens to a powershift model as you physically cant do anything with it at all.
  7. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Am i right in assuming that these problems seem to be only affecting the 1.6 and not the 1.0 ecoboost powershift.
  8. Private Number Plate

    The retention fee of £80 is applicable if you want to maintain ownership of a registration number but not use it on a vehicle & is valid for 10 years & renewable at no cost Not according to my wife's experience with the DVLA. She had it on retention and the cost was £105, she didn't put it on her new car for a year and was told she had to either put it on the new car or pay another £105 for a further 1 YEAR retention or lose it. This was 6 months ago.
  9. Powershift Owners

    Jonny I'm glad to see that you rate the Renault EDC. The one i test drove seemed far superior to the ford but alot of reviews i have seen, seem to say the opposite rating the powershift the better box..Still i will find out next month when i switch to the Clio myself.
  10. Powershift Owners

    To be fair i have never had any juddering and 80% of the time the powershift has been fine but after a couple of scary moments of power loss and sticking in gear, it has unnerved me a bit, and talking to ford only yesterday i was told that they recognise there are still a couple of problems with powershift and are working on a firmware update to solve them. it seems that power loss and missing gears seems to be the main source of complaints. As for putting it in neutral i was told this time that there was no official recommendation from ford concerning that practice.
  11. Powershift Owners

    This is what i was told by a ford dealer when i bought the car, is this incorrect then?
  12. Powershift Owners

    I put my car in for it's first year service yesterday and was told that although i have had a couple of peculiar issues with the box over the year which i asked them to check, there were no faults showing up and the driver told me it was one of the best he had driven. I was told that they are still having problems with these boxes around 13-14k with the clutches being shot to pieces but put this down to owners continually leaving it in drive while at a standstill. I was told when i bought the car that i should always put it into neutral when at a standstill at lights etc which i have done religiously but wondered if this was general advice given out by all dealers. I am trading it in next month for a Clio EDC and will carry on this practice but Renault tell me that once you touch the brake on the Clio it disengages the clutch anyway so shouldn't have to do it. Is this not the case with the powershift then?
  13. The Ecoboost Powershift - A Little Jerky

    Mine is also the 1.0 ecoboost powershift model and I have had a couple of issues with it where it sometimes has a mind of it's own. Find it impossible to drive at 30 mph as it constantly changes up and down and cant make up it's mind. I did have an issue with power lag when slowing down and pulling away again and this almost on one occasion caused an accident but ford reset whatever they reset and it seems to have cured that. Something happened today that was strange though, i was turning right and as i turned and went to accelerate the box decided to stick in first , the rev counter went into the red the car lurched forward and almost put me into the car in front. It suddenly changed and was then fine from then on. The car is going in for it's first service next week and i have mentioned these problems which shall become someone else's in October as i am trading it in for a Renault.
  14. Fiesta Ecoboost - First Service

    I have my 1L ecoboost booked in for it's first service on Sept 3rd at the main dealer i bought it from. i was quoted £195 but said as i was trading it in a month later i was not going to get it done so they immediately dropped the price to £125. i am still having it done just incase the new car falls through and i want my warranty still valid on the fiesta.
  15. Depreciation

    If anyone wants my Fiesta they can have it for £11.000 and that includes the first year service that it is booked in for on the 3rd Sept and fully valeted If your interested or want more info please message or ring me on 07813 374482 or email me on racered64@gmail.com