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  1. Ford Pics

    :) Hi fellas, cant tell you a lot a bout the lovely granada.I asked a guy about the owner and he said he was gone for tea,so that was that. The event was at the home and motor show and it took pace in the north west of Ireland at the I.t Sligo. btw there will be more shows so if i come across it again il let you know the info.
  2. Ford Pics

    Thought i'd share a few pics i took today
  3. Irish Newbie!

    Hi Niall welcome to the forum, we are on the same little island, a bit up the road from you tho :) .
  4. Oil Suction Pump.

    Hi,does anyone know would this be alright for the Focus. http://www.lidl.ie/cps/rde/SID-D10A1E85-11460D59/www_lidl_ie/hs.xsl/Offers.htm?action=showDetail&id=3694
  5. Can You See Your Car On Google Earth?

    Funny, i was looking for my house, came across it alright but it was my old car that was outside the house and sure enough that is close to 3 years ago, so google haven't been down here in a while also :(
  6. Fuel Addative.

    Cheers for the link John, great forum this :)
  7. Fuel Addative.

    Very Grateful to you both for that, good info there,Cheers :)
  8. Fuel Addative.

    Hi, can anybody recommend a fuel cleaner for my 08,diesel focus zetec 1.6 tdci please.
  9. Timing Belt.1.6 Diesel

    Hi, does anyone know when does a timing belt be changed on a 2008 ford focus 1.6 diesel tdi zetec??. Thanks
  10. Timing Belts.

    :( The deal did not happen so on the focus hunt again.
  11. Timing Belts.

    Yes Mick i'm considering putting that to him tomorrow night to pull back the price of it. He has it only 5 months but he said that he has the full service history but i'd like to know as much as possible a bout it before i meet him tomorrow night. BTW i did a car history check on it, and it's mint, but i don't know any thing really about the service maintenance as i'm just after selling my RX8 and i'm raw to these diesel engines.
  12. Timing Belts.

    Thank's for the reply.That's what the guy said, wet belts and that it could cost 800 euro,but my worry is, should it have being done already or is it at 125,000 miles.And of course the price as i cant afford to get to much done on it for a while after i buy it.
  13. Timing Belts.

    Well all how's things. Going to look at a 2008 ford Focus zetec 1.8 tdci import from nothern ireland tommorow and wondering about the timing belt.It has 114,000 miles and he told me the belt has not been changed. My question is, should it have being changed already and if not when and how much as i heard there is different belts for different model years. Thank's as this would be really helpfull
  14. Hi from sligo,going to look at a focus tomorrow so looking to learn lots of you guys. :)