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  1. Thanks, I think there’s a power flex poly bush available, but that might cause other issues. I’m also looking at the pumaspeed sway mount as well.
  2. We use the search on the Comma site at work Link, or if we aren’t sure then ring the local motor factors. Both come up with the 0w-30 for mine.
  3. Nooooo, not on this engine!😅 0w-30 is the one you want, comma say it’s designed for Ford’s after 2014.
  4. Interesting, my car has a horrible change from first to second, better from second to third and then fine after that. I need to get under it sometime and see if my lower mount is in need of changing, I love the car, but it’s not easy to drive as it is. I did a 500 mile trip the other weekend, all in one day and that seemed to really highlight the issue, just the vibration from the engine starting seemed to cause some rattles and bangs. It’s the one thing that I really want to sort out now.
  5. @Westville take the prices with a pinch of salt, my current car battery comes up as 180 on that site, but I got it for around 120 locally, that’s for an EFB stop/start fancy thingy. @wilto I can see why you went for the Advanced, if the 5 year warranty stands up then it’s a good deal. I get mine locally through work, so have what ever they have in stock, which is usually either really cheap for if you’re just selling the car, or rather more expensive if you’re keeping it for a while.
  6. Go to the Yuasa site here Link put your reg in and see what it comes up with. If it comes up with the YBX5075 that’s what I fitted when I had mine, pretty sure the first number is the number of years warranty, so 5 years. Then just see what’s the cheapest you can get it for.
  7. Probably out the notch at the front to go behind the rear view mirror for the rain sensor and other sensors behind there.
  8. I think more than likely it will be a spilt hose, if you’re losing boost pressure, you’ll be down on power and running a car that isn’t running properly is never going to be as fuel efficient.
  9. Someone else will know more than me, but I think there is a common hose that splits on that engine. Hopefully someone will be along shortly, if not you’ll have to try looking and feeling around while some one revs the engine. Trouble is you can’t always get it to play ball when it’s in neutral, needs to be under load to give you the full boost.
  10. If it’s the same as the mk3.5, then it’s probably because you can’t just pull it out like normal. You have to push it into the car over the back seats then turn it and remove from boot opening endways. Some people probably get a little rough when it doesn’t come straight out, I know I tried until I got the hang of it.😄
  11. Best one we’ve had at work, turned out to be a marble in the depths of the heater ducting under the passenger seat. Told her what it was, but would have been a marathon to remove, so it stayed there.🤣 my car had a strange sound when going around corners, sounded like something sliding. Turned out to be 5p in the plastic cubby hole by the back seat, cheap fix.👍
  12. Sounds like it’s a diesel with a spilt turbo hose, or a hole in the intercooler.
  13. I haven’t studied the brake light on my spoiler, but I don’t think they are LED lit. I think standard they are 501 cap less bulbs. Unless you’ve got an ST or something that has a different light?
  14. Ok, thanks again to all for those replies. Well it seems like the dpf perhaps isn’t as bad as my mind keeps telling me. I think working as a mechanic and seeing broken cars all day everyday, it sort of makes me nervous of my own car. Never thought about my old focus letting me down, I’d go anywhere in that, but I know with all the sensors on the newer cars that one can die at anytime and that’s your engine in limp mode. 🤢 I’ll carry on as I am, do as many long journeys as I can at the weekends. Oh yeah, and @TomsFocus I am pretty anal about MPG, I’ve got a spreadsheet on my computer to calculate it and have to log it every time I fill up.🤣 The average in the car always seems pretty good though, usually about 1 mpg higher than what I work out with my spreadsheet, but then there’s going to be human error in my filling technique.
  15. Thank you for that detailed response Tom. 👍 Being new to diesels, one of the man things I’m worried about is having that little light come on because the dpf is blocked/blocking. I know my use probably isn’t the most suitable for this car, about 10 miles each way to work everyday, but I generally try and do any long runs at the weekend so the car has a chance to regenerate. As you say though it always seems to do it Monday morning when I get to work though but it doesn’t usually happen again for some time. @isetta I’ve got both FORScan on windows and also on my iPad, so it would be handy if I could use the iPad version to see when it last tried. I’ll have a look sometime. I have in the past left the engine running when I hear the fans running, but normally I park the car and switch off before realising the fans running.