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  1. Radio Aerial Help

    Quick update. Bought a new Ford aerial and base (about £30 from the local dealer) and installed them. Easy job and reception now much, much better. So if others are having similar problems i'd recommend inspecting for corrosion and replacing if necessary.
  2. Rubbish Aerial Reception Mk2 Ford Focus

    Did you ever get this fixed? What was the problem?
  3. Radio Aerial Help

    You're right. Pretty straightforward. In case anyone else is wondering how to get the light out, there's a spring clip on the front edge, nearest the windscreen. Gently push it in with a small flathead screwdriver and the interior light can be pulled out. So, here's what I found..... Connecting the screw that holds the aerial base and the other earthing point seemed to make no difference. So I took the base off. There was quite a lot of corrosion on the screw that holds the base in. I cleaned this off as best I could and it has improved things. I'll see how it goes for a week or so. I think the next step will be a new aerial and base.
  4. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Reverse light switch failure (its on the gearbox). You'll know if you have the problem if your reverse light fails and the rear windscreen wiper doesn't do a sweep when you have the wipers on and engage reverse gear. Reasonably straightforward to fix I believe, but I had my local garage do it for me.
  5. Radio Aerial Help

    I have this problem too. I unscrewed the aerial from the base and it was pretty corroded so I filed the bottom of the aerial until it was shiny. Also scraped the thread on both the base and aerial using a screwdriver. Slightly improved but still not good. So am planning on trying the earthing solution suggested here. Before I do, a couple of questions: If you have tried it, did it work? Are there any tricky parts to watch our for?