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  1. Handbrake Problem

    Cheers ScaniaPman. It's definitely a handbrake issue. I leave my car in gear for days without the handbrake on and there's no problems, it's only when my handbrake has been on there's an issue
  2. Handbrake Problem

    Cheers. Thanks for that. Like i said i know it's not the cable as that has been thoroughly inspected. To be honest i darent leave the handbrake on anymore just in case it won't pop. I do reverse in my drive and apply reverse gear because i park on a down slope. I'll wait til next week when my mate strips it down.
  3. Handbrake Problem

    Hi Folks. I'm having a problem all of a sudden with my handbrake. It's only when it's been left engaged overnight. My rear passenger wheel is stuck and sometimes I have to drive about 100 yards up the street before it pops. May I add the handbrake works fine whilst driving, it engages fine, no need to use force when applying the handbrake and it holds well, it's just when it's been parked for 6 hours onwards. Had it MOT'd and serviced and pre-warned them about the handbrake issue but was told the handbrake cable is fine and they couldn't see any other problems. This is again probably because the car hadn't been parked for several hours so the handbrake was fine during the MOT and service. I even returned the car to have the handbrake checked again and they still said they couldn’t see a problem. My mate is going to look at it next week and he says it might be the caliper but any help would be great. Any ideas Folks. Regards, Steve Ford Focus Style 2008 1.6 TDCi
  4. Hi There exponential. I hope you never went through with having your DPF removed because from the 1st of this month (February 2014) any car that's had it's DPF removed will fail it's MOT and wont be passed until it's been replaced. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/consumer-news/84818/mot-test-fail-dpf-removal Regards Steve