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  1. Have you looked at the settings in the car on the dash? On mine which has auto wipers as standard, you can switch them off, so they just work as normal intermittent wipers.
  2. They are high revving engines, mine always felt like it was screaming up the motorway. That’s all down to the gear box though, so not a lot that could be done about it. Loving my new 1.5 diesel, that cruises along at 70 in 6th gear just ticking over at about 2000 rpm.
  3. Someone must have tried really hard to get a 2014 focus to fail, or didn’t try very hard to make it pass. Diesels are tested on smoke levels they emit rather then the emissions like a petrol. On a lot of modern diesels, particularly ones with a DPF fitted we can struggle to get a reading at all as the smoke levels are so low. If it really does smoke, then I can’t think it would need much more than a good blow out (high revs up to but not exceeding the speed limit😇). I’d be wary about what you let them do to your car, what did they suggest for a fix? I imagine they’d be looking to do some expensive work which I seriously doubt it needs.
  4. As promised, I just pulled it off again, one clip was broken before I took it off the first time, but no more have broken since luckily. This is the left side of the clamshell, I think once you’ve got that off you’ll be able to look in and see what’s holding the other side. There’s two pegs on the left that stop it flapping, 5 clips up the center and looks like there’s a piece with a hole for a peg to locate from the other side. The best suggestion I can make for removal is to get your fingers in the corners at the top by the headlining and pull it outwards, once that first clip gives you can work your way down the rest. Hope that clears things up a bit more for you.👍
  5. I’ve got this pic that I took to show the rain sensor clip I fitted the other day, but it does show the location of some clips. The red arrows show where one clip goes between the two lugs either side of the arrow then there’s another lower down where the blue arrow is. I’ll be honest, I didn’t manage to get the right hand part of the cover off, but it was loose so can’t have been much holding it on. I’d probably suggest parking the car with the sun shining on the windscreen for a while so the clips aren’t so brittle. If I can get mine off again tomorrow I’ll take some better photos to show the clips.
  6. Is it possible to buy a complete handle with camera from Ford, or does it need buying separately? I’ve looked on eBay and it seems I’d have to buy the handle (2102172), the camera (1944730), the moulded plastic piece that holds the camera into the handle (1747479) and then the wiring loom (1872958). I’m watching this thread with interest as I’d really like to add a camera to mine to help with hitching the caravan.
  7. I removed mine recently to access the rain sensor. It splits into two pieces, horrible and plasticy and feels like you could brake it easily. There’s a line of clips between the two pieces holding them together and some pins/pegs that slot into the carrier on the windscreen to stop it flapping. You just have to ease your fingers between the screen and the cover and gently but firmly pull them outwards (not downwards). I found it easiest to start near the headlining and once it starts to separate you can get a flat screwdriver in there to tease it a bit more.
  8. Could be a fault with the EGR valve, we had a 1.6 diesel in at work and thought it was the fuel pump to start with as did the recovery chap. Luckily it started just once for us and threw an EGR code which it hadn’t previously done. Did a little research and found that damp gets into the electrics on the valve and corrodes the internals, eventually shutting other systems down stopping the car from starting. The cars been fine for a month or more since changing the valve, I took the old one apart and sure enough it was corroded inside, I wouldn’t recommend that though as there’s a spring inside which is impossible to relocate. Might be worth the garage checking for codes which they probably have already or looking at the live data.
  9. Clip arrived this morning, just fitted it. Need some rain to see if the wipers work better now.😂
  10. Ahh, Ian to the rescue,👍 thank you. You’d think searching for focus rain sensor would be appropriate to find those, but they had to call them something different.
  11. Right, I just went and looked, it is a genuine ford screen, so I assume the original. I pulled the cover off the inside and as predicted the sensor can be pushed against the glass. In the picture it looks like there’s a bubble between the glass and the sensor, but that disappears when it’s pushed. Looks like there should be a clip across the back of the sensor to hold it up but it’s missing, so the sensor just drops away again. I’ll see if I can buy a clip on it’s own. Edit. ok, I can’t seem to find a clip on eBay. My sensor has a light grey/white back. Some of the sensors on eBay appear to have a metal clip attached to them but the ones like mine don’t have anything. Does mine just use the sticky of the gel pad to attach it, or should there be a clip? @iantt you mentioned a retaining clip in this thread about auto lights, do you by any chance know the part or part number?😇🤞
  12. Thank you Tom, I hadn’t noticed that until you mentioned it, but that is reflection of the telephone line going to the house.😂 I think it’s the original screen, I’ll check, but I think the sensor might not be seated correctly. There is a line at the bottom which looks like it is pressed nicely against the glass, but I think the rest might have dropped away slightly. I’ll see if I can get the cover off the inside to access the sensor and press it up. I wonder if perhaps I don’t have a full complement of sensors behind there then, as the active city stop is the only feature of those I’ve got.
  13. I’ve got several small questions about my car, so rather than starting a new thread on each, I was hoping I could put a few here as I remember what they are. Firstly, the auto wipers never seem to work well, sometimes they wipe continually when I’m parked and there is a fine mist and when I’m driving and it’s raining a bit heavier they’ll stop and go to the park position and don’t wipe again until im struggling to see. From the picture below is the rain sensor the round one on the right and does it look as if it’s coming away from the glass? I have set the sensitivity to the highest on the stalk. Also wondering what each of the other sensors actually do? Apparently the car has autonomous braking (yet to test that😅) but I keep wondering what the others are for. I don’t have traffic sign recognition, is that something I could activate with forscan that uses one of these sensors/cameras? Thanks in advance.
  14. I used a cable tie to fix mine up out of the way, but the alarm still sounded when the engine cooled down. It might work better on a petrol, looks like the inlet manifold is at the front rather than the exhaust like on my diesel so it probably doesn’t get as hot. Worth a try first, before buying a new one.👍