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  1. S Badge For Grill, Zetec S

    Yeah probably just unlucky, will have to try some adhesive
  2. S Badge For Grill, Zetec S

    Okay I will look about doing that WelshFordFan, and CookieM that's how I had it on maybe it was the the heat from the engine warming up the glue? Or it was quite hard rain I was driving in so might be that?
  3. S Badge For Grill, Zetec S

    I brought one of the S badges for my 14 plate Zetec S and I only had it on a week before during a 600mile trip it came off somewhere on the drive! So can anyone give me any tips to help secure it more without cutting up the grill?
  4. Cleaning/ Polishing Car?

    So I'm picking up my car tomorrow and was just wondering what are the best products to keep it nice and clean and shiny! First car so new to this.
  5. DMB Gel Overlays

    Cheers I did look on that category but it weren't there??? Ordered now so it's all good!
  6. DMB Gel Overlays

    I meant the s badge at the bottom if the steering wheel, cheers anyway though!
  7. DMB Gel Overlays

    Can anybody tell me where you get the a badge for the steering wheel?
  8. I know this has been on here before but I can't find it again, can someone send me a link for there opinion on the best Red led lights which will fill the footwell the best please?
  9. DMB Gel Overlays

    Yeah I think you do, not 100% sure though
  10. DMB Gel Overlays

    Seemed like a nice little gadget to have in my opinion :)
  11. DMB Gel Overlays

    Damian , I ordered a red zetec s with privacy glass, sat nav, keyless entry and 17" alloys. And I'm picking it up next Saturday!!! Can't wait!!
  12. DMB Gel Overlays

    Can someone tell me the size of the wheel overlays I need for a mk7.5 Zetec S?
  13. And what about a comfortable speed to sit at without too high revs in 5th? Cause I'm driving Germany and just wondering what to expect to be doing on auto bahn :D
  14. How close to the 120mph ford claim the 1.0T can do, has anyone pushed there car anywhere close to that? And what top speed would you say the engine is comfortable sitting at? Thanks in advance
  15. Zetec S Ordered!

    Greenhouse28. Do you have any options in your car? Because I ordered 16th Jan, and still no build date or delivery date, all I've been told is firsts 2 weeks of April!! But I do have sat nav, privacy glass, keyless entry and 17" alloys so I know it takes longer but still no would expect dates as most of you are getting them?