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  1. St170 - Problems

    Thanks for the reply. Could it still make this noise without the clutch being engaged if it is the clutch bearing or the clutch master cylinder. Are they expensive jobs, and can they get worse over time?
  2. St170 - Problems

    Hi Everyone, I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out with this as it is driving me crazy now. I brought an ST170 about 5 months ago now. Done about 80k miles, great condition etc. I have this noise which has been going on for months now, I can only describe it as a whurring kind of noise coming from somewhere in the engine bay (or so it seems) Trying to find out when it makes this noise is impossible, usually it is when the clutch is pressed down, however it will do it when im driving along at 60mph with the throttle down, it comes and goes, its not constant. It is quite a loud noise. I have the car under warranty and they guys where i brought it from aren't interested. Another garage has said they think it may be flywheel related but would need to take the gearbox out to look properly. Im not convinced its transmission related as it can happen just randomly without the clutch being engaged. It is usually when im slowing down to a roundabout with the clutch down. Its not a a wheel bearing as i've had them checked. I had a minor service carried out about a week ago, and for 2 days after that is completely went, i couldn't get it to do it. But now its back. Any ideas?
  3. Changing Gears?

    when u need to change gear, do you seriously sit there and measure the revs everytime you change gear? I think someones going to cause an accident!
  4. Should I put my P plates on? (+1 pic)

    dont be a fool , P plates are for either women or bad drivers, uve passed ur test haven't you ? If youve passed your test then obviousyl your a good enough driver to not need them. If i see someone with P plates I just laugh to be honest. Waste of time and money. Do the right thing - be a man
  5. mk5 fiesta 1.25

    Its cos all girls crashes happen in a tesco car park when they dont look haha SINCE IV BEEN DRIVING (2 YEARS) ive had one crash and it was a woman who pulled out on me apart from that no bumps, scrapes or anything. Pretty good going. Im 19 and my insurance for my 2001 fiesta black 1.25 Zetec S is very high compared to most of you! Around £1,300 My car cost nearer 2 grand but its because its the special edition one, with lots of lovely extras! FORDS = HIGHLY RECCOMENDED , excellent cars
  6. not sure need opinions

    get some nice black multi spoke alloys, tint your wondows, get a nice exhaust system that is loud, get some lowering springs and make it lower. Get some differnt style lights, theres a million and one things you can do , look in a mod car mag for ideas and inspiration. GOOD LUCK
  7. Hey everyone!! I have recently been awarded lots of compensation for a bad accident back in January! I now have a fiesta black and am thinking of doing lots of stuff to it, have already bought new alloys. I Want to lower my car a wee bit because there is too much space above the new rims iv got. I really have NO idea about lowering my car I know i need to buy new springs. What else will I need to buy to do a proper sound job. Money isnt too much of a problem at the moment although I dont want to spend loads obviously! How low can i go? What would you reccomended i lowered it by without having problems? I have seen 60mm springs, does anyone know the standard springs I will have in my mk5 fiesta (2001) Any help, advice and reccomendations will be great, I know how helpful you lot can be! Thanks again, JG
  8. boot release button

    yeah same as in my mk5 fiesta, to start with i thought it was just not working but its only when the engine is off, this may just be happening to you but you dont realise it!
  9. Finally got my wheels :) :)

    Ive recently bought some black alloys with the silver polished edge, mine are smaller though (15") and mine have more spokes. I got them at a a bargain price, £295 with the high performance Yokohoma tyres which are proving very good so far. My car is black aswll so i think they look wicked. Love yours aswell , i much prefer black rims, i just wish id have gone for 16"s cos now i think im gunna get it lowered, and also , like you tint my windows!!!
  10. CD changer; error code E4

    alright m8 - i have exactly the same problem it is very frustrating!! Iv been told it means it is unable to read the CDs but It works on some of mine but not on other cds. I have also heard it may be because the newer cds are thinner than older ones and the system gets confused. Really annoying, iv bene told to try a cleaning disc but if you dismantled yours with no luck theres no chance that will work , if ya find out how to fix it please let me know! cheers
  11. Air freshners

    Very vannilla or Black Ice definently. Vanilla one smells like HUBBA BUBBA bubble gum, lush. Dont last too long tho which is a shame. The neutrodol ones last ages but smell crap and sting your eyes!! Forest fresh is horrible aswell!
  12. Introductions .....

    Oh really, the ones I bought were 15" and luckily they fit nicely, I actually am a big gutted I didnt get 16" now! They would look much better. I think that the 15" you have probably dont fit because the car has been lowered. Try get some pics on here so we can see your car, i still need to get mine on lol im fairly lazy. Well, nice talking to you, if ya need any help with anything just send us a msg (i may not know the answer lol but its worth a shot)
  13. Introductions .....

    Hello!!! welcome! Just to let u know I may be able to help with your alloys, I just changed mine the other week and now know all about the tyre sizes and everything u nede to know basically. Ask me if u get stuck I'll see what i can do for you. Well done on passing your test! :D What colour is your car? How has it been modified?
  14. Hey Another Newbie!!! =D

    welcome to the club mate
  15. changing my 6cd changer?? HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Dont worry about the pics mate, yer i took my old one out of my saxo but that was easy, the fiesta will be harder because of the size of the whole unit as the 6cds all go in the front! I noticed this morning, the screen reads "CD ERROR E4" Do you know what this means? I'l try get my hands on a cd cleaner disc anyway to see if it helps, dont think it will though..