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  1. Hey Guys, I just bought the montar car mount holder and I put it on the windsheild. It's a bit far from me and when I'm driving in order to touch the phone I need to move forward which is dangerous during driving. I have the multimedia big screen on my fiesta. How can I dial to poeple or answer phone calls in the most secure and easy way? maybe blutooth or whatever. Waitng for your feedback guys! Thanks a lot appriciated
  2. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    Guys what do you suggest? I can't use Brodit :(
  3. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    Mate! One question please. Is the mount for the nexus 5 is good also for a nexus 5 with the bumper case? it will slightly more thicker.. Thanks, Amit.
  4. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    They don't have the nexus 5 mount. Too bad in the end my purchase didn't came through. So if you have other places I can order this two parts It will be awesome guys! Thanks :)
  5. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    Wow it's amazing mate! Thanks a lot for your effort :)
  6. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    Ok I've found one and made the order for both parts- the mount and the nexus 5 holder. Could you please work on the guide? :) Thanks!
  7. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    bummer can't order from amazon- I'm from Israel :( Looked in ebay and found this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brodit-ProClip-Ford-Fiesta-Bj-09-14-Left-Mount-804253-/221438559233?pt=Konsolen_Halter&hash=item338ec44401 which they don't ship to Israel :(
  8. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    Thanks Mate I really appreciate this.
  9. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    !Removed! ... thanks for the effort mate but I couldn't seem to understand that well. I lost you in the part you said to tear apart the 12v to USB connector. Would highly appreciate if you can make a guide for me with pictures. I've looked for ages for a nice solution to my problem and what you suggested rocks!! Also the location of the phone, it's ideal where you suggested. I didn't quite understood yet from where the charging cable will come out in order to connect to the phone for charging while on the mount holder. Thanks a lot mate! ​appreciated!
  10. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    It looks amazing mate. I use nexus 5 with a bumper case, Will it fit? Also, Regarding the following item: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Brodit-804253-Proclip-Mount-Fiesta/dp/B004B1Z6EY/ref%3Dsr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1401191493&sr=8-3&keywords=brodit+fiesta It's written that it's good for 9-10 fiesta. Is it good also for the 2014 model? Most important, How do you charge your phone during driving? The lighter placement is horrible and makes it hard for me to drive using a manual transmission gear. Thanks a lot you guys!
  11. Nexus 5 Car Mount Holder

    Hey All, I am a proud owner of the Ford Fiesta 1.25L Manual Transmittion. I have the nexus 5 with a regular bumper case. I want to buy a car mount holder for my Fiesta. I've noticed the fiesta has a slight curved windshield and regular car mount holders are blocking the view. Furthermore, The lighter exit is in a place so when I connect the charger from there to the windshield It will make it hard for me to use the manual transmission gear. Would highly appreciate if you can suggest me a good nice car mount holder for the fiesta- one that won't block the view will be not too expensive. Furthermore, How do you suggest for me to charge my phone without interrupting me to drive using the manual transmittion gear? Can I charge the phone without cable here? Thanks a lot you guys! :)
  12. Lights In Summer

    and if i'm on the 2nd mode? I don't have lights on the front. Isn't that ok?
  13. Lights In Summer

    Hey Guys, Summer is starting here. I have the Ford Fiesta 2014 MT 1.25L It's a very basic model. On the lights area in the left side of the steering wheel, I can see there are 3 modes. In the summer I don't need any light working, Not on the front and not on the behind when driving in day light. Which mode should I choose? When I'm on the most left one, Still there are lights on the front. Thanks in advance.
  14. Defrost Steam On The Front Windshield

    Guys ... I look on different cars when I have steam on my windshield. Other cars don't have!!! WTF ... Maybe I have humidity or something in my car. How do I fix this please? How can I make my car produce less steam on the windsheild :(
  15. Defrost Steam On The Front Windshield

    Thanks a lot you guys! :) helped me