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  1. Ok checked the small earth lead, it seems to be on there tightly, and from what I can see the cable is in good condition
  2. Is this easy enough to sort out
  3. Ok one update. It was a battery issue and I replaced with a new battery and everything was sorted. My ex has been using it and everything has been working fine but it has just started doing it again. She has used the car today and just went out to use it and it has started again. Any suggestions? She can't guarantee she didn't leave any lights on but I doubt she did
  4. I have tried both keys, neither cranks just clicks. I suspect it could be a battery or fuse issue. The garage who changed the engine over are taking it back in as the problem started there. I don't know if it would be a dodgy earth connection somewhere
  5. If it was I am willing to give this a try, be fantastic if it is only this
  6. The lights in the car are working fine and there is no dimness there. Did the clicking originate from the glove box? I have never heard it before. Was the immobiliser light on as well?
  7. Im not sure. It has not been jumped and was running fine at the garage when they used it, however it was sitting for over a month and not being used. It did start when I went to use it, but this was before everything got disconnected and new engine was fitted,
  8. apologies if this is in the wrong section, again any help would be appreciated
  9. Hi all, I have recently had a new engine fitted on my Fiesta. It was leaking compression, and rather than take the head off I managed to get a replacement engine for a good price with fitting. When I collected it from the garage on Tuesday, it took a few times to get the car to start, as the immobilizer light kept flashing. I made sure to turn the car off and on again a few times to make sure that it was working fine. Today however, the same issue again. The car will not start and I can hear a clicking sound coming from around the glove compartment. I have monitored the flashes and it seems that the code is 11, I could be wrong though. If you guys have any suggestions that would be fantastic - I thought these cars were really reliable but have had to pay out crap loads since I bought it. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I should also add it sometimes flashes EAC failure as well.
  10. Hello All

    Bought an 02 Fiesta in November, lovely car just think I have had one which likes to cause people problems. Looking to start some mechanic courses for my own benefit, like tinkering with cars and feel great when I manage to fix something or change without the need for professional help.