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  1. How Long Have You Owned A Ford?

    I have never had a ford before my focus. Always loved jap cars like the mr2, celica and 300zx. Since getting the focus thou, cant fault the drive, reliability and feel to the car. Had the car now just under a year by the way ;)
  2. Hello All

    I wish you a very warm welcome ;)
  3. focus zetec issue

    Tricky one <_< I know the focus has a history of dial problems, I have yet to have any (touch wood) but maybe this could be the start of it? maybe someone with more knowledge could confirm ;)
  4. FOC Stickers and merchandise

    Sounds good mate, especially stickers ;)
  5. Formula 1 '09

    What a race that was, chuffed that button won it, would be good to see button and lewis fight it out for the title :D or maybe that would be wishful thinking lol
  6. Fuse box cover.

    Mine is like yours mate, so I would say that it is supposed to be how it is. But maybe others could comment?
  7. Formula 1 '09

    Gutted I missed the qualifying session, totally slipped my mind Cant believe Button is on pole thou thats just plain crazy but good !!!
  8. Rust starting door bottoms, Ford warranty?

    Same here mate, I approached mine regarding the rust on the door sills and boot lip, they didnt want to know... especially when they realised I had no service history with the car
  9. focus central locking not working

    Thats a shame mate that its not simly a fuse. I had to replace my passenger side mechanism not cheap from dealer, I ended up getting it from a local breakers.
  10. focus central locking not working

    Hi mate, I had similar problem. Found out the fuse had blown. If you look under passenger side dash it is located there. You will have to remove the container that holds your stuff in the dash. Then work the fuse box down to the floor, that bit is a bit of a struggle and can be a pain in the !Removed!, but you should be fine. Then just a simple matter of changing the fuse ;) It would be a good idea to not put it back to its original place for a day or two incase the fuse goes again... which happened to me so to save you the hassle I would put it back to its home after a couple of days just incase the fuse does go later that day or following day. If it does go then it suggests one of your remote central locking mechanisms is faulty, which happened to me. Hope this helps :D
  11. Toyota Supra wide as my mamma

    Nice car there mate, love the supra's. I once came close to buying one myself but opted for the nissan fairlady 300zx :) May look into getting one in the future thou, turbo all the way :D
  12. Tyre Pressure

    I have never really bothered about looking into what tyre pressure my focus should be def going to have to check it out especially if it improves mpg ;)
  13. Well hello...

    Many thanks for the warm welcome ;)
  14. Car Names :P

    I call mine big fella ;)