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  1. The more I see this new focus the more I like it. I do think I’d have to remove F O C U S from the boot though, not keen on how much of the rear end it takes up. I’ll have to get a few years out of my current one though before I go looking at one.
  2. We’ve fitted plenty of Gates kits at work, never had a problem yet. I don’t know what ford used originally, possibly continental, but other makes you could look at are Dayco and INA, both come fitted from new on some cars.
  3. My focus does this sometimes, not often but it’ll reset to auto, the fan will go half to full blast and the temp goes to 22. I wondered if it was something like a glitch with the sync 2 seeing as that controls the climate as well, but I guess yours has sync 3 so probably not.
  4. Yeah, if yours has the mostly white lights with a honey comb pattern inside it’s the facelift the pre facelift had white indicators and the rest of the unit was red. Just happen to have a set in the sale section. Had them fitted to my previous car but took them off when it went. Link to lights
  5. Physically the lights will fit, but the wiring is different. The mk2 has two plugs which attach onto the bulb holders, whereas the mk2.5 has a loom attached to the bulb holders that goes in behind the carpet in the boot. What you really want is a set of RS/ST led lights that’ll plug straight into your mk2.5 and get them smoked. I just so happen to have a set going spare.😁
  6. @TomsFocus ahh, well that’s reassuring. It just crossed my mind a couple of times when I haven’t pushed the pedal right down to the floor and the car told me to press the clutch.
  7. I’ve recently pondered, if the clutch pedal switch does go wrong, how do you start a car with push button start. Should I be carrying a spare switch in the car with me just in case, or is there a fail safe? Brake light switches stop working and you end up with no brake lights, so I assume the clutch switch works on the same principle. Should be easy enough to change, usually just twist to remove.
  8. Well I’ve seen parts of these engines with the Peugeot, Citroen and Ford logos on, but never Renault. The 1.5 from what I’ve read is an 8 valve engine and actually a progression from the earlier 1.4, whereas the 1.6 is a 16 valve engine.
  9. I haven’t had a good look into this subject although it is something I’ve thought about. I think the actual valve is electronically operated though, I’ve seen the valve without the cooler listed on eBay (see link below). I don’t know what the vacuum operated valve does, but the hose that goes to it appears to be the one on the air filter box just before the air flow sensor. When I had my air box out to change the battery, I forgot to reconnect the hose, and it didn’t seem to make any difference at all, it was off for a month or so and I only realised when I opened the bonnet. I have seen where the unit is on the engine though and I wouldn’t fancy trying to remove it.🤯 EGR valve
  10. Have you got another bulb you can try? You can’t always assume that a new bulb will be in working order, so first thing to try would be another new bulb. On some cars, I’m not sure about the focus, when a bulb goes it shuts off the power to that bulb. If you change the bulb with the lights switched on, it won’t work until you switch them off then on again. If this is the case and you’ve got a faulty bulb, it might be the problem. Try swapping the bulb from the other side so you know it’s a working one.
  11. Ahh, well in that case it can’t be many things. There’s only the fuel pipes and the brake pipes that run along the length, yours being petrol shouldn’t be leaving oily marks, so I’d be looking at having the brake pipes checked, they can rust anywhere, but a favourite place is where they are held in the plastic clips. An MOT should pick up rusty pipes long before they get to the point where they start leaking, but you never know.
  12. Do you mean central of the engine, or front to back middle of the floor? Mid way on the engine could be a lot of things, crank seal between the engine and gearbox, drive shaft seals (just changed both of mine due to slight seeping), rocker cover gasket. You’d really need to look around and see what the highest point is, of course if it’s anywhere near the driveshafts or rotating bits they throw oil in all directions.
  13. I recently replaced the headlights on mine for the DRL type, all seemed easy enough to program. Rear lights would probably just plug in, the headlights worked on side, dip and main before programming, it was just the DRL that didn’t.
  14. Does any one know the difference between these looms? They are all camera looms for mk3.5 focus but I can’t tell why the last letter changes. Would anyone of them be suitable for a standard focus with the grey plug in the boot. @mastachaz do you know the part number of the loom you used?😇 F1ET14D466AAC F1ET14D466AAF F1ET14D466AAG