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  1. My Ford Focus Is Idle Revving At 4000 Rpms?

    I'd be interested in hearing how this turns out Mat! I've got a 1.8L Petrol too, thought they were pretty good engines, Ford built, chain driven, reasonable capacity.. when I started reading the original post I was like ohhh noes!!! I hope this doesn't happen to me :P Look forward to hearing how you've got on mate! toptoe
  2. Thanks a lot guys for all your contributions, I really do appreciate it. I took the car to a dealer and they've ran it through some diagnostics and found that they did indeed need to get behind the interior light fitting, beneath the aerial because the earth strip which completes the return path for the heated front windscreen circuit, is accessed there. They said that sometimes the technician hasn't wired up the earth to the interior light but in this case the technician wired up the new heated windscreen fine, but resulted in damaging the interior light. I've had a new interior light fitted and it works fine. Cheers guys! :D
  3. Hi Guys, Today I went to AutoGlass with my Mk2.5 2008 Ford Focus Zetec and had a replacement windscreen fitted under my insurance. After they fitted the new windscreen I noticed the interior lights were no longer working as they should be. At first I was glad to hear they'd be fitting a "like-for-like" windscreen and I would still have my heated clear screen option on the front. I waited almost three hours for the result and at first glance I thought they did a good job. As soon as I got in the car however, my judgement of their workmanship changed, I noticed the interior light was in the center position, only switching on when the doors (or bonnet?) are open.. what was odd about this, was with all the doors closed and the hood latched into place properly, the light would stay on. Before the windscreen replacement, this feature worked perfectly fine. So before I left I wanted the guy to look at it, he dismounted the interior light fitting, which he admitted he needed to do as part of the replacing of the windscreen procedure. His professionalism suddenly broke down at this point and he just gazed at the light, baffled. Having spent some time reading forums via google i've found that the bonnet can trigger the interior lights to come on, if the car thinks the bonnet is open? The interior light, looks perfectly fine and when he dismounted it, it looked fine. So now I only have two settings - ON, or OFF.. Any ideas guys? If I turn the engine on, the dash doesn't tell me any doors are open. I've lifted the bonnet and dropped it shut again securely and that doesn't resolve it either. Thanks, toptoe