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  1. Fixed Under Warranty?

    My last car was 25 years old and had no AC, I thought my days of heat stroke in the car were behind me!
  2. Fixed Under Warranty?

    It works properly in as much as it will blow out of all vents but whereas you'd expect it to blow warmish air with AC off and cold air with AC on, all I get is warmish air whether AC is on or off You normally hear the AC activate or revs drop etc but there is nothing now Don't want to miss the 3 or 4 hot days this summer with no AC :)
  3. Fixed Under Warranty?

    I've got a 2 month old Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost titanium x and just in time for summer the aircon is broken. I used to be able to hear it (like a quiet darth vader breathing) but now there is nothing and there is no difference in temperature when the aircon is on or off. I called the local dealer to get it booked in and they quoted me 3 weeks before they could see it! A dealer 5 miles away can see me in 12 days time which is still pretty poor. Presumably this will be fixed free of charge under warranty? Does anyone have experience of how long it will take? Will they likely do it quickly or will I be without my car for a week? Not impressed with my first taste of service from the new car
  4. Ford Sync Problem On New Fiesta

    Well not brilliant news but can work around it at least, really appreciate your quick responses!
  5. Ford Sync Problem On New Fiesta

    That's annoying! But makes total sense If I bought a sat nav and connected it via Bluetooth would I have the same problem?
  6. My new fiesta titanium x arrived today and I've loved the 200 miles I've driven in it. The ecoboost engine really is brilliant! The only issue I have is with ford sync... I've connected my iPhone 5 on iOS 7 to Bluetooth and am able to make calls, listen to music from my phone etc. If I use google maps as a sat nav then the navigation voice cuts in automatically through the car speakers - great If however I listen to the radio then there is no sound from google maps navigation. If I turn the radio off and listen to music from my phone again then the sound works fine Is there a workaround to this?
  7. Your Experience In Buying A Brand New Fiesta

    Thanks mate! Very excited... I used carwow and the best quote I got was from a dealer near Leeds, I went back and forth with emails to them and they said it would be a 12-14 week wait for the model I wanted, but there was a model already built that had the same spec but in a different colour. I went with it and will have the car in early March (around a month wait), it's not pre-reg I'll be the first owner
  8. Your Experience In Buying A Brand New Fiesta

    Phew - accepted! New fiesta 1.0 ecoboost titanium x in moondust silver on its way :-)
  9. Your Experience In Buying A Brand New Fiesta

    My experience is nerve wracking so far... I went with carwow which is brilliant, you tell them what you want and on your online dashboard main ford dealers offer you a price. The price offered was the cheapest from anywhere including DTD and the advantage is knowing where the dealer is. The bad thing is that my ford options finance request has been referred, meaning I wasn't automatically excepted. Have good credit and was accepted for a mortgage 6 months ago but ford ask you for your addresses over the last 5 years (more detail than my mortgage provider wanted!) and I have a lot of addresses (5). Hopefully I'll be accepted, fingers crossed
  10. New Fiesta Pcp Question

    Great thanks for the info Looks like I'll be able to knock off a reasonable sum from the list price this time, am I likely to be in a worse bargaining position next time? Or will the dealer competition still be a plus? If I'm likely to pay close to list price in 2 years then I might be better off getting a 3 year deal even though interest rates are worse
  11. New Fiesta Pcp Question

    I went to test drive a a new Fiesta last week and was shown a bottom of the range one and a top of the range Focus. I had a drive of the Focus and loved it but would really like to go back and try out a top spec Fiesta as that's really the car i've got in mind (Titanium X, 1.0 Ecoboost). So fingers crossed I like the test drive, no reason why I wouldn't as the same engine in the focus seemed great (I think the salesman just wanted to sell me a Focus). Anyway back on track...the model I want is coming in at £17,740. I've called a couple of local Ford dealers and the best price I've been offered is £15,890. However I've been offered £14,913 from a dealer miles away and I'm waiting on a price from drivethedeal which I expect will be cheaper still. So the question is, if I go for PCP over 24 months, what happens at the end of the term? I know I can hand the car back, buy it (for about £7,800) or swap it for another but am I limited to where I can do this? For example can I swap the car for another PCP deal at a different Ford dealer to the one I bought from? I'd pay a small premium to deal locally but not £1,000 more. Does anyone have experience with trading in one PCP car for another? Am I likely to find it difficult to get discount on the next car in 24 months time? Thanks Simon